The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 1314 - 1314 Who Went Overboard?

1314 Who Went Overboard?

Getting kicked by a hundred people?

Even if they were a hundred ordinary people, he would definitely die from all the kicks.

Moreover, the people Lucas had called over were all experts. They had just ruined the Maserati with their bare hands. If they kicked someone, let alone survive, this person would probably turn into a pile of badly mangled flesh.

Only now did Luther feel immense horror. He frantically shouted at his father, “Dad! Quickly come save me! I don’t want to die! If you don’t save me, I’ll be dead meat!”

At this moment, only his father could save him.

Meanwhile, another figure appeared next to Lucas. It was Jordan. “Lucas, I already know what happened. How dare this woman slap Amelia? I’ll make sure she pays the price!”

Jordan walked over to Luther’s wife and shouted coldly, “You’re the one who hit Amelia, huh? Stick out the hand you used to slap her!”

Luther’s wife was scared out of her wits at this point. Kneeling on the ground, she begged profusely, “It’s all my fault. I know my mistake now, and I will never dare do it again. Please let me off! I can apologize to that child… Her name’s Amelia, right? I can apologize to Amelia and seek her forgiveness. I’m willing to do anything as long as you don’t break my hand! Please!”

She was weeping bitterly, looking extremely miserable.

Jordan was utterly unmoved. “It’s too late for regret now! Amelia is only a five-year-old child, but you’re an adult in your thirties. How could you lay your hand on a child? Are you still human?

“Lucas is already being very kind. He only wants to cripple one of your hands. If you still beg for mercy, your hand won’t be the only thing ruined!”

Trembling in fear, Luther’s wife knew that she had really offended the wrong person this time and was about to face devastating consequences!

But she couldn’t bear to have her hand crippled!

“Norman, save me! You’re the helmsman of the Holmes, and I’m your daughter-in-law. How can you just stand by and watch them cripple my hand? Norman, I really know my mistakes this time. Hurry up and save me. I’ll definitely change! Norman!”

Norman’s expression was extremely gloomy. His hands were clenched tightly, and he was gnashing his teeth loudly.

How could he not want to save his son and daughter-in-law?

His daughter-in-law would have one hand broken and her tongue severed. If she really suffered this punishment, she would become disabled. How could she continue being a daughter-in-law of the Holmes and the wife of the future helmsman?

Moreover, if the hundred experts kicked his son, Luther would suffer horrendous injuries, if not die!

Luther was his only son. There was no way he could accept this outcome!

But he had no choice now!

“Do it!” Lucas ordered.

Jordan immediately grabbed Luther’s wife’s right wrist and squeezed it hard, crushing her wrist bones into bits.

Like this, it would be difficult for her wrist to ever recover.

“Ah! My wrist!” Luther’s wife shrieked, and her eyes rolled backward as she passed out in pain.

Meanwhile, Luther suffered a hard kick in the chest, which sent him flying in the air before falling hard onto the ground.

He screamed miserably and pleaded with Norman desperately, “Ah!! Dad, save me! It hurts! My bones are about to break! Tell them to stop, or I’ll die!”

He was the scion of the Holmes. He lived a sheltered life and had never suffered any injuries before. How could he withstand this beating?

After the first kick, Luther felt as if his chest bones were on the verge of breaking, and his organs were aching badly. He felt the fear of death.

But his pleas were futile. The person who gave the order was Lucas, and the people taking action were Lucas’s subordinates. As long as Lucas didn’t say anything, the hundred burly men would never stop hitting him.


The second kick landed on Luther’s shoulder, causing him to clutch it and howl.


The third kick landed on Luther’s waist, causing him to scream like a pig getting slaughtered.



The fourth kick, the fifth kick, the sixth… landed on his body, causing him to wail incessantly.

In fact, they had already lightened their blows. Otherwise, with their strength, Luther would have died after the first kick.

This scene shocked the crowd, and their eyes revealed endless horror.

Luther was the scion of the Holmes, yet he was being kicked mercilessly like a ball.

If they hadn’t seen this scene with their own eyes, they would have never dared to believe it!

“Enough! Stop!”

Hearing his son’s endless screams, Norman finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

Lucas looked at him coldly, “Now that your son is being beaten, you feel heartbroken? But did your son and daughter-in-law show any mercy when they were hitting my daughter and father-in-law?”

Norman gritted his teeth and said, “Mr. Gray, I admit that my son and daughter-in-law are at fault. I’ve apologized to you for this, but their mistakes don’t warrant death, right?

“My daughter-in-law deserves to have her hand crippled for hitting your daughter, and my son has been kicked more than ten times for hurting your father-in-law. Isn’t this punishment enough?

“Please spare them on my account!”

Norman was well aware that if he didn’t speak up and ask for mercy now, his son might really be kicked to death!

Lucas shook his head indifferently. “It’s not enough.”

Norman’s facial muscles twitched violently as he asked through gritted teeth, “Mr. Gray, must you really kill my son? He may have made a mistake, but he definitely doesn’t deserve to die for it. Please don’t go overboard!”

“Me? Overboard?” Lucas sneered. “Your dear son and daughter-in-law have done many worse things! They even ordered their bodyguards to take my father-in-law and daughter hostage and extorted two hundred million dollars for me. Before you arrived, they even forced me to hand over another two hundred million!

“They even wanted me to use my house and my wife as collateral. If you were in my shoes, would you be able to forgive such behavior easily?

“Since you’re saying that I’m being overboard, why don’t you think about how much worse they’ve been to others before?

“If I were just an ordinary person and wasn’t as powerful as the Holmes, would I be forced to part with my family and still have to suck it up?

“Tell me now, who went overboard!”