The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 1313 - 1313 Settling Scores

1313 Settling Scores

Lucas just glanced at Norman and ignored his pleas. He said indifferently, “Just stand at the side and don’t make any comments. I will handle this myself.”

Norman’s heart skipped a beat. He knew that Lucas wasn’t going to let his son off easily.

He gritted his teeth and pleaded, “Mr. Gray, I know it’s my son’s fault for what happened today, but he’s my only son. Please spare his life!”

Lucas’s expression darkened, and the next moment, he gave Norman a resounding slap across the face.

“I just told you to shut up and stand at the side. If you dare to be nosy, don’t blame me for being hostile!”

He was really furious!

Everything Luther and his wife had done today, especially slapping Amelia, had completely angered Lucas.

Lucas had been holding back his anger and not flaring up, not because he wanted to spare Luther and his wife but because he had decided to deal with them in front of Norman.

Now that Norman was here, Lucas no longer needed to hold back his anger.

Unfortunately, Norman still couldn’t see the situation clearly and talked too much. Lucas didn’t have the patience for him.

Feeling the stinging pain on his face, Norman was completely flabbergasted by Lucas’s rage.

Back in the Parker residence yesterday, Lucas had been composed and indifferent, so Norman didn’t expect that he would face Lucas’s wrath so soon.

At this moment, Norman finally realized how terrifying this feeling was.

Even though he was the helmsman of the Holmes family and had a high status, his heart skipped a beat the moment Lucas lost his temper. He didn’t even dare to raise his head, let alone defy Lucas.

Lucas’s slap also caused the surrounding crowd to freeze on the spot.

They never thought that the helmsman of the dignified Holmes family would be slapped by a young man in public!

But Norman didn’t dare to retaliate or even show any anger.

This scene caused the jaws of countless people to drop.

Luther and his wife were the ones who were the most shocked!

They never thought that Norman would be slapped by Lucas like a junior getting scolded and being told not to be nosy.

How terrifying must Lucas Gray’s identity be?!

Even the head of one of the eight top families in DC wouldn’t humiliate his father in public!

Luther and his wife turned deathly pale. They realized that they had really made an irreparable mistake and offended a big shot they should have never offended!

“You said you wanted compensation, and I already paid it. Now, it’s time we settle scores for everything that happened today.” Lucas looked at Luther and his wife coldly. “Especially the matter about hitting my daughter.”

His gaze landed on Luther’s wife, and the coldness in his eyes was piercing.

Luther’s wife shivered uncontrollably, and her legs went limp as she dropped to her knees.

“I… I…” she stammered, her heart beating wildly. She couldn’t form a complete sentence.

“Bitch! This is all your fault! Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Gray!”

Knowing how terrifying Luca’s identity was and seeing him ablaze with anger, Luther couldn’t care about anything else. He fell to his knees in front of Lucas before slapping his wife hard and scolding her, “Keep slapping your face until Mr. Gray forgives you!”

At this moment, his wife couldn’t care about the humiliation. She just wanted to survive. After hearing Luther’s scolding, she raised her hands without a word and alternately slapped her face heavily on each side with each hand.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

While slapping herself loudly, she pleaded for mercy with Lucas, “I… it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have been so foul-mouthed. I shouldn’t have hit your daughter! Mr. Gray, please forgive me!

“I’m just a bitch who doesn’t know anything. I won’t dare to do this anymore. From now on, I’ll turn over a new leaf and stop bullying people. Mr. Gray, please let me off!”

Luther’s wife was merciless with the slaps because she wanted to beg for Lucas’s forgiveness. Soon, her cheeks were swollen, and there were handprints all over her face.

Lucas looked coldly at the two people kneeling in front of him. “You two should know clearly what the cause is and what the truth is. You clearly knew that my daughter was innocent, yet you still hit her. She’s only five, but you actually hit her!

“To tell you the truth, I’m usually quite easygoing, but my family are the most important people to me. No one is allowed to harm them! But you people crossed the line and touched my taboo. How can I let you off easily?”

Lucas’s icy cold voice continued, “I’ll break the hand you used to slap my daughter. Does this sound fair? Also, you kept insulting my daughter. Since you have such a foul mouth, I don’t think you need to talk anymore. I’ll sever your tongue!”

Luther’s wife was scared soulless. She collapsed to the ground and instantly wet her pants.

Luther was terrified as well. His heart was pounding rapidly as he frantically kowtowed. “Mr. Gray, please spare me! I really know my mistakes. Please let me off!”

Lucas’s cold eyes fell on Luther. “Don’t worry. I won’t forget to settle scores with you too.

“You got your bodyguards to hit my father-in-law and even tried to kidnap him and my daughter. I won’t let you off easily.”

Luther was so frightened that he was shuddering while begging for forgiveness profusely. But Lucas remained unmoved.

Lucas said, “You have to pay the price for everything you do. Since you got people to kick my father-in-law and caused him to suffer heavy injuries, I’ll pay you back in your own coin.

“I have a hundred people here. If you’re still alive after each of them kicks you once, then we’re even!”

Norman and Luther both had a drastic change in expression!