The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 1315 - 1315 Checking Surveillance Camera Footage

1315 Checking Surveillance Camera Footage

Lucas’s righteous accusation left Norman speechless.

Norman didn’t expect that his son and daughter-in-law had done so many things that even he thought were vicious.

But no matter what, it was his son. Norman could only try his best to find a solution for this conflict and protect him.

“Mr. Gray, I admit that they are at fault for making you pay two hundred million dollars in compensation. But at the end of the day, this conflict wouldn’t have happened if your daughter hadn’t damaged my daughter-in-law’s car. Isn’t that so?

“Besides, you were just talking about a hypothetical situation. The truth now is that your daughter only suffered a slap, and your father only suffered a kick. They didn’t suffer any other injuries, but my daughter-in-law has already lost one of her hands, and my son has been beaten up so badly. Maybe even a few of his bones have been broken!

“My son and daughter-in-law are in a much worse state than your daughter and father-in-law. Can’t you just let them off? I can promise that such things won’t happen again!”

Norman spoke with red eyes.

Lucas was about to laugh out loud. “Hah, at this point, you actually still think that the cause of the conflict is my daughter damaging the logo of your daughter-in-law’s car? Okay, I’ll let you see clearly what happened!”

He instructed, “Go to the community’s security office and bring me the surveillance camera footage!

“Let’s see if my daughter really damaged someone else’s car but didn’t dare to take responsibility or if someone accused her and bullied her when they’re the ones at fault!”

Someone at the side immediately acknowledged, “Yes!”

He hurried to the security office of the community.

In this upscale community, there were definitely numerous surveillance cameras in the public area, especially in the playground of the leisure square, so as to avoid conflicts and disputes.

Lucas firmly believed that his daughter would never lie, so getting the surveillance camera footage was the best way to clear her name, lest the Holmes keep harping on Amelia.

Just because he didn’t pursue the matter earlier, it didn’t mean that he would allow others to slander his daughter!

Seeing how confident Lucas was, Norman suddenly became nervous.

Norman wasn’t present when the incident happened. All he heard was his son and daughter-in-law’s one-sided claim that the conflict broke out because Lucas’s daughter had refused to own up to damaging his daughter-in-law’s car.

Thus, Norman kept thinking that Lucas’s family members were the ones at fault, so he had the confidence to argue with him.

But if the truth was as Lucas said, and Amelia didn’t damage the car, then his son and daughter-in-law’s behavior would be indefensible!

If Amelia had really been slapped when she hadn’t damaged the car, and his son and daughter-in-law had really forced Lucas to compensate them 200 million dollars…

Thinking of this, Norman felt his vision turn dark, and he was on the verge of breaking down.

No, I have to calm down. I can’t panic yet!

Before getting the surveillance camera footage, no one knows what the truth is. Maybe Lucas Gray’s daughter is the one lying!

Or what if the surveillance cameras were faulty and no footage was captured?

Norman could only comfort himself like this.

Unfortunately, Lucas’s subordinate soon returned with a young man in a gray suit. This person was Mr. Milton, the supervisor of the community’s property management office.

Milton knew that something major had happened here, but conflicts involving wealthy families like the Holmes were beyond his ability to meddle with.

It was a fight between giants, so he didn’t appear at all and just feigned ignorance.

But since someone had come to him and requested to check the surveillance camera footage, Milton could no longer feign ignorance and had no choice but to rush over with a laptop and the surveillance camera footage. Without a word, he immediately played the footage.

“Mr. Holmes, the surveillance camera footage is right here. Widen your eyes and take a good look!” Lucas said with a sarcastic smile.

Even though he hadn’t watched the surveillance camera footage yet, he believed that his daughter definitely wouldn’t lie, so he was certain that Amelia hadn’t damaged the car logo.

The surveillance camera footage began playing, and Norman was staring closely at the scene on the laptop screen, wanting to see clearly what the truth was.

But the more he watched, the paler he became, and his body even trembled uncontrollably.

Reason being, the scene in the footage was completely different from what he had imagined!

The logo of his daughter-in-law’s car had been broken by his grandson. From beginning to end, Amelia had never touched the car.

Afterward, his grandson even stuffed the broken logo into Amelia’s hand and then started bawling. Shortly after, his daughter-in-law appeared and slapped Amelia on the face, slapping her so hard that she fell to the ground. Even after Amelia fell, his daughter-in-law still wanted to continue hitting her.

Moreover, Lucas’s father-in-law hadn’t laid a hand on his grandson and daughter-in-law at all. All he did was protect his granddaughter in his arms, yet Norman’s daughter-in-law attacked him and left scratches all over his face.

What happened next made Norman even more ashamed.

His grandson and daughter-in-law were incredibly arrogant, so much so that they even forced William to sell his house to raise funds for the compensation. They even wanted to take William and Amelia hostage and almost threw her to her death. Worse still, they even had the cheek to make Lucas compensate them 200 million dollars!

When Norman saw these scenes, he was utterly speechless and filled with complicated emotions.

As long as he put himself in Lucas’s shoes and imagined his daughter and father-in-law being treated this way when they were clearly innocent, he would definitely want to kill the culprits too!

It was understandable that Lucas didn’t want to spare his son and daughter-in-law.


Norman knelt in front of Lucas, guilt written all over his face. “Mr. Gray, this incident is indeed our fault. My son, daughter-in-law, and grandson have all made mistakes. The Holmes have indeed wronged you. We are truly sorry for offending you, your daughter, and your father-in-law!

“If possible, I would kill my son with my own hands to appease you! But he’s my only son, and I can’t let him die! If he dies, I don’t know what I would do. I… I really have no other choice!”

Norman pleaded tearfully, “Mr. Gray, please spare my son’s life on account that the Holmes have pledged allegiance to you! You can punish my family however you wish. I just beg you to spare his life!”

Norman prostrated on the ground and cried bitterly.

The helmsman of an established family actually knelt on the ground and begged a young man in tears with no regard for his dignity. This scene greatly shocked everyone present.