What If I Can't Die?

Chapter 39 - Raising the Level of the Array Formation Out by Doing Nothing

Chapter 39 Raising the Level of the Array Formation Out by Doing Nothing

“You were killed by an Array Formation. Array Formation level +5!”

“You have absorbed power from death and obtained 3 Freedom Attribute Points!”

Wuchen Zi, who was above, sensed that the barrier lightened up a little. With his rich EXP, he sensed that something was wrong and a faint sense of danger surged into his heart.

“Oh no, this is an array formation that is both offensive and defensive. We can’t let our guard down by attacking this. Retreat quickly!”

As he reminded Chen Yiling, he turned around and left.

Chen Yiling also sensed the danger. As she turned to retreat, she took out a golden talisman and activated it, forming a golden barrier.

A circle of blood-red light spread out. The Vajra Barrier that Chen Yiling had just released dissipated as soon as it came into contact with it.

Fortunately, her sword light shone brightly and her speed increased. She only barely managed to avoid the blood light as the tail of her hair disappeared into thin air.

Her face turned pale as she said fearfully, “Senior Brother Wuchen, what is this? It’s as if the Vajra Barrier doesn’t exist.”

Wuchen Zi had a solemn expression, “I shouldn’t have guessed wrongly just now. This is most likely related to the blood-robed old ghost. The light just now should be the ‘Bloodseeker Light’. It can transform people into blood water but has no effect on ordinary items. It’s very terrifying for flesh and blood creatures. It can also absorb the power of Dharma treasures and talismans and transform it into its own power. It’s very difficult for anyone below the Golden Core realm to block it.”

Chen Yiling retreated a little further and landed on the shore. She said fearfully, “I have underestimated you. The situation here is even more dangerous than I thought. Let’s tell Master and the others first. With our cultivation, I’m afraid we won’t even be able to break through the outer Array Formation.”

However, Wuchen Zi disagreed, “Junior Sister, Master and the others are very busy. It’s better not to disturb them. I think the sudden appearance of this array formation is most likely because the Array Formation Power is failing. If anything happens, it might be possible to open it.”

“Senior Brother wants to deal with it yourself? If the demon finds out, I’m afraid there will be chaos.”

Chen Yiling hesitated. She came from a wealthy family and was not very interested in the demon’s cave abode. She was also rather afraid of the traps left behind by the other party and was unwilling to take the risk.

“It’s even better if we can discover it. With

someone already consuming the Array Formation Power for us, we only need to reap the benefits while he takes the risk.”

Wuchen Zi chuckled. “Junior Sister, I know you find it troublesome, but we cultivators can’t rely too much on our elders. Since we’ve encountered this opportunity, we should take a gamble first. Otherwise, if we are too conservative, how can we continue on the path of cultivation?”

Chen Yiling looked at the gradually calming

river and felt a little afraid. She nodded, “We can give it a try. If we really can’t resolve it, we

can ask the elders for help.”

“That’s right. Junior Sister, you’re still young.

This cave abode can train you.”

Wuchen Zi formed a seal, “Let’s continue to

test this formation.”

With that, he formed a seal and pointed forward. The Spiritual Energy in his body was

released, emitting a circle of red light.

The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was

activated. Immediately, flames appeared and condensed into a red fireball the size of a head.

The scorching temperature distorted the air, brimming with explosive power.

“Junior Sister, use the Water Dividing

Technique to help me reveal the Array Formation barrier.”

Chen Yiling nodded. Her slender hand emitted

a pure white light as she pointed at the water surface. As she released her Spiritual Energy, a portion of the river water was instantly cut open by a force, revealing the array barrier that

was twenty feet deep.

She said in surprise, “The range of the Array Formation seems to have expanded a little. Why do I feel like it’s becoming stronger?”

“It must have been activated. Let me see how far this array formation can expand.” Wuchen Zi raised his hand and threw out the fireball, which landed on the barrier.

The high temperature from the fireball began

to melt the faint red barrier while the fireball kept falling below.

Just as Wuchen Zi thought that this method was effective, the red light of the Array Formation lit up a little.

At the bottom of the river, inside the Array


After resurrecting, Song Shi eavesdropped and

found out what had killed him. He was also sure that he was inside the Array Formation barrier and that the two people outside could

not see him.

This was like a type of glass in his previous life.

He could not see the inside from the outside, but he could see the outside from the inside. However, this barrier seemed to be more advanced. Even the sound could not be heard. He carefully observed the Array Formation Range. With the river bottom as the surface of

the formation, it was about ten meters long.

“If I go out now, I might be discovered. Let’s wait and see.’

Song Shi took a few steps and finally stopped

to observe.

His eyes went to the reeds and weeds at the edge of the riverbed.

At this moment, he was also unscathed. It was

indeed only effective on things like flesh and Dharma treasures!

At this moment, the water surface above his

head split open, and a fireball suddenly fell, melting the Array Formation’s barrier power. Just as he thought that he would be able to

break the Array Formation, the runes on the jade became even brighter, and a circle of red light swept out.

Song Shi turned into a pool of blood again.

The fireball on the surface of the water was

swept away by the blood light and extinguished on the spot. The Array Formation’s barrier power seemed to have become stronger.

“Fire attacks won’t work either. This array formation is more complicated than I imagined. It looks like it’s still recovering.”

Wuchen Zi was more experienced and could see the problems.

When Song Shi heard this after his resurrection, he walked over with a heavy heart

to observe the jade stone that emitted a blood-red glow.

There were two stones. After three consecutive

attacks, the stone’s light would become brighter and brighter.

A lot of the silt around them had disappeared, revealing the approximate shape of a pair of stone doors. The middle was slightly cracked but it was impossible to see what was inside. “Is this the entrance to the cave abode of that bloody-robed old ghost? That’s why there’s a tentacle monster guarding the door and also

why it can release such a powerful array formation attack.”

Song Shi sized up the blinking runes on the door and found them somewhat familiar. He could actually roughly tell what they meant.

“This is an Attack rune and this is a Defense

rune. The others are related to the Array Formation.”

He touched his head in shock. Thinking of the level of the array formation points awarded after being killed by the Array Formation, he hurriedly checked the system interface. There was an additional elementary Array Formation segment in his Ability.

While he was researching, Wuchen Zi attacked

again to assess the Array Formation.


“You were killed by an Array Formation. Array

Formation level +4!”

“You have absorbed strength from death and obtained 2 Freedom Attribute Points!” Song Shi revived in front of the jade door. He

felt that the Array Formation in front of him had become less complicated to him than before, as if he was finally seeing through a complicated diagram.

“The system can even increase the level of the Array Formation out of thin…”

Song Shi sighed. To him, this was equivalent to creating EXP out of thin air.

If he continued farming, when Array Formation level was strong enough, he would

probably be able to break this array formation by himself.

The two people outside were also studying it. Soon, a green wind blade struck the Array Formation barrier and activated the jade door’s


Song Shi revived again after death and farmed

a wave of attribute points. “Looks like their Array Formation skills aren’t

that good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have

probed like this.”

Song Shi shook his head. Array Formations were like complex mathematical and engineering structures. It was easy to crack

them by brute force, but this method was also the most laborious.

The people outside continued to use other types of spells. They tested it out three times in

a row, but the effect was not as good as the fireball at the beginning. “This array formation is indeed a little strong.”

Wuchen Zi’s expression was solemn as he pointed his finger at his sword. Zheng Zheng!

As the sword chimed, a cold light flashed.


This time, he directly activated his flying sword and slashed at the Array Formation barrier, tearing a hole in it. But he was still a distance

away from completely breaking it.