What If I Can't Die?

Chapter 38 - Scared to Death

Chapter 38 Scared to Death

Song Shi cursed silently. The Ghost Vine was

hiding in the mud just now, so he could not see him.

Blood flowed out of his chest that had been

pierced by the sneak attack. A cold aura surged over him, making Song Shi feel his body go limp, but he did not fall.

His vitality was already strong enough, so strong that he did not die immediately after his heart was pierced.

While there was still some time, he gritted his teeth and grabbed the tentacle that had pierced through his heart, pulling hard.

His strength was exceptionally powerful. With the enhancement of his Innate Divine Strength, it was equivalent to the combined strength of twenty bulls!

The tentacles immediately elongated, and the ghost face revealed an expression of agony as it quickly morphed into different shapes.

Only then did Song Shi realize that the tentacle was something that looked like hair coming out of the two faces. And there seemed to be only one strand of ‘hair’ left. The others had been broken and were still charred.

As he pulled, black tentacles appeared under the ghost face, emitting black airflow as if they had been pulled out of hell.


The tentacle was broken by Song Shi and the ghost’s face twisted in pain. Song Shi also bled to death and fell in front of the ghost face.

The latter opened its mouth and revealed its sharp teeth. It then used its remaining tentacles to pull Song Shi’s body over. Before it could eat it however, Song Shi suddenly opened

his eyes.

Song Shi’s right hand emitted flames. The terrifying temperature made the river water that came into contact with his palm boil.

With a bang, he released the Nine Yang True Energy without hesitation.

Miserable shrieks rang out as the ghost face shattered into pieces.

Just as Song Shi thought that he had killed this guy, two ghost heads flew out from the broken ghost faces and bit Song Shi’s neck.

Kacha kacha!

His neck was instantly drenched in blood. The two ghost heads continued to bite him manically. His windpipe and spine only lasted for an instant before they broke!


Song Shi’s eyes were filled with killing intent and his hands were burning with flames.

Puff! Puff!

He forcibly crushed the ghost head before


After three seconds, Song Shi got up with a

solemn expression.

This thing could actually launch a fatal attack

before it died. How troublesome.

The other party had been injured by someone


After killing the tentacle monster, Song Shi realized that the cold aura around him had not


He was shocked, “Could there be something


He looked left and right vigilantly. On the shattered body of the tentacle monster, Song

Shi caught a glimpse of black.

He walked over and kicked it. An irregular black bead the size of a pigeon’s egg rolled out.

Picking it up, a cold aura spread over, giving him a strange feeling.

At the spot where the tentacle monster was, he found a crack that vaguely looked like it was formed by a jade.

Song Shi bent down and pushed away the soil. The moment he touched the jade, he immediately shivered and retracted his palm as if he had been electrocuted.

“It’s too cold. I feel like my body is going to become frozen. What is this?”

He used his hand to push away the nearby

mud, revealing more and more jade stones. There were blood-colored runes on them that he could not understand at all.

“Why is there this pile of jade stones at the bottom of the river? And why is there a tentacle monster that looks like a vine?”

Song Shi could not understand. The flames in

his palm flickered as he used his Iron Sand

Palm to slap the jade.

The next moment, his hand went numb and he grimaced in pain. There were no cracks on the

jade at all.

Song Shi was stunned. With his current strength, he could even crush pebbles. How

could this thing be so hard?

Before he could think further, the runes on the jade lit up and emitted a circle of blood-colored light.

This light was incomparably cold and emitted a destructive aura.

Song Shi’s hair stood on end. He could not

dodge in time and instantly froze on the spot. Then, he instantaneously turned into a pool of blood, but his clothes were strangely


“Ding… congratulations on being killed by an Array Formation, Formation level +6!”

“You have absorbed power from death and

obtained 3 Freedom Attribute Points!” “You will be resurrected in three seconds!”

“No resurrection location set. Resurrection on the spot by default!”

“Ding… Congratulations on being killed by a new target. You meet the motivation conditions. If you can crack this Array Formation within the specified time, you will

be rewarded with one chance to draw the


Song Shi revived with a dumbfounded

expression. He touched his body and stared

blankly at the stone in the mud.

What the hell!

These stones in the mud were actually a killing

formation. He had only punched it, but it had actually turned him into a pool of blood. I really can’t afford to offend them… However, the rewards were quite abundant, far

above those from being killed by Connate level experts.

Just as Song Shi was considering whether he should die a few more times by the Array Formation, the river above him fluctuated. Two

figures broke through the water and appeared. Song Shi’s scalp went numb.

Could it be that the two of them had discovered

his resurrection?

It was too terrifying. Would he be captured and dissected for research?

Song Shi, who was not afraid of death, was trembling in fear.

When a person was not afraid of death, there

will only be two things that he will become afraid of.

Loneliness and the loss of freedom!

It was fine to be alone. He didn’t mind being by

himself, but losing his freedom was the most terrifying.

He was afraid that he might become imprisoned or buried in the ground, constantly

cut up for research or tragically sealed…

Song Shi was extremely afraid!

He had never been so afraid. “Run, I have to run!”

Song Shi made up his mind. If he was

discovered this time, he would definitely die in the future!

When he ran ten feet on the riverbed, the two

people above him stopped halfway as if they didn’t see him.

A layer of blood-colored energy membrane blocked the two of them from him. Under this

membrane, it formed a special area that seemed to cover his tracks.

“Could it be the power of the Array Formation?!”

He stopped and turned to look at the jade.

Indeed, the runes on it were still glowing, emitting a circle of special energy. “I’m inside the Array Formation now and they’re outside!”

Song Shi fell into deep thought and felt slightly

relieved. Only then did he carefully size up the two of them.

He knew Wuchen Zi. He was probably here to take a look. But who was this beauty beside him? She was valiant, beautiful and even more elegant than Liu Ruxue, when she dressed up.

The two of them flew on their swords, without any discrepancies between them. They were

probably on the same level.

“Such a young late-stage Qi Refinement cultivator, she can probably be considered a


Seeing that the two of them did not seem to be able to see him, Song Shi raised his hand and waved, but there was still no reaction.

The two of them were discussing the Array Formation.

“Senior Brother, this cave abode is probably not ordinary. The Array Formation outside is already so powerful. Could it be left behind by a Golden Core Daoist?”

Chen Yiling sized up the blood-colored Array Formation barrier beneath her with interest. “It should be. Looking at the aura of this Array

Formation, it must have been left behind by someone from the evil path.”

Wuchen Zi frowned and thought of something, “It’s said that 500 years ago, a blood-robed old ghost appeared in Bo Prefecture but was later

killed by Sage Golden Light. Could this be his cave abode?”

“Let’s test it out.”

Chen Yiling waved her hand and pointed. A sword beam flew out from the thin golden sword under her feet and instantly slashed at the Array Formation barrier.

The barrier was immediately distorted by the slash and a sword mark appeared. However, the energy inside squirmed and quickly restored the crack.

At this moment, the runes on the jade shone

brightly and a circle of blood-colored light was released. “Damn, it’s here again!” When Song Shi saw it, he could not dodge the flash of blood-colored light. After being affected, he turned into a pool of blood again.

Author’s Note: I discovered that the word ‘Jinzhou’ was actually blocked. I made some modifications and changed it to Bo Prefecture.