What If I Can't Die?

Chapter 173 - 173 Hellfire

173 Hellfire

It had grown up in this isolated ruin and lived for thousands of years. But it had never seen such strange food.

The reason why he felt that the other party was still food was mainly because this person did not resist much and was easily discoverable.

Crack! Crack!

The ice surface was nailed with holes. Blood splattered and disappeared. The Spider Emperor gradually collapsed.

It stared fixedly at Song Shi and attacked with all eight legs. A series of afterimages pierced out…

Outside, as the Spider Emperor retreated with injuries, the other spiders also retreated into the surrounding buildings like a tide, leaving behind crisscrossing spiderwebs.

“Who the f*ck left behind Frigid Snow Spiders? After so many years, they have multiplied into groups!”

Mountain Moving Daoist cursed as he destroyed the spider web that was entangling him and regained his freedom.

“The ruins here are very bountiful. I feel that they left in a hurry for some reason back then and left behind many good things.”

Ghost Butcher got rid of the spider web and shrunk his body. He seemed to be in deep thought. “Of course, what they left behind might also be something they didn’t need anymore.”

Lu Jiu nodded and stared at the nest in the manor. Behind it was a small path that led to the depths. If he wanted to advance, he had to deal with the trouble in front of him.

“The demon cores of such demon beasts have Yin attributes. They’re very suitable for the cultivators of our sect. Let’s think of a way to kill more of them.”

Mountain Moving Daoist looked at the Blood-Robed old ghost. “Use fire attribute methods to restrain these guys. Everyone, take out your fire attribute spirit stones.”

Many people looked embarrassed.

Shi Tianya shook his head. “Uncle-Mountain Mover, I don’t have any fire-attribute spirit stones.”

“Take out everything you have. I’ll set up an array formation to summon Hellfire and burn these guys’ nests!”

Mountain Moving Daoist threw out his Dharma treasures. Then, he took out dark red stones with Fire runes engraved on them and arranged them according to a specific formation.

He formed a hand seal with one hand. With a puff, a circle of fire appeared and quickly formed a Fire Array Formation. Dark red flames condensed in the center.


The flames surged as a Fire Wolf appeared and roared at the sky with a violent aura.

“Throw the spirit stones in!”

Mountain Moving Daoist urged. He threw the spirit stones on his body into the Array Formation first. With a cry, the Fire Wolf’s body quickly grew larger.

As everyone threw in fire attribute spirit stones, this Fire Wolf magically continued to grow. Soon, it became a huge Fire Wolf that was a hundred meters tall.

The Void shook, and the giant Fire Wolf walked towards the nest on the ground. It raised its claws and swiped, and most of the spiderwebs that sealed the surroundings instantly broke.

Song Shi’s clone took another look and sent the information to his main body.

In the nest, Song Shi saw Mountain Moving Daoist’s technique through his clone. He was slightly shocked. “This technique is powerful. It combines spells and Array Formations. Not only does the wolf have powerful might, but it can also move nimbly.”

The Fire Wolf charged over. Even Song Shi, who was in the nest, could feel a heat wave surging over.

Sensing danger, the Spider Emperor hissed and ordered more of his children and grandchildren to charge out.

The black mass of spiders blocked the entrance of the cave and spat out a large number of spider webs. However, as soon as they came into contact with the hellish flames, they quickly turned into ashes with a sizzling sound.

“Evil creature, this Infernal Blaze is comparable to the True Samadhi Fire. Do you think a mere spider web can stop it?”

Mountain Moving Daoist sneered and changed his hand seals. The Fire Wolf opened its mouth and spat out a pillar of fire.


A bunch of spiders exploded, and many died.

In the air, the fragrance of roasted meat quickly spread.


Something fell from the cave

A spider was blasted back. Its entire body was emitting black smoke and steam. It struggled a few times on the ice before it stopped breathing.

Song Shi sniffed and realized that its burnt corpse smelt quite fragrant. He could not help but drool.

“I haven’t eaten meat in a long time. I didn’t expect to be so hungry when I saw the spider meat.”

He was a little speechless. He looked at the huge spider, “It’s so big. The meat should be edible right?”

Just as he was considering if he should try it, the Spider Emperor’s attention was attracted by the Fire Wolf outside.

Its mountain-like body moved and its eight legs moved as it nimbly crawled out of the cave.

“Hey, aren’t you going to kill me?”

Song Shi was speechless. He was just a few more times away from leveling up, but this guy ran out and stopped killing him.

At this moment, the Spider Emperor was no longer in the mood to care about Song Shi, who could not be killed. It appeared at the entrance of the cave and looked at the Fire Wolf that was killing in all directions. A cold spider web shot out.

Its spider web was much stronger. Even Mountain Moving Daoist could not break free, so it had a restrictive effect on the Fire Wolf.

However, the Fire Wolf’s entire body was made of flames. Under the shockingly high temperature, the power in the spiderweb quickly evaporated and could not withstand the burning.

The Fire Wolf quickly broke free and pounced at the Spider Emperor. The two of them started fighting at the entrance of the cave.

In the distance, Lu Jiu and the others approached, ready to deal a fatal blow to the Spider Emperor at any time.

However, there were many spiders here. They relied on the advantage of numbers to block everyone. Coupled with the restriction of the spider webs, they would not be able to kill their way through for a while.

Song Shi saw all of this. He slowly walked over and pulled out a spider leg. Then, his eyes lit up.

The meat on the spider’s leg was snow-white, and it was appetizing just by looking at it. Song Shi took out some seasonings and sprinkled them on it. He took a bite and immediately widened his eyes, revealing a look of enjoyment.

Regardless of how heated the battle outside was, he leisurely walked into the depths of the nest. Cold air filled the air here, and the deeper he went, the colder it became.

As the terrain descended, the cave became deeper and deeper and the light became dimmer. In the end, he discovered a large piece of jade. This stone was like a bed, and there were runes engraved on it. There was a pile of egg-sized balls.

“The Spider Emperor’s egg?”

Song Shi took a bite of the spider leg meat and strode over. Just as he was about to roast a spider emperor egg to eat, he found a jade token behind the egg. It was also filled with a cold aura.

“Looks good.”

He reached out to pick up the jade token. The latter shone brightly and flew away, avoiding his hand and floated beside him.

Song Shi’s eyes widened. When he saw the Will-O-Wisp fluctuations on the jade token and the dense runes, he could not help but be stunned. “Good lord, it’s even a Numinous artifact!”

He reached out to grab it, but the token dodged again, not wanting to be caught by him.

“Damn you!”

Song Shi’s expression darkened. Not long ago, he had been fantasizing about some Numinous artifacts coming to him to acknowledge him as their master. In the end, the Numinous artifacts were actually avoiding him.

As he compared himself to Chen Yiling, he felt like a loser.

“Why are you running? Come here!”

Song Shi transformed into a Phantom image and grabbed the jade token. The latter trembled, clearly unwilling to be held by him.

An ice-cold power was released through the jade token. Song Shi shivered as frost appeared on his body.

“It’s so cold.”

Before he could react, he turned into ice and was frozen by the token.

Song Shi’s eyes darted around as he watched the token fly away again. He was so angry that he activated the Nine Yang Nomological power in his body and released wisps of golden flames to dispel the freezing power.


After the ice shattered, Song Shi regained his mobility. However, he could not help but tremble. He looked at the token floating up and down in the distance as if it was mocking him. He was furious.