What If I Can't Die?

Chapter 172 - 172 Spider Emperor (2)

172 Spider Emperor (2)

There was a lot of moss growing on the steps, and weeds were growing in the cracks in the stone. A large number of spider webs blocked the path, making it look severely dilapidated.

There were also some ancient words engraved on the houses. As everyone was observing, a black shadow suddenly flashed past.

“What’s that!”

The elder who was about to go into the house to take a look was shocked. Because even with his strength, he actually didn’t manage to see it clearly.

“Be careful. It’s a type of spider that has lived here for many years. Its strength will not be simple.”

Lu Jiu reminded.

The Corrupted Poison Butterfly from before had left a deep impression on him.

At the side, Song Shi finished his restoration and stepped onto the blood river.

He looked like he was walking on the waves, but in fact, he was just using Dharma treasures to fly.


Before he could approach, white threads suddenly appeared in the building of this living area.

“Watch out for spider webs!”

Lu Jiu was already prepared. With a raise of his hand, a black chain stretched out like a poisonous snake, blocking the approaching spider web. However, the others were enveloped by the spider web.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The spider web contained terrifying corrosive properties. As soon as it entangled a person, it corroded his protective Essence Energy.

“Help me!”

The trapped person shouted in panic.

A golden fireball suddenly fell from the sky and exploded. The flames that contained destructive high temperatures spread and burned the spider web that was shot out secretly.

Song Shi appeared between them and stared at the manor. “This place looks like a coiled silk cave. There are spiders everywhere.”

The trapped person seized the opportunity to escape and said gratefully to Song Shi, “Thank you, Elder Blood-robes!”


Lu Jiu praised Song Shi. “Fellow Daoist Blood Robes, you came at the right time!”

As most of the people in the Heavenly Ghost Sect cultivated Yin cultivation techniques. Song Shi’s methods made up for their shortcomings.

“Something like that. We have to follow the main group.”

Song Shi did not comment. His gaze landed on the spider which was making strange sounds.

When these guys appeared, he realized that the alms bowl Dharma artifacts he had placed in his storage ring were heating up. He did not know if it was caused by these guys.

“Leave first. The guys here are not simple.”

Mountain Moving Daoist said, “I really didn’t expect there to be such a powerful living creature here.”

He looked solemnly at a manor. It was densely packed with spider webs and there was a faint colossus entrenched in it.

If he wanted to pass through here and reach the center of the ruins, he would not be able to avoid this thing.

Through the crowd, Song Shi was also secretly sizing up the dangerous presence. He felt a great sense of danger from this thing. It was definitely not an ordinary demon beast.

To make him feel this way, this thing had to be at least at the Nascent Soul realm.

“Finally, I can find something else to kill me. It’s you!”

Song Shi made up his mind to ‘feed’ this demon beast a few more times later.


A house suddenly cracked open and a group of black-backed and white-bellied spiders crawled out with rustling sounds.

These spiders were all very big. The small ones were like millstones, and the big ones were comparable to a small building. They made the nearby buildings creak.

In the blink of an eye, no less than a hundred spiders appeared on the surrounding buildings. The mucus in their mouths squirmed and spat out corrosive spider webs again.


Ghost Butcher raised his hand, and a circle of black ghost wind appeared under his hand. It was like a spiral wind blade. As it spun quickly, it cut off the spider webs such that the spiderwebs did not hit them.

Lu Jiu looked into the depths coldly, “For you to cultivate to this level, even if you haven’t cultivated a Demon Spirit, your intelligence won’t be low. If you know what’s good for you, don’t provoke us!”

With a low roar and a rumbling sound, a black hairy limb stabbed into the roof like a steel bar. Then, a mountain-like body appeared from the manor, giving off an oppressive aura.

“What a huge spider!”

Lu Youyou, who had just returned to Lu Jiu’s side upon Old Man Nightmare’s persuasion, was dumbfounded as she looked at the big spider that had appeared on the roof.

“You still dare to come over? You really have a death wish. Let’s attack together and kill it and all its descendants!”

Lu Jiu’s face darkened. Just as he was about to strike first and gain the upper hand, a series of hissing sounds rang out. The nearby spiders opened their mouths one after another, and spider webs suddenly appeared. In the blink of an eye, they enveloped the nearby buildings and turned the area into a huge cage, trapping everyone inside.

Not only that, but more spider webs cut through space, separating everyone. It was a classic example of wanting to destroy them one by one.

“Attack quickly. We can’t give them a chance!”

Lu Jiu sensed that something was wrong. He raised his hand and clapped down, launching a powerful attack.

Unfortunately, it was still too slow. There were many spiders around them, and in the blink of an eye, the white spiderweb had passed through the vicinity, separating everyone.

Lu Jiu and the others were not afraid of this, but it was also very troublesome to be entangled by the resilient spider web. Those who were weaker would be easily defeated at this time.

When Song Shi saw this, his eyes lit up. He took the initiative to rush towards the spider emperor on the roof.

The Pure Yang flame on his hand burned and the spider web melted the moment it came into contact with it.

“This guy!”

When Lu Youyou saw that Song Shi dared to rush over, she snorted, “You’re really not afraid of death!”

When Lu Jiu saw Song Shi attack the spider emperor, a chain shot out from his hand, to wrap around the spider emperor through the spider webs.

“Elder Blood-robes, I’ll control it. Think of a way to attack with the Pure Yang True Fire and force its children and grandchildren to return to help.”

At this moment, Mountain Moving Daoist’s body suddenly expanded. Black baleful aura and red flames erupted from his body and a terrifying explosive force was released.

In the blink of an eye, he transformed into a one hundred-foot-tall giant. Flames surged in his hand as he raised his hand and pulled with all his might, tearing apart many spiderwebs.

However, more spider webs appeared and entangled him.

“Damn it, I hate this kind of thing the most!”

Mountain Moving Daoist was a little angry. These spiders did not pose much of a threat, but the spider webs were very resilient. They were very effective against people like him who did not move fast.

“Don’t waste your energy. I’ll do it!”

The gray baleful aura on Ghost Butcher’s body surged. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a ghost-like existence that was hundreds of meters tall. It disappeared in a flash and ignored the dense spider webs as it charged towards the Spider Emperor.

Song Shi had just held a large fireball when he saw Ghost Butcher use a method similar to an evil ghost. It ignored the physical attack and grabbed at the Spider Emperor with its ghost claw.

With a scream, the Spider Emperor was severely injured. Its abdomen was dripping with blood. In its anger, it raised its spider legs and stabbed at Ghost Butcher like it was stabbing with spears.

These spider legs shattered the house and they pierced through Ghost Butcher’s body like shadows.

Song Shi could not help but think of the big-headed ghost that could change its form back then. Clearly, the current Ghost Butcher was stronger.

“Don’t kill it. I’m not dead yet.”

Seeing that Ghost Butcher wanted to break the spider emperor’s head with a sinister smile, Song Shi was a little anxious.

At this moment, a large snow-white spider web shot out with extreme coldness.

This spider web contained powerful energy and was also effective against the phantom shadows. As a cold aura spread, it successfully restricted Ghost Butcher’s body.

Obviously, the Spider Emperor had no prior experience in dealing with Ghost Butcher. Now that it had reacted, it naturally had found a way to deal with him.

Song Shi seized the opportunity to get closer and threw a fireball at the spider emperor’s face. The latter felt the pain and also gave Song Shi a taste of its spider web.

He was enveloped by the spider web. The cold force made his body stiffen quickly before he was pulled over.

The spider emperor’s weak body was injured and it had the intention to retreat. It dragged Song Shi, who it deemed to have a high protein content and contained abundant flesh and blood essence, away and quickly retreated to its nest.

Ghost Butcher broke free from the spider web. When he turned around and saw that Song Shi was still behind him, he could not help but laugh. “This guy is injured and wants to eat something to replenish his energy. Unfortunately, the one he captured was only a clone. He’s destined to not be full.”

Song Shi, who was disguised as a clone, did not speak. He looked at the spider emperor’s nest. It was a cave in a courtyard, covered in ice and spiderwebs.

In the cave, a spider leg flashed past and pierced through Song Shi’s head, revealing cold spikes.

The spider emperor opened its mouth and bit at Song Shi’s body. After two bites, the food in its mouth suddenly disappeared.

Song Shi appeared out of thin air and looked at the Spider Emperor with a smile. He threw out an array flag to block the detection outside and rushed towards the Spider Emperor.

The Spider Emperor was furious. Its legs, which were comparable to Dharma treasures, stabbed over again, nailing Song Shi, who had not activated his Defense at all, to the ice. Immediately, blood flowed out profusely.

However, three seconds later, it was looking at Song Shi, who had revived again, in shock and confusion.

What was this? Why couldn’t this ‘food’ be killed?