Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 951 - 951 Machines Can Also Divine (4)

951 Machines Can Also Divine (4)

Apart from the Boar God being more normal, the rest… didn’t follow the routine!

“Damn it!”

“This is clearly biased towards the seven countries!”

In the alternate space, the totem demigods had unfriendly expressions.

Mechanics were clearly the mainstream of the seven countries, especially the Shen Feng Nation. Almost all their contestants were expert Mechanics!!

This made the totem demigods and totem clans feel that this was clearly giving the inheritance to the Shen Feng Nation.

The Shen Feng Nation… could be said to be the human country that these totem countries hated the most.

After all, if it weren’t for the fact that the Mechanical Legendary Z of the Shen Feng Nation was the first to develop a Mechanic class, the humans definitely wouldn’t have won the totem battle so quickly.

The huge resources of the seven countries had always been envied by the totem country.

“I’m here, god.” At this moment, Shen Feng’s Mechanical Legendary Z walked out of the alternate space.

Seeing the pride of their country, the strongest Legendary, appear, the contestants of the Shen Feng Nation were also extremely excited.

The legendary of their country… was especially paid attention to by Mythical creatures!

“If it’s a Mechanic, the contestants of our Shen Feng Nation have contracts. Their contracted pets are also very powerful and have extraordinary potential,” Shen Feng Legendary Z said.

“Is that so? I heard that Mechanics can easily destroy demigods. Is that true?”

“You even modified a demigod-level mechanical divine eagle close to the Domain of the Gods?”

Lord Lie Shan showed an interested expression.

In the Mythical Era, apart from those unique Mythical races, it was also very difficult for other creatures to advance to Mythical Races.

They basically had to undergo countless evolutions to obtain the potential to enter the God Domain.

In its opinion, it was already very impressive that this human expert could mold a new life race into quasi-divine potential in this era with incomplete ;+laws.

No wonder the World Tree said that the potential of humans was extraordinary. Such methods usually only existed in those Mythical races in the Mythical Era.

“Yes, this is the pride of my life,” Z said.

“Unfortunately, because the laws of the world are incomplete, in addition to the natural flaws of the Mechanic class, it’s very difficult for them to master the power of the natural order and can’t completely enter the God Domain.”

“However, although Mechanics can’t be divine, due to the speciality of this element, I believe that one day, they can also participate in divine-level battles.”

Firepower was power.

If the skills weren’t enough, he would make up for it with the amount.

Shen Feng Mechanical Legendary Z finished.

Even the demigod-level mechanical divine eagle modified by him wasn’t a Mythical race. It had never mastered the power of laws. That mechanical divine eagle was similar to a forbidden Mechanic Weapon. It purely relied on the battle power of a demigod at the “energy level”.

Every move was equivalent to a forbidden weapon attack. It had the highest energy value on Blue Planet and was the guardian supported by the entire Shen Feng Nation. Although it didn’t master nomological skills, it still made a group of demigods tremble in fear.

“This is very normal.”

Lie Shanjun said, “The laws of the world change from incomplete to Restoration at all times. This change will subtly affect the creatures in the world.”

“If it changes to a certain point, perhaps the world won’t be able to give birth to Elemental life at this moment. If it changes to the next point, perhaps a new life form can be born in the world. Mechanics should have been born under this change.”

Lord Lie Shan’s words stunned many archeologists.

Shi Yu was also below and was slightly stunned. In that case… the reason why antique swords that could nurture spirits in ancient times couldn’t nurture spirits now was also because of the changes in the world laws?

“It doesn’t matter if it can’t reach the Divine level now. Perhaps after the Mythical Revival, the mechanical life form will undergo a new qualitative change due to the Restoration of the world’s laws.” Lie Shanjun seemed to be very close to the mechanical Legendary of the Shen Feng Nation.

It said, “In that case, the fourth trial will test the ‘Race Potential’ of the Mechanic class.”

“Let me see for myself if mechanical lives have the potential to become gods.”

“Little brats of the Contract Mechanic class, I’ll use my divine might to envelop your contracted machinery. This divine might only suppresses the ‘bloodline level’. Can you understand that it has nothing to do with strength? The higher the potential of the race’s bloodline, the longer you can last under this divine might.”

“In the end, it should be the mechanical life form with the highest racial level that can stand until the end.”

“Thus, obtaining the reward.”

“This…” As soon as Lie Shanjun finished speaking, the Mechanics of the Shen Feng Nation were almost overjoyed to the extreme.

Dong Huang, the Seven Islands, Rongguang, Ming Hua, and the Mechanics of Snowfield were also pleasantly surprised.

It had nothing to do with strength level. It only tested race potential.

This time, Gao Xuan was still as moved as in the previous trial.

With the help of the Divine Source Legendary, his Ultimate Holy Dragon Beast’s race level was also comparable to a quasi Mythical race. Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to pass the preliminaries. In that case, he also had a chance to compete for the inheritance?

He had an awakening talent and had even obtained the help of the Divine Source Legendary. In terms of the potential of mechanical lives, he might not necessarily be inferior to the Mechanics of the Shen Feng Nation.

Xue Yuan and the other mechanical countries were also extremely happy. They also had mechanical lives comparable to quasi Mythical Races.

They were all above high-level overlord races. So be it. Who was afraid of who?

At this moment, just as the Mechanics of the seven countries were very excited, the alternate space opened again.

Dong Huang’s Mechanical Legendary Divine Source walked out of the alternate space in silence. It looked at Lie Shanjun, who was like a small mountain on the ground, and said, “Lord Divine Spirit, is this trial really comparing the racial potential of mechanical lives?”