Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 952 - 952 Machines Can Also Divine (5)

952 Machines Can Also Divine (5)

“Yeah, is there a problem?” Lie Shanjun said.

It wanted to see how far the mechanical life form had gone during the evolution process.

The World Tree seemed to think that Mechanical lives were a very terrifying war machine? Was it that magical?

“No, no problem.” At this moment, Divine Source Legendary wanted to laugh.

President Lin of Dong Huang also wanted to laugh like him.

“Heh, hehe.”

In the Dong Huang area, Ye Xing, Divine Bell, and the others were shocked when they saw the usually unfathomable and calm President Lin suddenly unable to control the corners of their mouths.

Wait a minute, what was going on? What was wrong with President Lin?


At this moment, Divine Source Legendary looked at Shen Feng’s Mechanical Legendary Z and said to Lie Shanjun,

“However, I have a different opinion.”

“Although Legendary Z is the founder of the Mechanic class and he is the absolute authority of the Mechanic class, but…”

“Times are improving, and talents appear in every generation. Him saying that Mechanics can’t reach the Divine level is already in the past.”

“Mechanical lives can also be divine. We, Dong Huang, already have a Mechanic who cultivated and created mechanical lives of Mythical Races!!”

“Huh??” Lord Lie Shan was stunned and looked at Divine Source Legendary.

Legendary Z’s expression also changed as he suddenly looked at Divine Source.

The Legendarys of the seven countries and the demigods of the totem country suddenly looked at him.

Divine Source Legendary… What did he just say?

Dong Huang already had a Mechanic who cultivated and created mechanical lives of Mythical Races?

“What, who??” Lord Lie Shan asked subconsciously.

“Shi Yu!” Divine Source Legendary looked at Shi Yu, who had just received the third inheritance and was still standing below.

“He happens to be a member of the contestants of this world competition.”

Shi Yu?

Shi Yu?

Why was this name so familiar?

As Divine Source Legendary spoke, countless people were stunned. Then, right on the heels of that, their brains rumbled.

They looked over in disbelief.

It was him again???

“Impossible.” Sounds appeared in the mouths of the Shen Feng Mechanics. They widened their eyes and didn’t believe Divine Source Legendary.

“What a joke.” Legendary Z’s gaze suddenly exploded as he suddenly recalled something.

At this moment, the other gods who were originally paying attention to Lord Lie Shan’s trial and waiting to watch the show, including the World Tree clone, were stunned.

Especially Boar God and Xuan Ming.

Why… was it this Shi Yu again?

At this moment, the Dong Huang audience was also at a loss.


“You cultivated and created a mechanical life form of a Mythical Race?!!”

Lie Shanjun’s gaze landed on Shi Yu and he was completely stunned. Wasn’t this kid… a human who had just obtained three divine inheritances in a row?

On the basis of mastering the strongest fire-element pet and a pet that could receive the power of the abyss, he also studied Mechanics?


Shi Yu was also very surprised.

He felt that it was Ling’s Wind Blessing that had the Effect.

Otherwise, his luck wouldn’t be so good.

This trial was simply tailor-made for him.

“Yes,” Shi Yu said. “I did nurture and create a mechanical life form of a Mythical Race.”

“Summon it and let me take a look,” Lie Shanjun said.

“Sure.” Shi Yu nodded.

“Ling, I’ll leave it to you.”

In the next moment, a purple summoning array appeared.

A green whirlwind condensed.

Ling in the form of a Rubik’s Cube appeared in midair.

At this moment, when they saw this mechanical life form, the Mechanics of the seven countries were all stunned. This was clearly just an ordinary Hundred Transformations Stone mechanical life form.

Especially Gao Xuan, who could tell at a glance that this was the champion reward of the National League that Shi Yu had won from him?!!

Mythical Race mechanical life form? Stop kidding!

“It’s a Mythical Race??”

At that moment, Lord Lie Shan looked straight at Ling in front of him and sensed its weak strength. Just from its appearance, one really couldn’t tell anything.

At this moment, in order to verify it, it couldn’t help but release its divine might.

It only suppressed the mechanical life form in front of it at the bloodline level.


In the next moment, the sound of laws spread from the huge mountain tiger. As the ground trembled and the mountains trembled, tiger roars came from its body.


An incomparable divine might turned into a transparent wave that spread in all directions. Apart from the few gods and the World Tree clones, the expressions of the surrounding experts, contestants, and audience changed.

Sensing that the power of their bloodlines was under an extremely terrifying suppression, they felt weak all over.

This was still the result of… most of Lord Lie Shan’s divine might enveloping Ling.

At this moment, in the face of Lord Lie Shan’s divine might, the white-haired loli Ling in the form of the Cube also slowly raised her head.

Because it was a Mythical race, Lord Lie Shan’s divine might that didn’t target strength and only targeted the bloodline level indeed didn’t affect it much.

However, under this deterrence, Ling felt that its divine power was actively rejecting the other party’s deterrence.

As if it didn’t allow the other party’s divine might to envelop him.

Every god had its own pride.


As the white-haired loli Ling raised its head, the divine might of Dao Proficiency erupted from its body.

“I’m a Mythical Race.”

Under the deterrence, the surroundings were instantly affected by Ling.

The sky and ground instantly turned white. The expressions of the surrounding creatures changed again as they sensed the suppression from their bloodlines.

Legendary Z, who was still in disbelief just now, widened his eyes in shock. He sensed an indescribable and indescribable power wave that enveloped the world. Even the surrounding creatures of overlord races felt that it was difficult to breathe.