Trafford’s Trading Club

Chapter 1051 - Volume 10 – Chapter 46: A Congratulatory Message From True Dragon Of Divine Land (Part 2)

Volume 10 – Chapter 46: A Congratulatory Message From True Dragon Of Divine Land (Part 2)

“What a wonderful melody!”

Wolfgang suddenly laughed wildly. He opened his hands as if he wanted to embrace the incredible sight, “Inspiration! Inspiration! Eruption of inspiration! As if something is about to rush out of my body… Ah , this long-lost inspiration!”

Wolfgang disregarded everything else and walked directly to a black piano. He sat down, put his hands on the keys, and madly performed.

The frantic piano sound reverberated in the apartment. Wolfgang seemed to turn insane while showing a look of enjoyment, “Not enough…not enough…the Ruler of Hell! Not enough! Make it more violent! More violent Ah! My inspiration!!!”

It was the peculiar mind of the artists.

When Charlotte woke up, the entire basement had been turned into ruins, and even the whole bar had collapsed. The place looked miserable, like those buildings that had been demolished through explosions.

One of the masked, muscular men moved her out from the collapsed debris.

“Madam Charlotte, what happened?” A weak voice came from the ruins. It was the voice of one of the ’employees’ in the bar.

Charlotte was in a daze, looking at the exposed ‘employees’ from different places. They lifted the rocks burying them and walked out in silence.

Lucifer was gone.

At that last moment, Charlotte only saw Lucifer wrapped in the strange chains and finally managed to rush straight up. But whether she broke free of those chains in the end, Charlotte didn’t see it.

She was the first to bear the brunt, facing the explosion of Lucifer’s power, and instantly passed out upon the impact.

There was a contractual relationship between Charlotte and Lucifer. Of course, this contract was naturally superior to Bucky by a significant margin. But even this contract at this caliber failed to assist Charlotte to sense Lucifer’s existence.

She subconsciously covered the tattoo on her abdomen with the palm of her hand. If the tattoo was still there, it meant that the contract was still there. The contract relied on Lucifer’s power to exist. That would mean Lucifer hadn’t died yet.

“Master Charlotte? Where’s the Queen?” Another ‘employee’ asked in horror at this time.

Charlotte frowned. What needs to be done is to keep these guys in check. God knows will they rebel if they know that Lucifer is missing?

“She is fine.” Charlotte said calmly at this time, “It’s just that a native god just woke up and found Lucifer. She didn’t want to release too much power here to attract the attention of heaven, so she dragged the idiot native god into the Lost Zone. After she finishes with the idiot, she will come back.”

Oh! The Queen is going to beat the native god again. No wonder there was such a commotion.”

The ’employees’ nodded one after another. They easily believed Charlotte’s remarks. After all, Lucifer had beaten those gods who woke up from the slumber in ancient times in the past few decades.

Although these guys had believed it for now, they would doubt it if Lucifer hadn’t returned for a long time. Being paranoid was the nature of a demon.

“Let’s leave this place first. Otherwise, it will be troublesome when the human fire brigade comes over and sees you.” Charlotte waved her hand.

The demon group took advantage of the commotion and left this place quickly. The whole city had been in a mess because of this sudden storm.

The boss just made a special drink, but the cup suddenly broke.

Bucky had been moved to the sofa long ago, but he hadn’t woken up yet.

At this time, hearing the sound of the cup breaking all of a sudden, the maid quickly walked to the boss’s side. She didn’t immediately clean up the spilled drinks and glass shreds but took the boss’s palm and inspected it carefully. She then wiped the blood off carefully.

“Venus…” Boss Luo lowered his head in thought, letting the maid deal with the wound on his palm.

“I’m going to kill her.” The maid said abruptly, “You’re bleeding!”

Boss Luo stared at his palm for a moment. The glass incurred a small cut about a centimeter long near his index finger.

Boss Luo shook his head, “It’s my own mistake.”

Since the club was attacked, it activated the defense mechanism automatically. However, Luo Qi suddenly wanted to give it a try. So he shut down the defense mechanism and confronted the attack on his own.

“Unfortunately, my defense was broken.” Boss Luo shook his head with a hint of doubt in his expression.

Immediately after Boss Luo was broken free from the attack, the club committed a follow-up attack on its own.


“Why does it happen that way every time?” Boss Luo came into deep thoughts.

A sudden stormy rain embraced a monastery. The monastery nuns were busy packing up the clothes and quilts hanging outside to dry.

The monastery had some history. But, somehow, only two nuns were living here. Since the monastery was remote, there weren’t many visitors who came to pray, even on weekends.

A young nun was busy collecting the fruits as the senior nun had ordered. Suddenly, she heard the sound of something falling.

She turned around curiously and saw something fall from the big tree in the monastery courtyard. The curious young nun lifted her skirt and walked over.

“Oh my God…”

The young nun saw a little figure falling under a tree… it was a little girl.

She was wearing an oversized red dress. Unfortunately, the dress was torn in many spots, and there were bloodstains in the little girl’s mouth.

The little girl’s hair was long, and her long black hair almost draped to her heels.

The young nun put the little girl in her embrace sympathetically. Only then did she find that the child was wearing a silver collar around her neck. There was even a broken silver chain on the collar.

The young nun was fuming with anger upon this sight.

Looking at the broken chain, she couldn’t help but think: Such a cute little girl must have been subjected to torture by a pervert. He raised her like a dog and did many evil things every day!

God knows how this young nun had thought in her imagination.

The little girl must have been spending every day in despair and fear. I’m afraid that she only recently escaped on a rare opportunity.

Oh … God, what a poor child!” The young nun took the little girl into the monastery.