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Chapter 1050 - Volume 10 – Chapter 46: A Congratulatory Message From True Dragon Of Divine Land (Part 1)

Volume 10 – Chapter 46: A Congratulatory Message From True Dragon Of Divine Land (Part 1)

Lucifer was invincible and formidable.

When this nearly perfect life appeared before Charlotte’s eyes many years ago, she was aware of this. She had a blind admiration for the mighty Lucifer since that moment.

Charlotte firmly believed that even if the Ruler of Hell was no longer the brightest star in the sky, she could turn into a black sun and swallow all the light completely.

She would sit highly on the clouds of despair and darkness, riding a red dragon with seven heads and ten horns. She would become the source of true chaos and the embodiment of fear and finally tear HIM apart.

But, after a hundred years or even a thousand years? Charlotte had never seen Lucifer falling to the ground in this state. Even during the battle with her brother and her wings were broken, she still stood unyielding on the ground.

“Lucifer! Lucifer!”

In horror, Charlotte sat on the black carpet, hugging Lucifer’s unconscious body, calling out repeatedly. She even tore her skirt to reveal the skin on her abdomen.

There was a similar black tattoo as Bucky. At this time, Charlotte even used her fingernail to make a wound on the skin above the tattoo.

The blood oozed out from the wound and flowed steadily over the mystical tattoo.

She firmly believed that her call could do something.

Lucifer, lying in Charlotte’s arms, suddenly moved her fingers. Charlotte saw Lucifer’s movement clearly and subconsciously let out a sigh of relief. Then, Lucifer opened her eyes.

“Lucifer!” Charlotte excitedly called this name that seemed to carry magic power, “Lucifer…”

However, Charlotte suddenly felt a little uneasy that Lucifer’s eyes instantly turned red. Then, an immense force spread out, pushing her away and slamming her hard against the wall.

It was a terrifying impact. Charlotte’s body smashed the basement wall!

At the same time, Lucifer, who was lying on the ground, stood up strangely. Her eyes were still crimson, and her long black hair was fluttering at this time. A black-light suddenly appeared behind her. The black light bloomed and turned into enormous wings like a black swan spreading its wings.

One pair, two pairs… three pairs of wings.

Lucifer levitated from the ground. That immense power was still venting out frantically at this moment!

Charlotte’s body sank deeper into the wall. Around her, the thick walls began to break. Everything in the room, centered on Lucifer, was madly pushed away and destroyed.

A peculiar language came out of Lucifer’s mouth. Charlotte recognized this language. It was an ancient Hebrew language, a language with mysterious power.

“Lucifer!” Charlotte yelled in horror.

But the Ruler of Hell seemed to be unable to hear it at this time as if she was only left with her instinct in action. A violent and chaotic aura erupted!

Charlotte felt a massive headache at this moment as if her head was about to explode. Not just her, the two muscular men with masks guarding at the entrance already had their heads in their hands at this moment, kneeling on the ground in pain.

As for the Flaming Lips Bar, the same was true for many ‘employees.’ They exposed their true forms one after another but still couldn’t bear the pain from the depths of their souls. They all wailed.

Charlotte spurted out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, she suddenly regretted it. My forceful summon made Lucifer fall into a state of rampage.

At this moment, Lucifer’s power was still increasing frantically. However, the escalating intensity of the energy spreading out might soon attract HIS attention.

“Lucifer! Wake up. It’s not time yet! Lucifer!”

Lucifer still didn’t listen. Every syllable became more explicit in the ancient language of her mouth. At the same time, there was a sudden gust of wind over the City of Rio. The sunny day suddenly dimmed.

As if there was a vortex in the dim center, attracting countless dark clouds.

Strong winds, thunder, and lightning greeted the city!

In the room, Lucifer’s hands suddenly opened. At the same time, with her as the center, the flat ground had black six-pointed stars of different sizes spread out wildly!

The six-pointed star was like ripples caused by raindrops falling on the calm water. They popped up frantically, overlapping each other!

The six-pointed star arrays all turned into blood crimson in an instant. Lucifer pressed her hands down fiercely while making a roaring sound!

The mystifying six-pointed star glared in red at this time. Lucifer’s power escalated crazily as if there was no limit.

The red six-pointed star kept shining. After a few minutes, they gradually faded.

Lucifer stood still at this time, seeming to be ‘quiet down.’ Her violent power seemed to have dissipated. The immense pressure disappeared, and Charlotte fell off the wall.

She was about to summon Lucifer again, hoping to make Lucifer wake up.

But Lucifer suddenly moved at this time. Three pairs of black wings manifested in the form of light behind her fanned together. Among the countless six-pointed starlight arrays, each shot out a ruthless glare!

There were silver chains!

The silver chains that rushed through the six-pointed star light arrays were constantly moving. They passed through all the six-pointed star light arrays released by Lucifer!

Finally, these silver chains moved in unison, shooting towards Lucifer’s body from all directions. Lucifer seemed to be unable to avoid it. But in an instant, her wrists, ankles, and neck were already entangled by these chains.

Lucifer shook her body vigorously at this time, but the chain began to shrink at the same time, tightening the grip on Lucifer’s limbs as if trying to tear her apart.

Lucifer screamed in pain.

Her power became more violent, and her body rushed upwards frantically. It felt like a rocket rushing to the sky being suppressed.


The roar from the Ruler of Hell was thunderous! At this moment, violent power swept the entire basement and spread to Rio’s famous Flaming Lips Bar!

It happened just like a terrorist bomb attack.

No one knows what happened in this bar. They were only aware that the bar collapsed after a sudden loud noise.

A peculiar force spread from the Flaming Lips Bar as the center and the glass of the surrounding shops shattered. At the same time, the entire Rio seemed to be hit by a terrifying electromagnetic pulse!

In a large shopping mall, the televisions placed in a large shopping mall exploded. Residents of more than half a city discovered at this instant that their computer screens and mobile phones went blank for a moment!

Thunders spawned from the sky, and the pouring rain came to the city. The sea level by the city’s harbor elevated with the sea waves washing against the many yachts docked here.

This city seemed to have not encountered such a terrifying hurricane for decades.

“My God… Why is the Ruler of Hell going berserk?”

In a luxurious apartment in the city center, Mozart, who had just returned from Lucifer, was stunned at this moment. Looking at the apartment’s floor-to-ceiling windows, he patted his cheeks as he witnessed the city in the state of doomsday.

“Can you be so unruly for not being stared at by the main world consciousness all the time? But…”

There were violent winds, pouring rains, lightning, escalating sea waves, and screams. At this moment, Wolfgang was eager to know what happened to Lucifer to induce the scene today.

Aren’t Transcended the superhero who maintains world peace?