The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Personal Visit

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Bryce’s words caught Charlotte by surprise.

“What’s up with the Sawyers? And what happened to the Carters?”

Bryce looked at Charlotte, unconvinced that she was clueless about what happened. “We’re a family, so there’s no need to pretend, is there? Right after I came home from your place, our factories were forced to close and stop production lines for rectification. The bank even wants us to repay all of our loans by the end of today. And almost all the companies we have cooperations with have asked to terminate their partnership contracts with us. We really can’t hold on any longer!”

Bryce wiped his tears. “I know I was wrong to have taken your gifts, and that’s the reason the Sawyers are offended. I really know my mistakes! Charlotte, please help us beg for forgiveness from the Sawyers and ask them to let us off!”

Only then did Charlotte find out what had happened to the Carters. However, to be honest, Charlotte felt thrilled to see how miserable the Carters seemed to be, according to Bryce.

“Hah, I can only say that you people deserve it. If you keep doing evil, you will end up harming yourselves one day,” Charlotte said without emotion.

“Also, don’t come looking for me. I’ve already said this morning that the box of gifts wasn’t for me but Lucas. Even if you want to get someone to plead for mercy on your behalf, you’ve found the wrong person.”

“You… are you really that heartless?” Bryce glared at Charlotte with a menacing expression.

Charlotte was so frightened that she hurriedly scurried away after saying, “Anyway, don’t come looking for me.”

Bryce stared at her figure from behind with a vicious gaze.

Since Bryce returned home after a fruitless trip, he naturally had to face the music from Dominic.

“Have I been overindulging you? You can’t even get such a trivial matter done right! You’re so disappointing!” At this moment, the Carters were facing a huge crisis, and Dominic was so anxious that he started being hostile to his grandson, whom he usually doted on.

Bryce clenched his fist and tried to argue. “Grandpa, I stayed put at the entrance of Charlotte Carter’s workplace for the entire day, but she refused to budge and even said that those gifts were meant for Lucas, not her. She was obviously just trying to fool me!”

“That’s your problem too! Anyway, if you can’t deal with Charlotte Carter, don’t come back to see me again! Wastrel!”

After being scolded harshly by his grandfather, he turned around and left the house, feeling frustrated and upset.

“Dominic, the Larsons are insistent on terminating their cooperation with our company!”

“Chairman, the president of ICBC Bank refuses to give in, and he insists that we have to repay the loans by the end of today, or we will be sued…”

“We went around trying to raise funds, but to no avail. They all hung up after hearing our names…”

“The Sawyers refuse to communicate with us, and they simply said that they’re in no place to make a decision because Ethan Sawyer is not in town.”

As he heard these pieces of bad news, Dominic’s face grew increasingly downcast, and he couldn’t sit still at all.

After thinking about it, he made up his mind. He decided to swallow his pride and personally go to William Carter’s home.

Dominic’s sudden visit made William and Karen extremely nervous.

Over the years, Dominic had never visited them, and they wondered if this time…

William and Karen didn’t enjoy peace this night as well.

Bright early in the morning, Bryce had brought his men over and snatched away their chest of treasures worth more than fifteen million dollars. Karen wanted her daughters to beg Dominic to let them return to the Carter family. However, they hadn’t returned yet.

In the afternoon, Bryce suddenly returned the box of gifts and the car, claiming to have made a mistake. William and Karen were bewildered, and they wondered what he had up his sleeve.

In the evening, Dominic personally visited them, which was rather rare.

W-what’s going on? Is he here to take back the house or the box of gifts?

Karen and William watched as Dominic entered. They were so nervous that they had no idea where to place their hands.

“Dad, you…” William said carefully.

To his surprise, Dominic was not as austere as he usually was. Instead, there was a smile on his face. “William, it’s been hard on you staying in such a small house. Tomorrow, move back in with us. I’ll pick out a nice house for you.”

William and Karen glared at him in disbelief. Is… Dominic Carter letting us move back in?

The Carters owned a large cluster of mansions where all the direct descendants of the Carter family lived. However, due to the fact that William was not blood-related to the Carters, they were singled out and made to live in this old and shabby residence, where they had stayed for decades.

Yet Dominic is asking us to go back now?!

Seemingly thinking that it wasn’t enough, Dominic Carter said, “Moreover, William has been idling at home for such a long time. I’ll arrange for you to take on a role in the company. Go to work tomorrow! Karen, if you’re willing, I can arrange for you to work in the company too. You don’t have to go to the office, but you will be paid accordingly.”

“R-really?!” Karen and William were overjoyed.

To be able to work at the Carters’ company was simply their dream for many years!

Previously, they also wanted to enter the company countless times. But unfortunately, the Carters never gave them the chance.

Today, Dominic visited them personally and even announced such a good piece of news that they had never dared to imagine!

All of a sudden, the two of them felt like they were in a dream. William was gazing at Dominic with tears in his eyes. It turns out Dominic Carter still treats me like his son after all!

At this moment, Cheyenne entered through the door while holding Amelia’s hand.

When she saw Dominic sitting in the living room, she couldn’t help but widen her eyes in surprise, while beside her, Amelia was even staring at him curiously.

Forcing himself to smile kindly, Dominic asked, “Cheyenne, you’re back. This is your daughter, right?”

It was actually funny. Dominic had always disliked Cheyenne and Amelia because of her scandal back then, and he even forbade her from bringing Amelia to the office and the main residence. So this was Dominic’s first time seeing Amelia and talking to her, even though she was already five years old.

“Amelia, quick, greet him. This is your great-grandfather,” Karen hurriedly urged.

Amelia blinked, cowered beside Cheyenne, and said fearfully, “I’m scared of this grandpa.”

After she said that, everyone’s faces turned gloomy.