The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Seek Her Forgiveness

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Dominic pointed at the box furiously. “Are you still clueless? What did you say in front of that family yesterday? Right after you snatched this box of items from them today, our factories had to close, and production lines had to cease for rectification. The bank even demanded repayment of all our loans, and so many of our partner companies are asking to terminate their contracts with us. Think about it. Who did we offend?”

Bryce froze immediately.

After thinking through the events of the past two days, Bryce blinked and asked in disbelief, “Grandpa, are you saying that Ethan Sawyer did these things?”

Dominic said with displeasure, “Who else could it be? It has been quite peaceful at home these days, but ever since you brought your people there to snatch this box from them, terrible things have been happening one after another. This is definitely a warning from the Sawyers because we took away the gifts meant for Charlotte Carter.”

Only then did Bryce realize that the Sawyers had been watching Charlotte’s family!

He covered his hot and flushed face, feeling extremely aggrieved.

He wasn’t the one who suggested going to Cheyenne’s home to snatch the betrothal gifts from them in the first place. Besides, they had all given their approval beforehand. Yet now, they were blaming him.

“Anyway, since you’ve made a grave mistake by bringing this box here, you have to solve this matter.” Ignoring Bryce’s displeasure, Dominic instructed with a stern expression, “Send these items back. You must seek Charlotte’s forgiveness so that the Sawyers will let us off. Otherwise, it’ll be over for the Carters!”

Despite his reluctance, Bryce had no choice but to go and look for Charlotte.

He searched for a long time before finding out that Charlotte had gone to work at the Stardust Corporation today. But unfortunately, he was stopped at the entrance of the Stardust Corporation office, as security wouldn’t let him in.

“My cousin is working in your company. I’m urgently looking for her!”

Remaining unmoved, the security officer said, “You can give her a call and ask her to come out. Anyway, you’re not an employee of our company nor a client, so you are not allowed to go in.”

Bryce was furious.

He had called Charlotte countless times, but all his calls were rejected. He didn’t know if Charlotte had blocked him or not, but he couldn’t contact her at all.

Otherwise, why would he go to the Stardust Corporation to stop Charlotte from leaving?

“Please leave immediately. Do not disrupt the order of our office,” the chief security officer warned.

Bryce was frustrated and anxious. He really wanted to barge in, but he was at the Stardust Corporation office, and he dared not offend them.

At this moment, just as he was about to ignore the security officers and dash into the office building, the eagle-eyed Bryce spotted a familiar figure walking over.

That familiar figure was Lucas!

Bryce was extremely indignant as he rushed forward to stop Lucas. Then he yelled at the security officers, “This person isn’t one of your employees either. Why aren’t you stopping him?”

What surprised Bryce even more was that after the security officers saw Lucas, they actually bowed in unison. “Mr. Gray, welcome.”

Lucas nodded indifferently, glanced at Bryce, and then raised his brows a little.

Since Lucas was stopped by the security officers at the entrance when he came to the Stardust Corporation office previously, the general manager, Flynn Davis, had fired all of them. Afterward, the security officers saw Davis accompanying Lucas to the top floor of the office building and also received orders from Davis that no one was to stop Lucas from entering again.

Therefore, although all of them were clueless about Lucas’s identity, they dared not offend him and were very respectful toward him because they thought that he was at least a client whom Davis valued greatly.

Bryce was almost stunned speechless, but he was still indignant. “What right does he have to enter? He’s just a live-in son-in-law of the Carters, a useless good-for-nothing! Why is he allowed to enter, but I’m not?”

Lucas sneered, unbothered by Bryce.

The chief security officer hurriedly stopped Bryce. “This is the Stardust Corporation. If you want to kick up a ruckus and deliberately cause trouble, don’t blame us for getting nasty!”

Unwilling to concede, Bryce snapped, “You condescending security officers, I’m going to lodge a complaint against you for being biased!”

The chief security officer sneered. “Mr. Gray is an important client of Mr. Davis. Who are you? Hurry up and get lost.”

A few of them came over from the side and surrounded Bryce to shoo him away from Lucas, lest he collided into Lucas recklessly.

“Him? Important client? You guys must have been fooled by this good-for-nothing!” Bryce clamored and reached out in a bid to grab Lucas. “Lucas, you loser, get your ass over here!”

Lucas frowned in annoyance while the alert chief security officer immediately said, “Mr. Gray, please go inside and let us handle the matter here.”

Lucas nodded and turned around to leave.

The new chief security officer Davis hired was indeed much more reliable than the previous one.

Behind him, a couple of security officers dragged Bryce far away and then threw him onto the ground.

Lucas broke Bryce’s arm previously, and it hadn’t healed completely yet. After being flung onto the ground, he immediately shrieked in pain, but no one cared about him.

Bryce cursed incessantly. But he didn’t dare go to the entrance of the Stardust Corporation office building again. He had no choice but to stand at a spot far away, all the way until he saw Charlotte coming out of the building after getting off work.

“Charlotte! Just got off work, huh?” Bryce exclaimed affectionately as he approached her.

“What are you doing here?” Charlotte detested Bryce greatly. In the morning, he had just snatched their belongings away. What was he doing again at the entrance of her office?

“Charlotte, it’s my fault for what happened this morning. I hereby apologize to you! Actually, I just wanted to crack a joke with you. I’ve already returned the car and the box of things. I really have!” Bryce swore while patting his chest and feeling immense heartache deep down.

However, Charlotte didn’t buy it at all. “A joke? How amusing. Why don’t I stab you with a knife and then tell you that it was just a joke? Also, we’ve already been kicked out by the Carters, so you’re not my cousin. We have nothing to do with each other anymore.”

Charlotte stepped forward and was about to leave, but Bryce hurriedly rushed forward to stop her. “Charlotte, we are at least relatives. You won’t be so cruel as to leave us in the lurch, right?”

“What do you mean?” Charlotte frowned and looked at him.

Bryce gritted his teeth. “We are all from the Carter family. I know I was wrong for doing what I did in the morning. Please have mercy and let us off, alright?”