The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Drastic Change in the Carter Family

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Bryce returned to the Carter main residence in the luxurious Lamborghini with the large box of cash, title deeds, and share transfer documents.

The Carters in the main residence gathered around Bryce, amazed and in awe at the luxurious car and the box with assets worth more than fifteen million dollars inside. They praised Bryce incessantly too.

“Bryce is really something. He managed to bring so many things home. The Carters are going to make a comeback again soon!”

“He’s indeed worthy of being Dominic’s biological grandson. He’s so capable! If Bryce takes over the family in the future, we can all rest assured!”

“Not bad, not bad. Bryce has always been outstanding since he was a child. He’s definitely cut out for achieving great things. He’s becoming more and more capable now, isn’t he?”

The flattering words and compliments of the Carters made Bryce feel like he was on cloud nine. Dominic was also grinning widely, extremely satisfied with Bryce, his grandson.

“Bryce, you’ve done well. In the future, I can rest assured handing the family over to you.” Dominic patted Bryce on the shoulder.

Bryce hurriedly said modestly, “Thank you, Grandpa. I will definitely work harder in the future and never let you down!”

At this happy moment, a member of the family suddenly dashed in nervously. “Bad news! Something terrible happened!”

“What’s wrong? Why are you so flustered?!” Bryce glared angrily at the person who suddenly ran in and ruined the atmosphere.

“The people from the factories informed us that all the factories belonging to the Carter Corporation have been closed allegedly due to violations during the manufacturing process and rectifications have to be made! The finance department has also received a notice saying that the financial risk of our corporation is too high, so we have to repay all the loans we’ve made by the end of today! Otherwise, we will be sued, and we will have to declare bankruptcy and begin the liquidation procedures!”

This news was a bolt out of the blue and like a bomb instantly dropped on everyone’s head!

Dominic’s expression changed drastically, and he stood up abruptly. “How did this happen?!”

Bryce’s face was also extraordinarily gloomy. “All of this happened too suddenly. Someone must be trying to attack the Carters!”

Since the Carters were in pursuit of maximum profit, it was definitely difficult for them to have factories achieve 100% compliance with all regulations during the manufacturing process. Thus, if someone deliberately tried to check on them, they would definitely succeed. But usually, even if there were inspections, those who were close to the Carters would inform them in advance, and their factories wouldn’t be closed straight away.

Besides, who knew when the rectification would take place?

There would be massive losses incurred and enormous problems resulting from the shutdown of the factories for a day. Besides, they didn’t know how long the shutdown was going to last.

Although the Carters’ businesses hadn’t been flourishing lately, they felt that there must have been more reasons for the bank to demand all loans be repaid within a day.

While Bryce was angry, Dominic thought about it carefully. “Bryce, hurry up and call Mr. Shaw to find out what’s going on in the factories and if it’s possible to get some leeway through connections. Hurry and call the bank too.”

Bryce hurriedly made several phone calls, but unfortunately, Mr. Shaw didn’t answer at all. Furthermore, the bank only gave them cold replies and claimed that the financial risk of the Carter Corporation was proven too high after some assessment, and so the loans had to be repaid.

The news made the Carters look even more dismayed.

Mr. Shaw used to have a very close relationship with the Carters. But this time, he not only did not notify in advance but also refused to answer their calls. Clearly, someone whom Mr. Shaw dared not offend was involved in the closure of the factories this time.

The issue of the bank loans made them even more anxious.

The capital turnover of the Carters was dependent on bank loans to a large extent. The cash they had on hand was far from enough for them to repay the loans, and even if they included the assets that Bryce had just brought home, there still wouldn’t be enough.

After all, of all the items in the box, only the million dollars in cash was usable. The administrative procedures for the title deeds and the luxury car hadn’t been settled yet.

While the Carters were at a loss, they were struck with a greater blow!

The head of the finance department of the Carter Corporation dashed in, his forehead covered in sweat. “Oh dear, Chairman, many partner companies have asked to terminate their contracts with us. We can’t dissuade them at all! Now, there are many people gathered in front of the company, demanding to terminate their contracts with us and for us to pay off our debts!”

Dominic sat down on the sofa with a loud thump, pale as a sheet. “All of you, go and find out who’s the one getting up to such tricks behind our backs!”

After he ordered coldly, the Carters dared not idle about any longer and made countless calls.

“Hello, Mr. Wilson. I’m calling from the Carter Corporation. Our contract with your company… Damn it! He hung up!”

“Hello, Mr. White. I’d like to ask about our contract… Hello? Hello!”

The people in charge of various partner companies immediately hung up after hearing the Carters’ questions.

After great effort, they finally got some information from a company they used to cooperate with often.

“Don’t blame me. The Carters offended a big shot and got us into trouble too,” Mr. Evans said helplessly.

Dominic’s heart dropped, and he hurriedly grabbed the phone. “Mr. Evans, on my account, can you tell me which big shot the Carters have offended?”

Mr. Evans sighed. “Mr. Carter, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but I really don’t know. We also received a phone call from someone who said that our company would be in trouble if we didn’t terminate our cooperation with you! Don’t think I’m fearmongering or trying to lie to you. You’ll find out if you ask others.”

Mr. Evans hung up without saying anything further.

Dominic and the other Carters all had dismal expressions.

There was no longer a need to make more phone calls to confirm. The fact that that big shot could cause their factories to cease production and have the bank demand repayment of all their loans within a day meant that they were definitely powerful.

However, even after racking their brains, they still couldn’t figure out how they had offended a big shot.

While remaining silent, Dominic suddenly looked at the box that Bryce had brought home.

The lid of the box was open, revealing the stacks of pink banknotes, as well as the large stack of supporting documents.

Dominic suddenly thought of something and inhaled sharply before slapping Bryce on his face. “Sinner, it’s all your fault!”

Bryce was dumbstruck by the loud and sudden slap!

It took him a long time to react. Covering his face aggrievedly, he asked, “Grandpa, what wrong did I commit?”