The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 1316 - 1316 Tenfold Return

1316 Tenfold Return

Lucas wasn’t bent on killing Luther.

But Luther and his wife’s behavior truly angered him.

Since Norman had his heart set on saving Luther’s life, the Holmes would have to pay the price.

“You want me to spare his life? I remember your son and daughter-in-law like making people compensate them for their mental suffering, and they even demand hundreds of millions of dollars. In that case, it won’t be too much for me to ask for compensation for my father-in-law’s and daughter’s mental suffering, right?”

Lucas looked down at Norman kneeling in front of him and said coldly, “Since they wanted two hundred million dollars in compensation, I won’t ask for much. You just have to compensate me with two billion dollars.

“Within five minutes, I want to see the money deposited in the Stardust Corporation’s account. Then I’ll consider today’s matter is over. Otherwise, the remaining ninety kicks are still waiting for your son.”

Norman’s eyes widened in shock.

Two billion dollars?!

This… this was a staggering sum of money!

The Holmes’ original assets added up to nearly 20 billion dollars, but they had just given half of their assets to Lucas this morning. Now, they only had about 10 billion dollars left, but Lucas was demanding 2 billion in compensation?!

He was simply asking for almost all of the Holmes’ liquid assets!

Two hundred million dollars… Two billion dollars…

Norman suddenly understood why Lucas had transferred the compensation of 200 million dollars to the Holmes even though he was so powerful. It turned out that he was waiting for them here!

He would make sure to get back everything he had been robbed of tenfold. This was Lucas’s style!

Norman knew that there was no way to turn the situation around. If he wanted to save Luther, this was the only solution.

Norman gritted and agreed, “Okay, I agree. I’ll get someone to transfer the money now!”

Then he took out his phone and made a call. “Transfer 2 billion, no, 2.2 billion dollars to the Stardust Corporation’s account immediately! Do it right now. The sooner, the better! We’ll talk about the reason when I’m back!”

The reason it was 2.2 billion dollars was that the 200 million dollars that Lucas had transferred earlier was still in the Holmes’ account, which Norman didn’t dare to accept.

The person on the other end said something, and Norman hollered angrily, “I told you to transfer the money immediately! I’m the helmsman of the family, and no one can question my decisions! Even if you have any objections, wait until I return!”

Clearly, the Holmes were displeased that Norman had transferred so much money multiple times today.

In fact, it made sense. The Holmes had been told that they had suddenly lost half of their assets in just one day, and now, they had lost another two billion dollars. They obviously couldn’t be calm.

Soon, Lucas received a call from Flynn. “Lucas, we just received a transfer of 2.2 billion dollars from the Holmes. May I know why?”

“We’ll talk about this later.”

After confirming that the transfer was completed, Lucas didn’t say anything else and simply said to Norman, “Okay, you can leave with them now.”

Norman seemed to have aged several years in an instant. He was furious, heartbroken, and helpless, but he could only wave his hand and leave with the other Holmes.

Seeing them leaving, Jordan said unwillingly, “Lucas, are you going to let them off just like that? I think the Holmes are definitely disgruntled and will most likely create some trouble in the future.”

Lucas said calmly, “Get people to keep an eye on their movements. If the Holmes really have a death wish, I’ll fulfill it.”

“Okay!” Jordan agreed.

After everything was settled, Lucas looked at Jordan and asked, “Didn’t you say this morning that you were going to Nevada to look for Brett Hamilton? You even said you were taking a flight there. I thought you were already there. Why are you suddenly back here?”

Jordan said with a depressed look, “Yeah, I planned to look for Brett Hamilton, but just as I was about to board the plane, I received news that something happened to the Hamiltons. So they’ve given up on conquering Oregon and Nevada and left the states this morning.

“Fortunately, I received the news before boarding the plane. Otherwise, I would have made a wasted trip and been even more annoyed.”

“Oh, is that so? The Hamiltons actually gave up on Nevada and Oregon?” Lucas was quite surprised.

The Hamiltons had gotten into a conflict with him in order to take over California. He remembered that the Hamiltons had almost taken over the states surrounding California. Why did they suddenly give up?

Jordan was also puzzled. “I’m not clear about the reason yet. According to my information, the Hamiltons were just about to subdue all the top families in Nevada and Oregon, but they suddenly left without warning. It’s very strange, and I’ve sent people to investigate this matter.”

Lucas felt that the matter was extremely strange.

Just a few days ago, the Hamiltons had sent more than ten suicide warriors to deal with Lucas. Clearly, they had been determined to take over California. Yet they suddenly gave up on the territories they were so close to obtaining. It was puzzling.

Lucas instructed in a deep voice, “No matter what, you should get people to keep close tabs on the Hamiltons and see where they went after leaving Nevada. Investigate what the other members of the Hamiltons are doing too.

“Especially if the Hamiltons appear in DC, inform me immediately!”

“Yes, Lucas!” Jordan immediately acknowledged.

Lucas didn’t dare to relax and lose his vigilance toward the Hamiltons because they had sent suicide warriors to assassinate him.

Their suicide warriors had failed to kill Lucas, but if they targeted his family, they would be in great danger.

When Lucas returned home, Amelia leaped into his arms and asked worriedly, “Daddy! Are you okay? Did those bad guys do anything to you?”

Lucas picked up Amelia and said gently, “Don’t worry, Amelia. Those bad guys are gone now. They won’t bully you again!”

He looked at the handprint on his daughter’s red and slightly swollen face in heartache.

Even though William had iced Amelia’s face and applied some ointment to it once they returned home, the slap mark on her face was still very obvious.