Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1294 - 1294 Departure (6)

1294 Departure (6)

Now, Shi Yu’s intention of nurturing the Demon Race wasn’t very strong. He only wanted to go to the universe to catch a cosmic behemoth to play with.


Shi Yu left the Dragon Palace and finally called President Lin.

“Are you ready?” President Lin knew that Shi Yu had been bidding farewell to him in the past two days. At this moment, when he saw Shi Yu calling him, he knew that he was almost ready and planned to set off.

“Yeah,” Shi Yu said. “Is Senior Divine Source beside you?”

“Yes,” President Lin said.

“President Lin, Senior Divine Source, is there anything else you want to tell me?” Shi Yu asked.

“Yes.” Senior Divine Source’s shout came from the other side. “If you see that kid Lin Feng and he says bad things about me, note it down in your little notebook and bring it back for me to see in the future.”

Shi Yu and President Lin: “...”

“Also, he must have started a family over there and cultivated many genius descendants. There’s no need to be polite. Try your best to display your talent and shock him.”

Shi Yu and President Lin: “...”

President Lin: “Alright, that’s all Senior Divine Source has to say...”

“No, I’m not done...”

“When you get there, it’s different from here. Be careful,” President Lin said in the end. Shi Yu nodded heavily.

In the end, after bidding farewell to President Lin and Senior Divine Source, Shi Yu flew around the Blue Planet and finally returned to Inatella. At this moment, Senior Dragon God was still waiting here. Zi Lan had already left Inatella and headed for Dong Huang. The other three aliens, as well as the chosen Fallen Angel and the Holy Maiden, also went where they should go.

There was also the World Tree waiting silently for Shi Yu’s arrival.

“Coming?” When the World Tree clone saw Shi Yu, who had descended, it threw Shi Yu a leaf that contained 100 elemental divine-level energy crystals.

“Your things.”

After Shi Yu put it away, he nodded and said, “Thank you.”

“Alright, go if there’s nothing else,” the World Tree clone said with heartache. It was free just now and checked the accounts again. It realized that not only had it consumed a lot of world power to condense the cosmic crystal, but Shi Yu had also really taken a lot of time recently.

It was simply harder than raising a divine level.

Go, go. At least, he could return after it completed its restoration.

“Alright, Senior Dragon God~!!” Shi Yu shouted. The Dragon God, who was cultivating elsewhere on the island, also opened her eyes and flew up to look at Shi Yu.

After she landed, she said, “Are you ready?”

Shi Yu nodded. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

The World Tree clone took a deep breath and said, “Have a safe trip, the two of you.”

The Dragon God nodded and thanked him. “Thank you for your nurturing these two days, Lord World Tree.”

Obviously, the World Tree had also prepared a lot of good things for the Dragon God in the past two days.

Shi Yu smiled.

“Senior Dragon God, you first?”

He looked at Senior Dragon God, who revealed a helpless expression on her beautiful face. “Are you still afraid that something will happen?”

“How could that be? Then I’ll go first?” Shi Yu smiled and took out the Teleportation Key Stone and cosmic crystal.

Logically speaking, this teleportation was relatively safe, right?

The Teleportation Key Stones were all produced by the World King Planet. The World King was the top life form in the universe. There couldn’t be an accident, right?

Looking at the prop in his hand, he took a deep breath and was a little nervous and excited.

“Are you ready?” Shi Yu finally asked the pets, who had already gathered in the Beast Taming Space and were also filled with anticipation.

“Wuu!!” Eleven said this and waved its bamboo. Ready, starry sky, charge!

“Ji~” In the form of a green worm, Buggy looked up at the starry sky and at a higher stage.

“Yiya!! (My divine-level first clear!)” Baby Ginseng couldn’t wait anymore.

“Mi. (Will there be more good dramas?)” Chi Tong cared about this. In any case, it had watched most of the domestic and overseas shows on Blue Planet.

“Ning!! (Opportunity of the Star Sea Sprite!)” Susu’s eyes were filled with starlight. Shi Yu was most worried about this guy.

This was because among the five cosmic-level factions in the starry sky, apart from the cosmic overlord army, the cosmic behemoth race, and the World King Planet, there was another one that was relatively similar to the Abyss Race and the Yun Race... Forget it, it wouldn’t think too much.

“Let’s go!” Ling said.

The basketball-sized Qi hugged Little Zi, who was the size of a rice ball, and was a little nervous. “Ahhh, it must be even more dangerous over there. More people want to catch me.”

Ling was helpless. So it asked it to stay on the Blue Planet, but it insisted on following. Now, it was afraid.

“Mm, I’ve never left Blue Planet...” Qi was also very curious.

“Roar!!” “Quack!!!” In the second space, under the influence of Little Ji and Duckie’s fearless and disdainful auras, Turtle, Little Quas, and Shorty felt good.

As the saying goes, youth knew no fear. The few of them were the most excited.

What trash universe? Was it as powerful as the earth and ocean? Little Ji and Duckie thought.

“Farewell, Blue Planet.” After hearing the responses of his pets, Shi Yu finally activated the Teleportation Key Stone.

“All the best, you guys are the strongest,” the World Tree said again.

Go, wreak havoc on the World King Planet!

“See you over there.” The Dragon God also directly activated the Teleportation Key Stone.

“Yes, see you over there.”

As the cosmic crystal fused into the Teleportation Key Stone, Shi Yu raised his head and glanced at the World Tree clone and the Dragon God.

Then, his entire body was wrapped in a strong white light. Following that, he disappeared from the Blue Planet and headed to the new world.