Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1072 - 1072 Report the Yun Race for Feeding (3)

1072 Report the Yun Race for Feeding (3)

Sensing the terrifying pressure of the Black Space Divine Dragon and noticing that the surrounding space had been sealed, the Iron-eating Beast ancestor said to Ji Mengzhu and Ji Nai with a serious gaze.

“Ancestor…” The expressions of Ji Mengzhu and the others changed. Clearly, they had also sensed the change in the Iron-eating Beast ancestor’s tone.

“Don’t worry, don’t forget, I have the divine crystal bestowed by Emperor Wu. If I’m lucky, I might be able to smash it into pieces!” the Iron-eating Beast ancestor said.

It felt that in a normal battle, it was definitely not a match for this Black Space Divine Dragon.

However, it relied on the transcendent Inner Power to enter the totem level.

As an important contribution to the founding of the country, the divine-level resources bestowed by Emperor Wu were stored in its source of physical strength.

With this, it could burn its life and erupt with the strongest edge to suppress the enemy.

“You want to sacrifice yourself?”

Shi Yu’s expression also changed slightly. He had heard of an incident where Wu Ling City was invaded by the Yun clan. In this incident, it was the Iron-eating Beast Ancestor who sacrificed himself and heavily injured the Black Space Divine Dragon that prevented Wu Ling City from being destroyed. He didn’t expect that he would coincidentally catch up.

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

Shi Yu also said.


At this moment, absorbing the fear that filled the city, the Black Space Divine Dragon felt comfortable.

They weren’t in a hurry to attack.

After it descended, deterrence directly enveloped the entire city, making all creatures tremble incomparably. Fear flowed out.

The fear of humans was a very good resource for it to become stronger. Now that the space was sealed, no one could escape. As a spatial element, no one could keep it down. It had to play with this group of lambs well. Otherwise, it would be meaningless for it to take the initiative to volunteer this time.

Back then, it was Dong Huang who expelled it from its hometown. Now, it could finally take revenge.

“I’m a general under the King of the Yun Race, the Black Space Divine Dragon. I’m here to destroy this city!!” The Black Space Divine Dragon laughed with a violent gaze.


The Beast Tamers and ordinary people in the city looked at the Black Space Divine Dragon in the sky in horror. Unlike in the modern era, in this era where the war had just ended a few years ago, people had yet to walk out of the shadow of the totem battle.

At this moment, seeing the incomparably terrifying Black Space Divine Dragon directly descend with the faith of destroying the city, in Wu Ling City, the emotions of the Beast Tamers, regardless of their level, were extremely unstable.

“Totem level!”

“Your Majesty, save me!!!”

At this moment, ordinary people immediately cried and shouted helplessly for Emperor Wu, hoping that Emperor Wu would quickly deal with this guy.

Upon hearing these subtle voices, the Black Space Divine Dragon smiled even more happily and used words to stimulate these people’s fear emotions again.

“Scream, scream. Your Emperor Wu isn’t in Dong Huang at all now.”

“You will die, and so will he.”

“This city has already been sealed by me. Don’t try to escape, don’t try to contact the outside world. It’s useless. Only death awaits you.”

“Speaking of which, aren’t there legend Beast Tamers and guardians in this city? If no one comes out to stop me, I’m going to start a massacre.” The Black Space Divine Dragon laughed loudly and waited for the strongest expert in this city to appear.

He planned to kill him first to stimulate the fear of the thousands of creatures here to a greater extent.

After this battle, it would completely stabilize its top-notch totem battle power!

“What should we do?” At this moment, as the only two legend Beast Tamers in Wu Ling City, Ji Nai and Ji Mengzhu were already anxious.

They were the strongest experts in this city!

The others didn’t understand how strong this Black Space Divine Dragon was, but they knew very well.

Even if the entire city attacked together, they wouldn’t be a match for this Black Space Divine Dragon.

“Roar…” The Iron-eating Beast ancestor growled, flames burning in its eyes. It looked up at the Black Space Divine Dragon.

It knew that it couldn’t delay any longer. Only it could deal with this guy.


“Kid, are you really not an enemy?” The Iron-eating Beast ancestor was not in a hurry to enter a battle state. Instead, it was worried about Ji Mengzhu and Ji Nai. Just now, it trusted Shi Yu very much, but now, with the appearance of the Black Space Divine Dragon, it immediately didn’t believe Shi Yu anymore.

They suspected that he was cooperating with the Black Space Divine Dragon.

Apart from being obtained from archeology, the meteorite fragment could also be bestowed by Yun An.

It was very afraid that once it entered a battle state and faced the Black Space Divine Dragon, Ji Mengzhu and Ji Nai would encounter misfortune first.

In its eyes, Ji Mengzhu and Ji Nai were much more important than all the lives in Wu Ling City and here.

Its priority protection target was these two.

At this moment, Ji Mengzhu and the others’ gazes suddenly landed on Shi Yu again as they cautiously took a step back.

Obviously, it also sensed that something was wrong.

Shi Yu and Eleven: ???

“How can I be…” The corners of Shi Yu’s mouth twitched.” Have you ever seen such a handsome spy? ”

“Forget it, I can’t be bothered to explain to you. There’s no time either.”

Iron-eating Beast Ancestor, Ji Mengzhu, Ji Nai: ???

“The current situation is indeed a little dangerous. Leave this guy to me to settle,” Shi Yu said as he looked at the sky.

“Wu wu wu!!! (I’ll beat it up.)” Eleven asked to fight.

“No, it’s a spatial element. The changes are a little strange. Your skill isn’t very stable. After hitting, it will cause a huge aftermath. This is a city,” Shi Yu rejected.

“Wu wu wu.” Eleven cried.

Iron-eating Beast Ancestor, Ji Mengzhu, Ji Nai: ???