The Villain's Redemption

Chapter 313 - Eleonor Hale

Chapter 313 - Eleonor Hale

After a lot of time, she was finally able to convince Mo Li to let her leave alone. Mo Li's reasoning this time was quite simple. The Crown Prince wanted her dead. Obviously, her death can spark a war between the church and the empire.

And since the Crown Prince already allied himself with the church, it would be easier for him to take over once the church openly declared war because of the saintess' death.

Rhea had a hard time convincing that man because she couldn't tell him the real reason why she was asking him to tell his people not to follow her around.

Mo Li asked her why over and over and only agreed to let her roam around the capital as long as she would go back home before midnight.

'This place is dangerous!'

That was Mo Li's words. He said that she hadn't realized how dangerous this world is. And while he had a point, Rhea had to remind him she was strong enough to defend herself. And both of them knew that.

When she went out of the room where they stayed, she recalled the system's warnings about survival. Does this mean that this world is really dangerous? For some reason, she couldn't understand Mo Li at all.

'Robot, how dangerous is this world?' She couldn't help but asked while leaving the auction house.

[This continent is the entrance of the other worlds. It is connected to the demon world.]

'That should explain it.' Entrance to the other worlds, huh? How strange.

After leaving the auction house, she went back into Mo Li's residence and change her clothing. Again, she made herself look like a man. Then she started visiting the pubs. Sadly, there were no signs of the female lead. She tried to ask the system to scan the place again, but it was futile. The female lead is no longer here. It was already near midnight when she finally decided to go home.

All that walking was for naught.

This is really enough to irritate her. This system is just… she pursed her lips.

She wasn't able to meet the female lead!

How irritating.

"Oh!? What do we have here?"

Rhea stopped walking when she heard those words. She turned her head left and right and realized that no one was following her. Then the source of the voice is…

She looked at the next alley and slowly approached it.

"If you give us your money, then we will let you live."

"I already told you! I don't have money!" The one who responded was an old woman. Though Rhea wasn't that close, she could clearly hear the woman's shaking voice. It was as if the woman was crying.

[Host, the female lead is nearby.] Rhea smiled when she heard the system. Earlier, she actually thought that the system is already broken. It seems that It wasn't the case? Maybe the system's scanning abilities were just limited?

"Shut up! We saw you take some big orders earlier! Onet go and search her." He ordered one of his subordinates.

"No! No! Let me go!" the woman struggled. Just as they started searching the woman, another voice echoed in the alley.

"Let her go!"

Naturally, it was Rhea.

"Oh? Another weakling?"

Rhea approached the four people who were trying to rob the woman. "How dare you try to hurt someone that old!? Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?" she asked.

"Ah, a fool!" The man who had a long mustache chuckled. He then looked at one of his people. "Kill this teenager!"


Who is he calling a teenager?

"Don't you dare come near me!" Rhea made her voice louder. "Or I will shout!"

"Ha?" the leader sneered. "Look at him… what a p*syy!"

"HELP!" Rhea yelled. "Someone is going to hurt us! HELP!" she amplified her voice. "HELP US!"

"Onet, what are you waiting for! Kill him!"

Before the man could raise his hand, a shadow jumped towards his way. Rhea fell to the ground, her eyes trembled when she heard a growl. Then she watched as the female lead tackled the rest of the people who wanted to harm them.

'Ah, she looks like she was so strong.'

Rhea couldn't help but lament silently. The female lead was wearing a black cloak that covered her face. However, because she was fighting, the cloak fell and revealed that she was a woman. Black hair, black eyes. How beautiful. Despite, the darkness, Rhea could clearly see that the female lead didn't even sweat as she fought against those people.

"Thank you — Thank you for your help young lady." The older woman spoke. She was still trembling, tears appeared in her eyes. However, the female lead's eyes were not on the older woman, but towards Rhea.

"You are strong… why didn't you fight them?" Eleonor Hale, the female lead, frowned. Her voice was cold, freezing. "Why did you have to wait for me to help you?" she slowly walked towards Rhea.

'Ah? A smart one' Rhea thought.

"How did you know that I was waiting for you to help me?"

Eleonor snorted. "Stop pretending. I can smell that you are strong."

Seeing the female lead's serious gaze, Rhea stood straight. "I wasn't pretending. I was trying to give them a chance to survive."


Rhea just pursed her lips in response. If her guess was right, the female lead had been through a lot already. This was the reason why she doesn't just trust anyone. She is strong-willed and someone who values justice the most.

By now, Eleonor was already standing in front of Rhea. The two women had the same height but one can immediately tell that Eleonor looked more intimidating.

She is an alpha, after all.

"You didn't kill them." Rhea smiled. "You saved them."

"Save them?" For the first time, Eleonor showed interest in her eyes.

"You save them from me."

Eleonor lifted an eyebrow. "You are interesting. A woman in man's clothing. A delicate feature. A strength that I cannot see through. Are you a knight?"

Rhea's smile only became deeper. "No."

"Then…. A noble."

This woman is smart.

"Someone who wanted to hide her identity," Eleonor said. "You are interesting."