The Villainess That Was Once A VRMMO player

CH 79.3

As I continued to the back of the room, I found a stairway down to the basement, and as I went down the stairway, there was a hidden room with a door without any particular traps.

When I touched the door, the magic key was automatically unlocked, and the door opened.

Was it because I was an elf? Or because I was a descendant of Nym? I walked in and found that the room, about eight tatami mats in size, had a table and chair where I could write letters and a small jewelry box.

I put the jewelry box last and somehow opened a book that was on the table.

“This is…”

[My heart is a little jewelry box. Today, as I pray to the moon, the jealous clouds hide the moon and bless me with rain instead. Don’t stare at me so much. In the morning, even the sun gets jealous and melts me into a mush, and the fairy inside me gets shy and hides. Lulalalala~”]



…It seems to be a forbidden grimoire created by Nym. I see. No wonder it’s so heavily guarded. Let’s seal this up and send it to my grandmother.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and touched the small jewelry box, wondering if this was what Nym had left behind. …Was there something sparkly in there? 

I opened the jewelry box, and something like a shiny ball emerged from inside, as if it couldn’t wait to get out from there. … Was this Spirit’s magical tool? The same one used by Flare and the royalty. It was the magical tool of the contract that sealed the Great Spirit.

Then I knew what I should do.

When I crushed the grimoire, a strong light flooded the room, filling it with white and existing there.

(Arch Elemental: Alignment Lux. Status: Bad. MP3100/62000)

“Light…Great Spirit.”

Sealed in the magical tool was the Spirit of Light. After all, it had been sealed away for over a hundred years without any magical power supply, so it had weakened considerably.

I was asked by my grandmother to release the Spirit from this grimoire.

The grimoire, which could use multiple Spirits, had disappeared somewhere after the death of Nym, who owned it, and was lost among the humans who could not handle it.

Nym, the “beloved child”, who was supposed to be protected from all dangers, was trapped and died because Nym had complete control over it. So Nym kept Spirit away from the discussion with the human tribe who betrayed the demon tribe for fear that Spirit would go off on its own, and that was why the trap could not be prevented.

To protect Nym and Kam, they prepared six magical tools that contained the Spirit of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Darkness to assist [the beloved child], but these tools, which were owned by Kam and Nym’s aides, were taken away by the humans in the war.

The royal family of Caenista possessed four types of Spirit: earth, water, fire, and wind. I wondered where the rest of Spirit went, but Spirit of Light was hidden here.


For a few moments, the great Spirit of Light shimmered and illuminated me, then disappeared somewhere, leaving behind a somewhat nostalgic pale light.

(Message: Lux Arch Elemental>> Licht)

“…Licht? Is that your name?”

It seems that the Great Spirit of Light also told me its name. I wonder what this could be. I had a feeling that it would be beneficial to collect them.

The remaining Great Spirits on the enemy side were only the Wind and Water Spirits of the Royal Family, minus the Flare’s Flame Spirit. I did not know where the Dark Spirit was, but if I could neutralize just those two, …I could fight Alice head to head.