The Third Prince Want a Slow Live

CH 46

With Philia, Cecil, and Shalltear\'s after-bath appearance in my mind, I went outside alone.

Not just to cool down my flushed body, but because I\'ve found some disturbance.

"Sirius-sama? Where are you going?"

"Don\'t worry about me, it\'s safe around here for now, but be careful."

After calling telling that to the guards, I fly in the sky with non-attribute flight magic.

Yeah, even if Queen isn\'t there, I can afford to fly in the sky with magic.

By the way, I left the Queen and Knight as guards for my fiancée, and Freya-chan, the small bird-sized phoenix who seems to have made a nest on my head, was standing proudly on it.

Come to think of it, this child is always on top of my head except when I\'m taking a bath, restroom, or sleeping...

Well, okay.

Like that, I flew to a place quite far from our homeless camp, and couldn\'t help but sigh when I saw the scene from above.

Over 10,000 undead troops were rushing into the city we were planning to pass next.

Adventurers and knights seem to be fighting back, but... Undead can\'t be defeated without light purification magic.

So, the priests are also struggling, but how much can they hold against 10,000...

"Well, seeing someone die has a bad aftertaste."

I don\'t want Philia to see a ruined city, so let\'s take them down quickly.

From the air, I activate light purification magic on the army of 10,000 undead.

As expected, it takes a little time to charge, but it\'s only a few seconds.

"Okay, I wonder if it is enough?"

A huge magic formation emerges and wraps around the undeads.

"Wha, what is this light!"

"Is it purification magic? Even so, this scale is..."

Some of the sharp-eyed people seemed to have found me, but everyone else was stunned by the disappearing undead.

Well, I can understand them since the undead, whom they were defending against just now, disappeared in an instant.

I went down to the person who seemed to be the commander and asked him.

"I\'d like to hear a detailed that okay?"

"Your Highness Sirius...?"

"Hmm? Do you know me?"

“I saw your face at the country\'s birthday celebration. So, it is His Highness who helped us."

"Well, it just happened. So, I\'d like to talk to someone important... but before that, could you please try not to spread the news about me?"

"I\'m sorry. Well then, I\'ll show you around."

I don\'t want to be asked unnecessary questions... Well, it\'s know that I can use light magic, so even if it leaks, I\'ll be able to do something about it.

After a while, I was taken to a place that seemed to be this city lord\'s mansion.

There were many decorations that felt like bad taste in my eyes but... well, it\'s someone else\'s house, so I\'ll ignore it.

After waiting for a few minutes in the room, I was guided to.

The man who came in was an elderly man who was a little haggard.

"I\'m sorry to keep you waiting. I was put in charge of this land by Baron Demonche, my name is Styve."

"I\'m Sirius, the third prince."

“Thank you very much for this time. If His Highness wasn\'t here, this town would have ended..."

"That\'s fine, but... are you okay?"

When I instinctively asked him about his appearance, which looked like he was overworked, Styve replied with a wry smile.

"No, it is because this catastrophe overlapped with my usual work. Baron Demonche also escaped..."

"He ran away? Or rather, I think this land wasn\'t the one under the magistrate..."

If I remember correctly, there should have been a report that Baron Demonche has two territories and lives here as his main residence.

“He has appointed a magistrate like me for his usual work. Actually, at the beginning of this commotion, Baron Demonche left for the neighboring territory… even though it was after the undead was reported. Because he fled first, the complaints from the fief\'s inhabitants were terrible, and I had already given up"

I see, it\'s a good idea to ride a carriage and escape to another territory in front of 10,000 undead.

"What about the casualties?"

“Thanks to His Highness, it was kept to a minimum.There are quite a few injured, but…”

"I see... For the time being, I guess the injured are priority. Can we talk about the details after that?"

“Could it be that His Highness will cure them? Actually, even the priests are at the limit of their magical powers…”

"Yeah, well, I can\'t overlook it. I\'m sorry for taking your time, but can you guide me?

"I\'m sorry, immediately."

I really want to go back early, but it out of my hand.

Before listening to the details, I have to do something about the number of the injured.

The relief station I was taken to was truly hell.

Adventurers suffering from the curse of the undead, knights whose armor was pierced, and non-combatants that suffered damage from stray undead.

For the time being, I will start healing from the seriously injured, but there are a lot of them.

(T/N: don\'t be led astray, the correct procedure is to start from the light injured)

“Your Highness, are you okay?”

"Yeah, it\'s fine."

I\'m confident in the amount of mana I have, so it\'s impossible for it to run out.

I don\'t want Philia and the others to see this once they arrive here, so I will fix it quickly. 

"Thank you, Your Highness..."

"Don\'t worry about it. You did a great job."

The fact that I am the third prince seems to have been spread, but I will not forget to thank the adventurers and knights who worked hard, as well as the non-combatants who tried to protect their loved ones.

There are a lot of life that have been protected thanks to them, so that much is natural.

However, it would have been better if there were no mutterings such as "it is like the holly maiden..." or " Somehow, he looks the holly mother"

There are other words like saint, but that doesn\'t suit me either.

After finishing healing everyone, I received a lot of thanks, but... feeling a little embarrassed, I returned to the lord\'s mansion, where an even more worn-out Styve awaited me.


“…I have complaints about Baron Demonche-sama, but above all, the damage is huge and it seems that it will take time to recover.”

"I see... so, I want to ask, have you ever seen an undead around here?"

"No... it\'s the first time. Moreover, it seems that 10,000 troops suddenly appeared..."

Undead do not spawn naturally.

So, there\'s no way 10,000 people will suddenly show up, but... it is the reality, and this much damage has been done to this city.

It feels like it\'s man-made, but who is it... and when I think about it, I suddenly notice that Styve was looking at me as if expecting something.

"Your Highness, I have a favor to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"Can you put this city under His Highness\' protection?"

"What about Baron Demonche?"

“For a long time, both I and the people of the fief have been fed up with Baron Demonche-sama……..Because of the unreasonable heavy taxation, he acted like he didn’t care about the people of the fief. You healed the wounded like this, and you even say thank you to the soldiers...that\'s why everyone wants to be under His Highness."

...I came at the wrong time.

Wouldn\'t there be an uprising without the undead commotion?

Also, I am not a saint.

I\'m not that good of a person, and I\'m just doing what I take for granted...

(T/N: himself take it for granted, which will lead to everyone taking it for granted, and the result should normally be the same tragedy as his two previous lives. So dear Readers, don\'t forget to take credit or proper compensation for whatever you do)

Well, even if that wasn\'t the case, I know that Baron Demonche\'s personality is worse than mine.

It\'s an enclave that\'s a little far from my territory, and I don\'t need it because it\'s troublesome to manage, but... it was certain that I would get involved in the turmoil when I found this.

If I ignore it, it will cause trouble for Philia and the others when we pass by tomorrow, so I can\'t do that.

This territory, The treatment of Baron Demonche and other things to think about, there are plenty of things to tell.

Haha... I guess I\'ll report it for the time being...

Sometimes it\'s a roundabout

Alright, let\'s settle that first.

Thinking that, I pretended to leave my seat saying, "For now, I\'ll check with His Majesty," and returned to the camp mansion with teleportation magic.

Yeah, now I have more work to force on Regulus-niisama.

It\'s already late, so let\'s finish it quickly so I can go to bed early.