The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1280: Waste

Chapter 1280: Waste

From the scream and the way the woman rolling on the ground, one could see how painful she was.

Xiao Li’s exclamation came from the void, “Miss, that’s a beastkin! Just like Xiao Li and brother.”

In Miluo Continent, there was usually only one place where real intelligent beastkin appeared, and that was the magical beast forest.

There was only one word difference between a beastkin monster and a magical beast, but it was actually a world of difference.

Magical beast usually had no spiritual wisdom, unless it grew to the rank 9 or above and successfully transcends the calamity, it was possible to breed spiritual wisdom.

Beastkins were actually just magical beasts at the beginning, but their bloodlines were very noble and powerful. Usually, as long as they passed their infancy, they could awaken their wisdom and even transfigure into human form.

Since they had intelligence, they were naturally very powerful and difficult to catch.

However, Xiao Li said, “Miss, there are a lot of beastkins being caged here, and each of them is very painful. Wuwu , Xiao Li is so scared. What are they going to do with so many beastkins?”

While they were talking, on the altar in front, the female beastkin suddenly let out a miserable cry.

Immediately afterward, her dantian suddenly burst open; blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

And a light green crystal stone mixed with blood red patterns slowly flew to the hand of the white-bearded old man.

Hexi looked at the crystal stone, inexplicably feeling extremely frightened.

But the white-bearded old man shook his head regretfully, “Wasted another one, take it away.”

The beastkin had returned to her human form, and the injury on her abdomen had also healed, but she seemed to have completely lost her vitality and was dying.

Soon someone came up to drag the beastkin into the depth of the dark palace.

Xiao Li said anxiously, “Miss, my brother is also in that direction.”


Hexi’s figure seemed to melt into the darkness, quietly following the 2 martial artists who took the beastkin away.

However, halfway through, 1 of the martial artists suddenly touched the beastkin and smiled slyly, “I don’t think this white snake beastkin will be able to survive the next condensate. Next time, she will definitely be turned into a pile of bones. What a pity for such a beautiful and enchanting body.”

The flame in the other person’s eyes flashed, then he showed a knowing smile, “Then why don’t we have fun with her first? This white snake beastkin is at the peak of rank 6. She is the second who can survive 3 times of condensing crystal; just slightly worse than that wolf clan cub. The elders valued her, so we didn’t dare to do anything casually, but now! She’s going to be abolished anyway… I heard that the snake beastkin’s body is particularly smooth and tender. Hehe …”

They looked at each other and smiled with their eyes full of greed and lust.

Soon, the unconscious beastkin was dragged into 1 of the rooms.

The door was closed, then came the screams, curses, and struggles of the beastkin.

Hexi knew that she should leave now; that was the safest way to find Wu Qi.

However, as the beastkin’s swearing turned into a desperate cry, she finally couldn’t take it any more.

The door of the room was opened silently. 2 martial artists who wanted to take advantage of the beastkin didn’t even notice anyone coming in.

Hexi’s movements were also very fast. The silver needles were launched with all her spiritual power.

The martial artists, who were still laughing wildly, froze with a look of horror on their faces.

Immediately afterward, they felt their necks tighten, and severe pain came from their necks.

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