The Immortal’s Poison

Chapter 320-END - The Auspicious Sign (Finale)

Chapter 320: The Auspicious Sign (Finale)

God’s punishment divine thunder crumbled the little cave which Kong Nuer and Grand Master Tuo Xie was in beyond all doubt, but the poison Prohibition in the col still stood. They group of people were agitated until they gritted their teeth, but nobody could take a step into the boundary!

Even when the clouds of punishment dispersed, the heavy rain continued. The shout which shocked the heavens in the northeast instantly shattered the world which was about to be quiet!

The land shook violently. At the edge of their sight, a puff of thick grey clouds was rolling, like a giant dragon which wanted to swallow the world, it billowed towards the col.

The elites who knew how to fly leapt into the air with their body movements. They looked towards the far northeast. Wen Leyang was also lifted high by Chi Maojiu’s long vines.

Every cultivator exchanged glances. Even if someone gathered the monsters which had been completely scattered just a few moments ago, there would not be a sound such as this.

In comparison, the great monster army before this was like boundless ants. They covered the heavens and earth wherever they went, it was futile to wish to kill them all off. The cloud of dust was like an evil beast strong enough to tear the heavens and the earth. It did not climb mountains or cross rivers, because wherever it went, the mountains crumbled, rocks flew, everything that stood in its way was reduced to nothing in the blink of an eye!

The big and small demon rabbit and the other leaders shouted orders to their disciples. The thousands of cultivators were in a mess. They hiked up the nearby hill under the leadership of their respective immortal masters. They took out their magic weapons, stood in formation and waited to meet the enemy. Even Wen Leyang and the others had temporarily retreated to a mountain ridge that was not tall.

The dust cloud came quickly. It was but a breath when it had reached, from the edge of their eyesight to about two kilometers away from them. At this moment, the group of peerless elites finally got a good look. Among this dust cloud which blotted up the skies and could not be washed away even by a storm was an old acquaintance of everyone!

Its body size was as huge as a giant river, layers of bright scales covered its body, seven heads swirled, ceaselessly elongating and spitting. On every head, there was a giant flesh crown which glowed with divine light, it was domineering and icy cold, arrogant and proud! The only thing that made it seem less domineering was that there were two necks that hung limply, swaying as it made its advance.

Xiang Liu has come!

Not long before, the madman Red Pot had shattered every Heaven’s cone nail on Black and White Island. Xiang Liu which had seven surviving heads had completely broken free of its shackles. However, it was difficult to coordinate its body for some time. Now, after getting used to it, it finally charged out of Black and White Island. It had rushed all the way to Shiwan Mountains. It had not even reach the mountains when it caught some surviving immortal master teacher disciples to fill it in about the situation in front of them. Then, it saw the eruption of the god’s punishment and immediately understood. Their archenemy Kong Nuer was passing the punishment.

The fourteen eyes of Xiang Liu were expressionless, there was only the stifling feeling of death. It did not even glance at the thousands of cultivators who had prepared to attack around it. It only howled, “Kong Nuer, may the ghosts and gods of the skies protect you, that you may still have some severed limbs or broken bones left for me to crush them into ashes!”

Amidst the shrill howl, its huge body crushed the nearby mountain and it plunged into the tiny col.

Xiang Liu would not let anyone who was present live, but before this, it wanted to see if Kong Nuer had truly been blasted to smithereens by the god’s punishment divine thunder. Even if that were true, Xiang Liu wanted to ingest the broken remains, grind them, crush them and swallow them!

Having been imprisoned for a million years, destroyed the three brothers and finally regained its freedom, but when it rushed to the doorstep of its enemy, Kong Nuer had already crossed the punishment. This maddened Xiang Liu beyond all reason.

Just when Xiang Liu entered the col and wanted to plunge into the mountain which was about to be reduced to a pile of rocks, ten thousand blue rays of heavenly water flowed quickly. Boundless color of water rose. The poison Prohibition was completely triggered by this primordial evil monster!

Rapid slapping sounds joined into one in the blink of an eye as theyerupted from Xiang Liu’s body. Its scales were cracked by Grand Master Tuo Xie’s Ben Ming poison! Xiang Liu never thought that there would be such a domineering poison under the heavens. It leapt in a frenzy as it was caught off guard. Its seven giant heads pointed towards the heavens and let out an extremely angered howl.

At the same time, the thousands of cultivators around it erupted in a unified shout, “Kill!”

Ten thousand Buddha’s light flowed and swirled.

Tibetan Buddhism Sect dharani and Buddhism chants urged endless mercy, angered seniors, protective magic heavenly dragon, twenty-eight heaven, arhats and rakhshasa… Various dharmakaya of various gods and Buddhas appeared. The big and small demon rabbits had bloodshot eyes. Head lama Rangjung howled furiously. From the highlands, from Great Mercy Temple, from the seventy-two ancient temples of the world, from the Buddhists Tapas cultivators of the four seas, a chant of Sanskrit was a killing spell which sent the target back to karma!

Buddhist magic art ran rampant, filling the entire area.

Sign of the three mountains, sign of heavenly thunder, sign of the seven stars, Xuhuo Spell, Thousand Spirit Spell, Six Punishment Breaking Spell… Talismans flew like a rustling forest, flying swords gathered into a heavenly rapid torrent. Little supreme leader Liu Zheng wore a ferocious expression, martial maniac San Wei gritted his teeth. They led the group of Kunlun Sect, Eyang Sect and other sects’ disciples as they shot all their cultivation base amassed throughout their lifetimes into that tiny col!

There were also countless cultivators from secular families, various magic weapons, mechanical figurines, beast tamers…

Spirit primordial energy filled the skies. Chang Li who had been knocked out by Wen Leyang just now also came to her senses with shock. She bulged her eyes and looked eagerly at her comrades beside her, “Who hit me just now…”

The storm still rained down heavily, the world was enshrouded in moisture.

Countless magic weapons, flowing with powerful life vitality poured out ceaselessly in the col. The great light shone by the layers of treasures intertwined with the rocks and mud blew away by magical powers, completely blocking everyone’s sight. However, the shocking thunder in the sky, resounding spell incantations, Sanskrit, were unable to drown out Xiang Liu’s wails and furious howls which gradually turned into an uncomfortable guttural laugh!

The few demon immortals stood in a row on the nearby hill, nobody attacked. Only when Xiang Liu’s laugh sounded, somebody said with a hint of a smile, “This is the final battle.”

Yes, it was the final battle! If they won, the world would be at peace, if they lost, then the world would no longer concern them!

Victory or defeat. Regardless the outcome, it was worth it for them to wager their entire life’s cultivation base in this one battle!

Chang Li caressed the big lump on the back of her head. Her bright eyes scanned her still wounded comrades. She smiled brilliantly, “Who among you can still fight?”

Hanba suddenly gave a strange laugh, “This is the final battle, enough with your nonsense!” When his voice faded, his body quickly shriveled up!

Then, a crisp and hearty laugh, a pitiable sigh, a sonorous and forceful yell, a peculiar and cold cry, four voices came out at the same time from the mouths of Chang Li, Cone Nail, the golden monkey and Hanba, the four demon immortals. Their voices blended into the exact four words.

Demon Body Breaking Spell!

The final battle was unrelated to winning or losing, they only wanted it to be straightforward and brilliant. The demon immortals only had one single thought, this battle, we will fight until it is raining flowers!

Demon Blades, icicles, golden shadow, zombies, rolled at the same time! From afar, it seemed like the little slope on which the demon immortals stood abruptly turned into an apocalyptic volcano. What spewed forth was blazing, scalding, unparalleled majestic prettiness! Four great magical powers intertwined with each other. They bit at each other, like raging waters from the nether world, they rolled towards Xiang Liu.

There was also the demon fetus rock tower as big as a hill. It blew up a wind and thunder and charged forth from the thick dark clouds. Yin’s Error Yang’s Mistake was ice cold and majestic, as swift as a comet…

The group of Tuo Xie disciples who were not skilled in ranged attacks also laughed madly ot howled at the same time as the demon immortals’ attacks. Their body movements exploded as they dispersed the rain, magical powers, magic weapons, air, dispersed everything and charged into the col from the other direction.

It was unknown whether it was Wen Leyang or Chi Maojiu, someone ran wildly, laughed loudly and sang the song which had been circulated for thousands of years, had once been forgotten, but was now enough to crush every sect, not a single root grows on the Wen. Never befriend a Miao. Die a dog’s death on Crow Ridge!

Monks, Taoists, seculars, demons, Tuo Xie, one cultivation world, hundreds of sects, thousands of elites, all of them attacked amidst the song which was enough to shake the heavens. All this, to kill Xiang Liu!

Xiang Liu’s laughter did not fade, but it grew louder and louder instead. It gradually turned into rolling thunder which resounded at the edge of the heavens! Its seven heads suddenly swayed. Every head rocked up their respective utmost magical power, utmost arrogance!

The fire element head reverberated with blazing flames, it burned the first hill to ashes in the blink of an eye. Hundreds of cultivators did not even have the time to wail before they were reduced to ashes.

The earth element head scurried, three large rocks which were not inferior to the demon fetus rock tower fell from the sky. They rumbled and collided with the rock tower. The rocks shattered. The smallest shrapnel that resulted from the collision was the size of a five-story building. They rained down on the cultivators who fled in all directions.

The Chaos head opened its big mouth. A puff of void whirlpool which intertwined in black and white tore at the air in the blink of an eye. It appeared in the middle of the cultivators without warning. Within a diameter of a thousand meters, in the instant the Chaos whirlpool appeared, every cultivator had their hairs, skin, tendons and flesh forcefully torn down from their bones. Fresh blood was like water which leaked out from a cracked tank, crashing into the ground with a bang. The skeletons left behind by the victims still stood.

The moon attribute head looked in front. A layer of brilliant moonlight cut into the magic weapons which covered the skies like lightning. In the blink of an eye, the skies which was densely packed with various magic weapons were cleared off by its gaze.

There was also the metal element head, sun attribute, stars attribute…

The true soul not only commanded and coordinated the nine heads, it was also the main soul within Xiang Liu’s body. It could utilize Chaos energy at will and cast spells through its nine heads. Wen Leyang had killed the true soul with poison four years ago, which diminished Xiang Liu’s battle strength by half.

With the death of the water element and wood element wicked souls, Xiang Liu lost another ten percent of fighting strength out of the remaining fifty percent (Author’s note: Two heads out of nine, it should be twenty percent, but it was already fifty percent before this. So, is it ten percent less or twenty percent less now… I am in such a dilemma…).

In addition to that, it had only just recently regained its freedom, it had not regained its full strength yet when it was intoxicated by Grand Master Tuo Xie’s Ben Ming poison. A great nine-headed snake did not even have twenty percent of its original strength!

However, with this twenty percent of strength, with one strike of Xiang Liu’s counterattack, the cultivators had lost three thousand men! The remaining cultivators dared not stay in the same spot. Some of them turned and ran, but even more of their eyes were reddened by fresh blood. They cursed loudly and activated their magic weapons. Their bodies leapt and charged as they activated their magical powers again in midair.

A primordial huge evil monster who was weak, two heads short and lacked the command of the true soul, which was also harmed by the strangest poison under the heavens. Every famed elite of the cultivation world had fought into a ball in the surrounding collapsed mountain ridges. They fought like the wind, like blazing flames, like raging waves.

It did not matter who died or who lived, it was the final battle!

Xiang Liu’s body also leapt and flew, but it looked extremely clumsy as it moved. The cultivators’ magic powers almost never missed. It scales which were not as tough after cracked by the poison eventually shattered under the wild attacks of the magic weapons.

The battle only lasted barely long enough for a joss stick to be completely burnt, more than half of the cultivators had already died. Even the two foolish uncles were accidentally sent flying by Xiang Liu’s giant body. They crashed to the far side as they wailed and complained about the pain. They tried with all their might but could not get back to their feet.

Wen Leyang was so anxious that his eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. He had stuck himself onto Xiang Liu’s body, but all the gushing Poison of Life and Death could do was remove a few scales. He only managed to open a slit in the slimy but unbelievably tough skin.

The fierce battle continued. Another dozen minute passed. The cultivators who were still desperately persevering did not number more than two thousand. Most of those who remained were the elite disciples of the Five Blessings or the World Sect. The few demon immortals had casted the Demon Body Breaking Spell for the second time, disregarding their own lives!

Xiang Liu’s body was clumsier and clumsier. It sometimes panted heavily, but even a person who had no cultivation base could tell that if this battle goes on, the cultivators had no chance of winning.

It was only a fierce battle of dozens of minutes, but Wen Leyang felt more exhausted than when he fought the monsters in the place of the outer fringe for days. Xiang Liu’s body had a great resistance. If it were not for his Faulty Punch which was very peculiar, he would have been shaken to death before he even managed to remove the scales.

Xiang Liu’s stars attribute head finally noticed Wen Leyang who was like a needle on its body. It turned around. After breaking little Chi Maojiu’s black vines with visible strain, the giant snake swallowed and spat. With some savageness, with some interest, it moved towards Wen Leyang at a casual pace.

Suddenly, an eruption was heard. A rubble shot upwards. A plump fat man whose longs hair and messy beard almost covered his entire face flipped and leapt out…

The foolish uncle Wen Nine who was lying far away with no more energy to move chuckled at Wen Thirteen, “If he was not a fat man, he’d have looked like Sun Wukong being born.”

The fat man’s clothes and body exuded a burnt stench, sometimes, puffs of green smoke were given off. His head and body was pitch-black. If Tutatunte was here, they would look like fat and skinny mendicant Buddhist monk when they stood side by side.

The fat man who seemed to have just been burnt broke out of the ground. The rubble that flew everywhere shocked the stars attribute head. It gave up on chasing Wen Leyang. Its huge head shook, it shot towards the fat man as quick as lightning while wrapped in a foul wind!

The black fat man seemed to have been surprised by the situation in front of him. A thick voice which was a bit stifling rumbled and erupted beside Wen Leyang’s ear, “What is this thing!”

Then, a laughter broke out, “Xiang Liu?” When his voice faded, the fat man exhaled and shouted. He balled his plump fists and gave a punch without any flair as he met that Xiang Liu’s head!

Amidst the muffled explosion which made Wen Leyang saw stars, two huge forces collided loudly. A puff of air wave which was visible to everyone’s eyes shot out from between the snake’s head and the fist. It rolled towards all directions in the blink of an eye. Wherever it blew, even peerless elites as strong as little Chi MAojiu and little supreme leader Liu Zheng squalled and fell on their backs. The ordinary cultivators turned into rolling bottle gourds. Everything in the sky and on the ground rolled and crashed everywhere.

At the same time the air wave blew, a shout which was unsure whether it was happy or sad, it was only tearing, it shot hysterically towards the sky from Chang Li’s throat, “Tuo Xie!”

The god’s punishment had dispersed. Kong Nuer’s death was all but certain. Pickle jar Tuo Xie was charred, but he leapt out, full of vigor.

With that one hit, Tuo Xie squalled as he was planted into the ground by Xiang Liu’s head. That stars attribute head also clumsily and painfully stretched its neck after experiencing the aftershock. However, the great force was unconstrained and the snake neck could not return to its position. Instead, it brought the monster’s body which was as huge as a giant river and slowly, just like that, slowly, unbelievably crashed to the ground loudly in everyone’s almost bursting eyes!

The back of Wen Leyang’s head cracked a large rock, but he leapt to his feet like he was electrocuted. He had not even reach the pile of rubble which buried Tuo Xie whe Tuo Xie, with his face covered in dust squalled and leapt out. On his right hand which had just hit the monster, every finger was crooked at unnatural angles.

Xiang Liu also leapt as it howled, but the stars attribute head swayed wildly as if it was drunk. Its mouth let out strange mumbles. On its forehead, a giant dent was very eye-catching. Its eyes were also cloudy, it did not seem to have an ounce of spirit left…

Grand Master Tuo Xie did not hear Chang Li’s howl. His eyes were also dazzled. Xiang Liu’s seven heads turned into thirteen heads in his eyes… Even so, Tuo Xie raised his left fost and laughed, “One more time!”

Almost at the same time, another voice familiar to Wen Leyang came from afar as it shouted with fury, “Xiang Liu, Shiwan… you had personally promised me eighty thousand years before that you would never take half a step into Shiwan Mountains, have you forgotten!?”

When the angry howl faded, chunks of rocks which were not large, but the sound of wind which they gave off was enough to tear at the soul. They whistled and rolled as they crashed with loud bangs, one by one, on Xiang Liu’s head like raindrops.

The Xiang Liu which the great force of the ‘Demon Body Breaking Spell’ could not harm spewed blood after fresh blood after the blows of these rocks. The wild burly man in the Chaos foul mountain leapt from a faraway mountain peak. After finish tossing every divine rock, he decided to raise his own wagon and mercilessly landed it in between the eyes of the Chaos head!

Tuo Xie burst into laughter and leapt up again. Wen Leyang, Chi Maojiu and Mumu followed closely behind their Grand Master like lightning. The remaining cultivators activated their magical powers again and countless magic weapons crashed towards their target. The wild burly man howled, his super strength was shocking as he shocked the heavens with his punches and kicks. The four demon immortals gritted their teeth, they disregarded the hideous wounds on their bodies, their broken arms as they desperately struggled to get back on their feet…

The col had been reduced to a flat land long ago. The final fierce battle continued like raging fire…

Ever since Wen Leyang stepped out of the Place of Birth, Life, Sickness and Death, he had experienced countless fierce battles for about a decade. Some were intense, some were life-and-death, some were hard-pressed and some made him unsure whether he should laugh or cry. However, in terms of intensity, majesty and bold immense pressure, this battle before him was the greatest!

In the depths of Shiwan Mountains, the small hill crumbled, ginat rivers wailed and broke. The world seemed to have transformed into a small puddle pool. Xiang Liu was the giant crocodile in this little puddle pool, Tuo Xie and the wild burly man were two fierce six-whiskered catfish, the others were wild piranhas. Among the flurry or attacks, blood stained everything, waves raged.

Time was forgotten, the sun and moon were unseen. Within Wen Leyang’s eyes, heart, on his fists and feet, there was only one word, fight!

The seven heads of Xiang Liu were defeated one after the other. The defeat of each head only came after the death of a hundred cultivators even with the efforts of the two old monsters and the elites…

Since the addition of Grand Master Tuo Xie and the wild burly man, this battle had lasted for seven days and seven nights. Xiang Liu’s final Chaos head finally gave half a lifeless wail as it shut it eyes tight and crashed heavily to the ground!

Almost at the same time, the dark clouds in the skies silently dispersed. The vast blue skies was like new, a rainbow hung above the mountains. It was clear and brilliant!

The survivors did not even have the tie to cheer when a loud cry was heard, “With only Old Fourth left, what good is a rainbow to me!?” His voice barely faded when a strong fat man jumped high. He waved the Xuanhua Axe in his hand and tossed it towards the rainbow!

Of the World Sect’s seven Rainbow brothers, only the mad mannerism Old Fourth was left.

When Rainbow Old Fourth cried, the survivors all broke into tears as well! The First Seats of the Great Mercy Temple Five Great Monasteries all died. Only nine of the seventy-two esteemed Kunlun sword seniors survived. Other than San Wei and Ah Dan, only four Eyang Sect disciples were left. Great master Rangjung sacrificed himself to protect the others…

In the place of the outer fringe, there were thousands of cultivators. Those who went as reinforcements to Shiwan Mountains numbered around ten thousand elites.

After fighting with evil beasts, the master immortal teacher and Xiang Liu, only about a thousand of them were left!

Hanba Fifth Brother leaned against a crushed rock, he rolled his tyrannical eyes to look up to the sky, he looked distracted when he said, “The Yin’s Eye of Qinling Mountains was buried, the Mourning cauldrons were destroyed, malevolent energy in the land of corpse figurines surged skyward, some place in the world was bound to suffer from a great punishment disaster, it was only I did not expect, that this great disaster, would befall on the cultivation world!”

The entire cultivation world, whether it was the right or evil path, whether it was the demons or devils, whether it was for good or for bad and whether it was for kindness or enmity, everyone hugged into a ball, and perished together with Kong Nuer and Xiang Liu.

Kong Nuer was already dead, yet Xiang Liu was still alive, even though it was beaten until its chaos force had almost completely depleted, yet its body originated from the same source as the heaven and earth, even so when it could not even budge from its injuries, the crowd too could not manage to kill it.

The wild burly man rested for a while, he spoke to the rest of the people, “I will figure out a way to trap it, but every seventy-seven years, I will need to beat it mercilessly and relentlessly, to destroy the strength that it had accumulated!” As he was saying that he stood up and dragged along the gigantic nine-headed snake, and walked towards the depth of the huge mountain strenuously, he had only walked for a few steps when he seemed to have remembered something, he turned around and laughed as he spoke to the grand master Tuo Xie, “Pickle Jar, you are rather remarkable! Every seventy-seven years hereafter, do remember to look for me and join me to beat Xiang Liu!”

Tuo Xie waved his hand strenuously, he had only said the word ‘alright’, when he immediately broke into a coughing fit, by the time he managed to calm down his breathing with great effort, the wild burly man had since left while laughing aloud.

Chi Maojiu suddenly remembered that there was still a leaf of immortal grass in his chest pocket, he bustled about as he removed it, he staggered as he fell over to the side of Tuo Xie, he stuffed the shiny yet suspicious Centipede Grass into the grand master grandfather’s mouth without considering his protests.

Tuo Xie smacked his lips, he commented with slight puzzlement, “The leaf of the immortal grass…why does it taste a little salty?”

Chi Maojiu dared not inform the grand master grandfather, that this leaf was spat out by Tu Mi, he was wondering about how to explain, when the two monks Ji Fei and Shui Jing came running over, the both of them stood side by side as they knelt in front of Tuo Xie at the sound of a thump, “The pupils are here to greet you, it is a pleasure for us to meet the grand master grandfather!”

Tuo Xie was startled, he exerted the strength of his entire body to leap up, then he returned the salute as he knelt to the two monks at the sound of a thump, “The Immortal senior, Taoist master speak too strongly of me…”

Ji Fei and Shui Jing did not speak anymore, they were startled until they fainted directly.

Followed by the meeting of the grand master and his grandchildren, the meeting of relatives, and reminiscing of the past events, the feelings of emotional and decadence, injustice and gratification were intertwined with one another, the sound of crying, laughing, cursing overlapped and formed into the sound of squalling noises!

From the fierce battle, Tuo Xie had since recognized the cultivation method of a group of his descendant’s disciples, he even managed to spend some time to give the demon cat Chang Li a ferocious hug, but after the fierce battle had ended, the three women Chang Li, Zhui Zi and Mumu all disappeared.

The two grandfather and grandson Tuo Xie and Wen Leyang were anxious…

The Darling informed them smilingly, “Chang Li saw that the battle had ended, she said that she wanted to take a shower and dressed up before meeting you, so she pulled along Zhui Zi and Mumu as they ran to the back of the mountain.” As she was saying that, she stretched out her hand and pointed to the depth of the huge mountain.

Upon saying that, Little Five raised her head and looked at her father, “Standing in the rain, I thought that counts as taking a shower?”

Hanba scoffed, “I do not understand why are they not done showering from the rain either.”

The incessant arduous battle, the incessant rainstorm, the charred and blacked skin on the grand master Tuo Xie’s body had yet to fade, little Chi Maojiu attempted to flatter by using his sleeve to clean Tuo Xie’s face, as a result his sleeve became much cleaner than before on the contrary.

Wen Leyang too gathered forward, he asked the grand master Tuo Xie, “Your grand old man…made it through the god’s punishment of Kong Nuer?”

By the time Tuo Xie leaped out his body was charred, there was no need to ask if he was struck by the god’s punishment drew in by Kong Nuer.

Tuo Xie utterly did not regard himself as a senior generation, he laughed as he shook his head, “Kong Nuer is really something himself.” Upon saying that, he scolded ferociously, “This is too motherfucking embarrassing!”

When the god’s punishment arrived, Kong Nuer suddenly squalled, he suddenly pounced out of the mountain cave, Tuo Xie did not even need to consider before he launched the Faulty Punch to receive the enemy. Yet Kong Nuer utterly did not attempt to cultivate his power to resist, he allowed the strong poison to bore into his chest, Tuo Xie had yet to react to the situation, the god’s punishment divine thunder suddenly descended, and heavily struck onto the both of them.

It was only a moment, Tuo Xie could already smelled the scent of his own barbecued meat, it was only then he found that, that Kong Nuer’s mention of the arrival of the god’s punishment was true. Tuo Xie wiped at his forehead, he sniggered, “I came over here in an attempt to block him, I had never thought that I would leave this place alive, but when I truly understood that I was going to die at the time, I was still petrified!”

Yet unexpectedly Kong Nuer had only hugged him for a moment, when he laughed strangely, “I shall let you have a taste of the god’s punishment, so I can startle you the Pickle Jar to death!” Upon saying that, he truly let go of his grasp, before he was completely killed by the divine thunder, he left behind his last words, “Please help me to tell Lin Li…”

At this point, Tuo Xie lowered his voice, “I was scared out of my wits at the time, I understood that Kong Nuer was about to die, when I did manage to walk finally, I was struck by the divine thunder until my entire body was numb, in addition that the mountain cave was in a chaotic mess…”

Wen Leyang widened his eyes in surprise, “So Kong Nuer’s words for Lin Li, your grand old man did not manage to remember?”

Tuo Xie hastily shook his head, “Not that I did not manage to remember, but I could not hear him at all!”

Chi Maojiu instructed the other two sensible people softly, “It is best that only the three of us including the grandfather and grandsons knew about this incident then.”

Before his voice died away, a series of strange croaking noises echoed by Little Five’s side, the mad toad Red Pot finally refined and dissolved the split body Second Brother’s primordial spirit, it roared in an awe-inspiring manner, “I am committing good deeds in the world, yet all of you regard me as the enemy…” Little Five did not wait for it to finish talking before she hastily used her staff to knock it out.

The three women were back, Zhui Zi stood on the left, Mumu stood on the right, Chang Li’s expression was bright and glowing, the color of her face appeared slightly ghastly pale because she launched the demon body breaking spell on two occasions continuously, the smile lines around the corners of her lips were quivering, it took less than a moment before the smile lines shook her decadent smile into injustice, sorrowful and bursting with joy!

Chang Li walked to the side of Tuo Xie strenuously, she sat down on the ground, lowered her head, she flipped her hair such that her hair was draped over her face, it was black in color from wetness, it felt cold, smooth, soft, as it covered her charming head, and also covered the grand master Tuo Xie’s round head…

Zhui Zi asked Mumu smilingly, “What should we do when we cannot see anymore?”

Mumu was startled, she hastily pulled Zhui Zi away, “It is best that we do not see what we should not see!”

The group of people bided farewell to each other and dispersed off after they left Shiwan Mountain, the cultivation world’s vitality was gravely injured, other than a few leaders, the right path of Five Blessing was almost completely annihilated, the World Sect’s fatalities and injuries were even more tragic, they had lost the intention of avenging and winning at this moment.

Nineteen was severely injured, her state of mind was even more dejected, her family’s scheme for the past thousands of years had failed, her three brothers lost their lives on an evil mountain, losing the hope to resurrect their first ancestor, in the eyes of them the descendants of moon cone nail, One Word Palace was nothing but a sour joke.

The surviving rogue cultivators still remained jubilant, the deceased had already passed, the enemies were executed, the remaining ones, still had half of their lifetimes left to live free and unfettered!

Wen Leyang and the rest escorted Tuo Xie, they returned to the Wen family village from Shiwan Mountain, they had just arrived at the foothill, when Wen Leyang suddenly stopped walking, his face was filled with a peculiar expression that was difficult to tell if he was astonished or joyous, he opened his mouth to Tuo Xie but before he could speak, a series of loud noises that sounded suffocating yet explosive, suddenly surged skywards from the Wen family village, soon after a fiery glow burned charmingly, a puff of scorching flames as red as fresh blood, rippling with fiery snakes for a few kilometers in length, licked towards the sky ferociously!

Wen Leyang squalled, “You’ve Got Me!” Before his voice died away, he had already turned around and dashed towards the top of the mountain.

It took less than a moment, by the time Wen Leyang pounced back towards the village, the entire Wen family village had already turned into a chaotic mess, that small house that was used by You’ve Got Me to form cocoon earlier, turned into a fire pillar that was so thick ten strong lads could not wrapped their arms around it that surged towards the sky, the air was trembling continuously under the aggressive heat waves’ surges, when seen from the above, it was as if the sky was melting in layers under the scorching heat. Fortunately, the fire pillar was albeit strong and vigorous, but it had yet to condense into a solid form, it was scorching hot but it did not spread in all directions.

The houses in the village collapsed, the scene before their eyes was filled with rubbles and debris. Anyone who was unaware of the truth would only need to take one glance, he would certainly say, “This village has just been bombed by someone…”

Most of the Wen family disciples were fine, they pulled along their wives and held their children when the giant earthquake suddenly occurred, those who were less skilled only suffered from minor scrapes and wounds, even though they were not severely injured, but they still could not avoid from getting bumps and bruises.

Xiaoyi’s forehead had swollen into a huge bump form the crash.

The blind man’s head was covered in fire, he was squalling as he was running about everywhere, Bushuo and Buzuo lifted their pails, they splashed at him for a few times but they missed every time…

What was even more confusing to Wen Leyang, was that not far away from the fire pillar, the giant frog that was enjoying free food in the Miao stockade village all along, the sitting toad Xiu Er, with its bulging eyes, it was staring in bewilderment at everything that was taking place before its eyes.

A few days ago, the people of the Wen family received news about the grand master Tuo Xie, and that Wen Leyang and the rest were about to return safely, they were all dancing in elation without exception, there was only the blind man who was frowning in grief, You’ve Got Me was in a cocoon, it was not like the other Buddha’s Light Bug, the blind man dared not use the method that he had figured out in the past to help the bug transformed into a butterfly all along.

The blind man had been calculating himself, the burden of ensuring You’ve Got Me broke out of the cocoon, had already fell on his shoulders, if Wen Leyang and the rest were not at home, and if he did accidentally killed the bug, at least he still had a chance to run away, yet if he were to wait until that group of living ancestors to return, he would only end up being stripped off his skin alive if he were to make any mistakes.

It was only then the blind man made up his mind, before Wen Leyang’s return, he launched his method to forcefully transform the bug into a butterfly, if he were to succeed then it would be an exceptional work, if he were to fail then he would immediately run away…

Wen Leyang stretched out his hand and snatched the water pail in Wen Buzuo’s hand, he directly inverted the pail onto the blind man’s head, following that he hastily inquired, “What is going on here!”

The Buddha’s Light Bug was a larva of the fire element king of bugs, after it had absorbed enough power of fire element, it would then form a cocoon, but there were almost no one or two bugs that were capable of successfully transforming into butterflies. For the past few thousands of years, it was unknown how many master cultivators who were skilled in poison, had figured out countless methods, but still could not manage to find a way to transform the Buddha’s Light Bug into butterfly all along.

Actually in simpler words, the method was very simple, the utmost fire element generated the earth, after the Buddha’s Light Bug formed a cocoon, it would need an utmost earth element’s strong poison to act as a guide, the moment the poison of earth had arrived, it would immediately arouse the Poison of Fire in the chrysalis, the chrysalis would then rebirth from the exploding Poison of fire.

Without the Poison of Earth’s guidance, the power of fire element would be trapped inside the cocoon, even though the chrysalis would not be charred, but it would never get out in eternity, until it gradually grew old and died.

The blind man had since invited the First Grandfather to act as a mediator, he borrowed the sitting toad Xiu Er from the Miao stockade village, but he dared not make a move all along, it was only when Wen Leyang’s group of people arrived at the foothill, only then the blind man made up his mind, he retrieved a portion of stomach’s sand that contained the Poison of Earth from its stomach.

The blind man held the stomach’s sand in his hands, yet before he could scatter the sand onto the cocoon, he had only approached the small house by a few steps, You’ve Got Me suddenly burst out, and stirred up a pillar of scorching fire that was hot enough to burn through a huge mountain. The blind man was the first to bear the brunt, his entire head and face was burned.

You’ve Got Me absorbed, the Taoist school’s power of true fire from the entire Molten Metal Fire Bell, the village too collapsed within the huge earthquake caused by the explosion of the fire pillar.

Wen Leyang had only finished listening to the blistered blind man’s description of the entire event, when that thick and huge fire pillar not far away rose abruptly out of the ground, a hundred kilometers away from the top of the crowd’s heads, and burned into a puff of sharp fiery red, soon after the fire pillar shattered with a loud bang.

The scorching hot raging flames did not scatter onto the ground, but connected into a fire cloud that covered the sky, the scorching flames paved across everyone’s line of sight, right underneath the sea of fire, there was a butterfly that was so red it made one’s eyes dripping with blood, that was fluttering gracefully!

The grand master Tuo Xie had never heard of You’ve Got Me, he raised his head and was watching the scene with glowing eyes, he grabbed a handful of Wen Leyang’s arm, “Where did you capture this species from? Tell me quick.”

Wen Leyang had yet to speak, when Chang Li muttered casually from the side, “Something that the grand master grandfather likes, is it appropriate for the junior junior junior generation of grandchild to keep it for himself?”

Wen Leyang was feeling a little unaccustomed to the situation, Chang Li who was always helping him to seize something earlier, suddenly came to seize his precious today…

Tuo Xie scoffed, “I cannot want that.” As he was saying that he turned around and glared at Chang Li.

Chang Li felt that she was injustice, she rolled her eyes as she turned around and glared at Wen Leyang, moments later she suddenly sniggered aloud, she stretched out her hand and wrapped her arms around Tuo Xie’s strong and thick arm, her face was filled with satisfaction…

The moment the few people were talking, You’ve Got Me saw its master in midair, its fiery red butterfly wings shook once, at the sound of a thump, the boundless sea of fire in midair suddenly vanished without a trace, You’ve Got Me on the other hand straightforwardly did not flutter its wings anymore, it spun, tossed and turned as it tumbled down from the sky into Wen Leyang’s arms in a peevish manner.

Wen Leyang burst out laughing, he stretched out his hand and held the bug, under close examination, he discovered that You’ve Got Me utterly did not change, only with the addition of a pair of beautiful wings.

Its black bean-like eyes flickered, You’ve Got Me turned around and leaped up from Wen Leyang’s hand, it ululated strangely, its voice sounded cheerful yet pleased, and even filled with confidence and strength!

Tuo Xie had already learned about the origins of Wen Leyang’s poison power for the past few days, he chuckled, “Your Poison of Life and Death had already combined the earth, metal, water and wood element, the meridians, bones, blood vessels, muscles and flesh in your body too were remolded by strong poison. If you were to absorb Poison of Fire, then your hair and skin will be remolded, from then on your poisonous body will turn into a saint’s body, you will achieve mastery in your cultivation method, and you will only be stronger as compared to me.”

Wen Leyang was stunned, he looked at the grand master grandfather absentmindedly, he seemed to have not understood his words.

Chang Li laughed as she reminded from the side, “Your body is rich with Yin’s poison since the beginning, now that you have absorbed the Poison of Fire from You’ve Got Me, your poisonous body will turn into a saint’s body, from this day on you are invincible in the world!”

“What is going to happen to You’ve Got Me?” Wen Leyang finally recovered from his surprise.

Tuo Xie laughed, he shook his head.

You’ve Got Me immediately curled up its wings upon hearing that, it lied with its back on Wen Leyang’s palm, and posed in the posture of permitting Wen Leyang’s demands, its eyes were filled with willingness to sacrifice itself. In the end a small tuff of sparks, emerged from the crowd’s back soundlessly, and ignited soundlessly on the grand master Tuo Xie’s trouser legs.

You’ve Got Me dared not seek revenge from Chang Li, how about Tuo Xie…which erudite person was he?

Wen Leyang suddenly laughed, he looked around in all directions, with two wives as beautiful as flowers and jade, a piteous-looking good friend, four exasperated grandfathers, a first uncle who was rubbing his palms and stomping his foot, a pair of parents with grey hair on their heads, two uncles who were playing marionette fighting…, “Peace reigns over the land under the heaven, the enemies are completely exterminated, after turning my poisonous body into a saint’s body…who am I going to fight?”

At the sound of a ‘hah’, Chang Li was the first to laugh, she stretched out her hand and patted on Wen Leyang’s shoulder, “That is correct!”

Upon saying that she looked to Tuo Xie immediately, and muttered softly, “Right?”

You’ve Got Me retained its life, the grand master Tuo Xie’s pants was ignited in smoke…

The surroundings were noisy, everyone was bustling about while tidying the skeletons of the soil and rocks after the ‘explosion’, when Chi Maojiu suddenly remembered something, he picked up the child Leyang Wangle, and explained about the entire story of the longevity lock that was sealed by witchcraft spell to the grand master grandfather.

Tuo Xie was halfway through the story, when his tears flowed down unknowingly.

The ties of brotherly relationship, one promise that was upheld for thousands of years, whatever you entrusted, I would never dare to forget!

After a long while, Tuo Xie had only wiped away his tears and spoke to Chi Maojiu, “Wangle, Wangle, Leyang Wen’s laborious efforts, are all recorded in the child’s name, the eldest brother disciple’s last testament, his children ought to have forgotten about that since earlier.”

Upon saying that, he paused for a moment, he stretched out his hands and picked up the child, “From this day onwards, he is my son.”

Chang Li immediately puffed up her chest, “He is my son too!”

Two days later, the group of leaders from the Miao clan and Luo family too came rushing over to the Nine Peaks Mountain, the first ancestors’ last testament of over two thousand years, all sorts of persistence of over two thousand years, the great bloodshed of over ten years, the joys and sorrows of over ten years, were all melted into the stewed lamb and stir fried eggs!

After a series of joyous gatherings, Zhui Zi descended to the mortal world, to enjoy the worldly pleasures and the feeling of becoming a human, Chang Li and Tuo Xie too renounced from the world, it was unknown when would they go seeking for the trouble with that leaning tower, the sword immortals returned to their mountains to rebuild their sects, the demon monks returned to the temple to cultivate in Buddhism, the corpse father and daughter returned to the Yin’s eye in an attempt to rebuild the corpse-forming land, the new generation inner disciples of the three families of Wen, Miao, Luo achieved vast progress in their cultivation in extremely fast speed, what a waste that they had no opponent.

When the crowd gathered once again, it was already two years later, Xiaoyi did not disappoint, she gave birth to a little Wen Leyang for Wen Leyang, meanwhile Mumu’s stomach was swelling up too…

At dusk of the spring, it was in the nick of time for little Wen Leyang’s full moon celebration, relatives and friends from all paths returned to the Nine Peaks Mountain again, Tuo Xie the husband and wife, Hanba the father and daughter, Qian Ren the master teacher and disciple, Zhui Zi, Liu Zheng, the demon rabbits and the rest were all there, there was endless affection towards one another upon the meeting, Wen Leyang was bustling about to welcome and entertain the guests, when an intense yet pleasing long hum suddenly echoed from the village chief’s huge house!

When Wen Leyang got married, Hanba the father and daughter once gifted him a pair of spring birds, they soared out of the huge house, their red feathers with silver underlining were especially bright-colored and beautiful, their bodies were surrounded by a layer of misty yet dazzling glow, they were akin to two tiny divine phoenixes!

Darling Little Five was elated, she laughed as she cheered, “The spring birds have cultivated into spirits, they are conjuring the auspicious sign!”

The pair of spring birds soared out, they did not look for anybody else, but they circled and flew around Wen Leyang alone, they spun around continuously, when they opened their mouths, they gave out a crystal clear melody of the nature that made one felt intoxicated upon hearing it, and felt comfortable all over.

The old monk Ji Fei laughed aloud as he poked fun, “The spring birds are deep in love with Wen Leyang, the welfare as great as the heaven shall then befall on him, from this day on…” At this point, the old monk suddenly shut his mouth.

A moment later, everyone amongst the guests who had heard of the legend of the spring bird’s auspicious sign, laughed aloud and spoke in unison –

Blessed with a hundred children!

Thousands of years’ life!

Enjoyment of all the blessings in the world!

Happiness appeared on everyone’s eyebrows, there were only Xiaoyi and Mumu, when they heard of the words of ‘blessed with a hundred children’, they turned pale with fear, if the auspicious sign was accurate, even inclusive of this child who had just completed the first month of his life, there were still ninety-nine more children to bear, when split between two persons, one person would need to bear fifty, another one forty-nine…

Zhui Zi laughed until she was beaming with joy, her gaze was sweeping back and forth between the two wives with malicious intent.

Xiaoyi held little Wen Leyang, she sized Zhui Zi up and down with the same malicious intent, she laughed and spoke softly, “How about…we split with you with thirty-three children for each of us?”

Zhui Zi was astounded, after a long while, her charming face blushed scarlet surprisingly…

Xiaoyi’s laughter sounded prouder now, “What do you think? What do you think?” As she was saying that, she cleared one of her hands, and continuously gestured in two threes’, “Thirty-three yes?”

A group of people were celebrating and chatting and laughing in the village, no one had noticed that, a toad that was bright red in color, the size of a palm crawled into the village chief’s courtyard soundlessly, and continued to bore into the huge house.

Only when the mad toad was on Nine Peaks Mountain, it was the genuine Red Pot, no one dared to release it from the mountain right now, otherwise whether it turned into the evil soul, or turned into the split body Second Brother, no one could stand that.

Red Pot bored under the First Grandfather’s buried treasures bed stealthily, it looked at the preciouses that densely-filled its eyes, it was suddenly elated, it opened its huge mouth and was about to swallow, when it suddenly triggered the prohibition spell personally laid down by the First Grandfather.

Following the First Grandfather’s squall, countless monsters on the outside fled their nests with a loud bang, and dashed towards the village chief’s huge house.

Red Pot turned pale with fear, it could no longer cared about stealing the preciouses, it ran and leaped its way as it escaped into the courtyard, following that it exerted its strength, it scurried onto the courtyard’s wall…

It was the season of a warm spring once again, the wind was blowing and the flowers were flying, the grass was lush green and boundless, the hills were akin to smiling, Red Pot escaped out of the wall…it was all a splendor spring scenery!