The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: You Must Have Made A Mistake

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Cheyenne hung her head low gloomily. Of course, she knew that Lucas wouldn’t be able to afford the exorbitant jewelry, and she was just occasionally envious of such relationships.

Noticing that her mother was a little out of sorts, Amelia pressed her soft and tender face against Cheyenne’s face and said softly, “Mommy, don’t be sad. One day, Daddy will buy you those beautiful stones.”

Looking at the nervousness in the large eyes of her daughter, who seemed to be afraid that she might be angry because she hadn’t received any jewelry from Lucas, Cheyenne couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks gently and smile. “Yes, I’ll be waiting.”

At this moment, a woman dressed like a waitress walked up to Cheyenne, bent down, and whispered into her ear, “Miss Carter, sorry to disturb you, but someone is looking for you.”

Cheyenne frowned. “Who’s looking for me?”

The waitress’s voice became even softer. “He said that his last name is Gray.”

Gray? Lucas Gray? Cheyenne thought for a while and realized that Lucas seemed to be the only person she knew with the last name ‘Gray.’

Oh right, our family was invited to the Intercontinental Hotel today, and it was quite an impromptu event. Lucas happened to be away from home at that time, and Mom didn’t want him to tag along to the engagement party because she thinks he’s incompetent, so no one informed him.

Now that Lucas is here, did something happen?

Thinking of this, Cheyenne handed Amelia over to Charlotte and left with the waitress, using the excuse of going to the washroom because she was afraid that her mother might start making a din again after hearing Lucas’s name.

However, the waitress didn’t take Cheyenne outside the hotel and instead led her to an elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

Seeing the puzzlement and wariness in Cheyenne’s eyes, the waitress smiled and explained, “Mr. Gray is waiting for you on the top floor of the hotel. Rest assured. There are surveillance cameras in the elevator. I won’t lie to you.”

Cheyenne couldn’t resist on the spot, but she was still keeping her guard up.

Soon, they arrived at the top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel.

At this moment, Flynn Davis was giving his last speech in the banquet hall. “I initially wanted everyone to give their blessings to that loving married couple, but the mysterious man is very insistent on keeping a low profile and just wants to spend this unforgettable wedding anniversary with his wife quietly today. Therefore, for the rest of the night, please feel free to help yourselves to the wine and food we’ve prepared and enjoy the entertainment programs. Please enjoy the night.”

The attendants moved about smoothly, serving drinks on a tray, along with pastries, and there was a buffet.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the hall was much more relaxed and lively.

Of course, since all the people present were prominent figures of various industries in Orange County, they naturally didn’t just sit at their tables and eat. They each held a wine glass and went around to socialize with their acquaintances and the people whom they wanted to get to know.

In contrast, the Carters were in an awkward situation because no one came forward to talk to them. Even when Dominic Carter took the initiative to talk to others, they would simply patronize him perfunctorily before leaving and shunning the Carters like the plague, as if they were afraid that the Carters would start pestering them.

Bryce was infuriated when he happened to see Karen and Charlotte chatting merrily with some people near him. Unable to contain his anger any longer, he stormed over.

When he went over, he heard a lady complimenting Karen, “Your daughters are so beautiful. You are so blessed!”

Although that lady didn’t know why Karen’s family was arranged to sit at the front table, she thought that there would be no harm in saying some nice things, for she might be able to build some connections with her!

With this thought in mind, the lady kept caressing the back of Charlotte’s hand, as if she was incredibly fond of her.

Bryce humphed coldly and walked forward. “Some people just like bragging, lying, and flaunting! She even said that her daughter is getting engaged to Ethan Sawyer’s son today, but what happened? Where’s the engagement? Where are the Sawyers?”

Charlotte’s pretty face turned red. Previously, they all thought that the event tonight was an engagement party, but it turned out not to be. She felt really embarrassed now that Bryce exposed the misunderstanding.

Unwilling to seem weak, Karen retorted sneeringly, “Well, at least we get to sit at the main table at the front, while some people can only sit at the door and watch!”

Bryce jumped up as if his tail had been stepped on. “Would you be able to sit here today if not for the Carters? You’re a bunch of ingrates!”

Exasperated, Karen put her hands on her waist and was about to lash out at him, but an attendant walked over and interrupted. “Miss Carter, Mrs. Carter, Mr. Sawyer has specially reserved a private room for you to rest in. Would you like to make your way there?”

Mr. Sawyer? It must be Ethan Sawyer!

Karen was naturally overjoyed because she was planning to ask the Sawyers when they were going to do the engagement officially.

“Yes, of course. Our in-laws are so considerate to have specially prepared a private room for us. We certainly can’t let their goodwill go to waste.” Karen harrumphed at Bryce with disdain. She then took Charlotte and Amelia to the private room on the second floor while everyone watched with envy.

Bryce’s face was pale yet reddened, but he no longer dared to say anything else. He had been repeatedly embarrassed during the party, and he really couldn’t stay any longer!

When Karen and the others arrived at the door of the private room on the second floor, she happened to see Ethan Sawyer passing by with some people.

She hurriedly ran up to greet him. “Hello, Mr. Sawyer!”

After taking a glance at her, Sawyer naturally recognized her to be Lucas’s mother-in-law, so he returned the greeting politely. “Hello, you must be Miss Carter’s mother.”

Karen nodded profusely. “Yes, yes, we are going to be a family soon, but this is the first time we’re meeting each other. This is really…” While grinning widely, she pulled Charlotte over. “This is my youngest daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte, quick, greet your father-in-law.”

Charlotte was extremely shy and embarrassed. Who would give such an introduction? We haven’t gotten engaged yet, and this is our first meeting, but she’s already calling him my father-in-law. How can I bring myself to do that?

After hearing Karen’s words, Sawyer was dumbfounded. Family? In-laws? Father-in-law? What?

Thus, Sawyer asked carefully, “Mrs. Carter, did you make a mistake?”