The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: You’re Not Qualified

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Upon sight of his grandfather entering with a VIP, Bryce tidied up his suit and tie and was ready to greet them with a smile, only to be caught off guard when Mr. Wilson pointed in his direction with exasperation all over his face.

Bryce was puzzled at first. But when he saw Dominic and Mr. Wilson glaring at Lucas, who was beside him, with extremely hostile expressions, he finally realized that the one who had offended Mr. Wilson was the wastrel Lucas!

Lucas squinted and thought, Enemies often meet. The VIP, Mr. Wilson, was James Wilson, the extremely haughty man he had met at the kindergarten yesterday.

Bryce hurried forward and smiled at Wilson subserviently. “Mr. Wilson, ignore that good-for-nothing. I’ll get rid of him right away! Come on, let’s go to the conference room to discuss our cooperation.”

Wilson flung Bryce’s hand away forcefully and snapped, “Screw that! Is this person one of the Carters? Hah, just you wait and see!”

After issuing the threat, Wilson turned around to leave!

Although he wished he could dash forward immediately to kill Lucas and take revenge for what happened yesterday, his chest still hurt from Lucas’s kick, and most of his underlings were still hospitalized. Thus, he couldn’t find anyone to help him take revenge for the time being.

“No, please wait, Mr. Wilson. Let’s talk things over calmly!” Dominic and Bryce panicked and hurriedly tried to hold Wilson back while persuading him.

“That rascal has nothing to do with the Carter family. I’ll get security to come and chase him out now!” Bryce exclaimed.

Wilson slapped Bryce and retorted, “Do you take me for a three-year-old you can fool easily? Why would he be standing in front of the conference room of your company if he has nothing to do with you?”

After receiving a slap from Wilson, Bryce dared not voice his displeasure at all and had no choice but to cover his face while putting the blame on Lucas.

“Mr. Wilson, this loser really has nothing to do with the Carters. If you’re upset, I will get him to apologize and make it up to you now!” Dominic glared at Lucas in disdain and yelled, “How did you offend Mr. Wilson? Hurry up and apologize to him now.”

When Wilson saw how hostile the Carters were toward Lucas, he felt much better. Raising his head high smugly, he sneered, “I don’t care for an apology. If you’re still sincere about cooperating, tell this bastard to kneel down to me. If I’m happy, I’ll consider the matter of cooperation again!”

Without saying a word, Dominic barked at Lucas, “Didn’t you hear what Mr. Wilson said? Hurry up and get your ass here to kneel and apologize.”

Lucas naturally ignored him. He obviously wouldn’t kneel and apologize.

Staring at Dominic and the others coldly, he questioned, “You don’t even know what happened between me and him, but you want me to apologize to him? Besides, didn’t you say that I have nothing to do with your family? Who are you to order me to kneel and apologize to him?”

“You!” Dominic was enraged. “If you don’t kneel and apologize, I will kick your family out!”

Cheyenne’s pupils constricted. Grandpa is threatening to kick us out again. Does he not care about us at all?

Lucas’s face was gloomy as well. Threatening me with that, does he think I’ll be scared?

If he were alone, he wouldn’t bother staying with the Carters at all!

At this moment, a receptionist hurriedly ran over. Panting heavily, he exclaimed, “Mr. Davis of the Stardust Corporation is here. He’s waiting in the reception room downstairs!”

“Stardust Corporation? Mr. Davis is here personally?” Dominic and the other Carters were astonished. Even the haughty Wilson was stunned.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and receive Mr. Davis!”

Dominic hurried down with a group of people, but since they didn’t have enough time to wait for the elevator, they decided to go down the stairs.

Seeing that Wilson was following them too, Lucas couldn’t help but sneer.

Cheyenne tugged Lucas and exclaimed anxiously, “Let’s hurry down too!”

In the reception room on the second floor, Dominic stepped forward to greet Flynn Davis. With an enthusiastic smile, he exclaimed, “Mr. Davis, my apologies for failing to receive you well!”

Wilson hurriedly extended his hand. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Davis. I’m James Wilson of the Wilson family that helms the Titanium Corporation…”

Davis glared at him dismissively without extending his hand. “The Wilson family? Titanium Corporation? What nonsense is that?”

Wilson’s expression immediately stiffened.

Although the Titanium Corporation was nothing compared to the Stardust Corporation, the Wilson family was at least at the bottom of the ranks of the first-tier families. Even the Carters had to suck up to them!

Wilson’s face stiffened, and he dared not be hostile toward Davis.

Seeing that Lucas and Cheyenne were here too, Wilson found an outlet to vent his anger. He lashed out at Lucas, “You bastard, who let you come? Dominic Carter, didn’t you say that you would chase him out?”

“Hmph!” Davis humphed and questioned, “James Wilson, helmsman of the Titanium Corporation, you’re so mighty, huh? Who are you to interfere with the matters between the Stardust Corporation and the Carters?”