The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor (The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler)

Chapter 2: First encounter by the lake

After Chu Liuyue cleaned up the corpses of the three of them, she picked up a baggage next to her.

That is the original Chu Liuyue's.

After opening and checking, Chu Liuyue raised her brows.

In this baggage, there are actually a lot of silver bills and some messy jewelry.

Although these things were naturally inconspicuous to Shangguan Yue, who used to be the Emperor of Heaven's Mandate Ji, it was indeed a windfall for a young girl from the Chu family.

Is she going to run away?

Chu Liuyue sneered.

Not to mention Chu Liuyue's soft temperament, she wouldn't have such courage at all. Even if she wanted to escape, could she be willing to accept her father, Chu Ning?

The most important thing is that Chu Liuyue has been bullied by the Chu family, how could he have the opportunity to get so many silver tickets and jewelry? Obviously someone has planted it!

If Song Lian and the three of them killed Chu Liuyue, for the sake of face, the Chu family would always look for it.

When everyone found Chu Liuyue's body and saw these things, they would definitely think that she had stolen something and ran away when she came out to purchase.

Steal, death is not a pity!

Chu Xianmin wanted to kill her, and then pour a pot of dirty water so that she could never turn over!

Since I borrowed Chu Liuyue's body, I naturally wanted to help her with these things!

Moreover, Chu Liuyue's identity is indeed convenient for her to act in the future.

After checking the good things, Chu Liuyue looked around and could vaguely hear the gurgling stream.

She is now covered in blood and really needs a bath. It happens that there are change of clothes in the bag, which is also convenient.

After passing through the lush woods, after about a quarter of an hour, Chu Liuyue's eyes finally reflected a blue lake.

What is surprising is that there is still a layer of white mist floating above the lake.

Even standing on the edge of the lake, you can only see the turquoise water rippling gently nearby, but the distance is vast and you can't see clearly.

Chu Liuyue stretched out his hand and passed through the white mist, slightly surprised.

This is actually a white mist formed by extremely strong force!

It is conceivable that if you practice here, you will get twice the result with half the effort!

As Emperor Ji, the next person in power of the Tianling Dynasty, she has a better understanding of the situation of dozens of dependent countries of the Tianling Dynasty.

Such a place, although not as good as the place where she had practiced before, was already very good in this small Yaochen country.

At this moment, a low roar came!

She looked up, but saw a snow-white lion by the lake, looking at her with those ice-blue eyes!

This is a high-end monster!

However, when Chu Liuyue was thinking about how to deal with it, it suddenly flicked its tail, bent down again, and closed its eyes.

Chu Liuyue was dumbfounded:

This, this is not going to attack her?

This kind of guardian beast is very irritable...

Before she finished thinking about it, the lion opened his eyes and looked at her again.

Afterwards, he simply got up and walked towards her!

When he walked in front of her, the white lion suddenly raised his paw-grabbing Chu Liuyue's baggage, and pressing his head against her waist.

"Do you want me in?"

Chu Liuyue asked uncertainly.

The white lion fart. Gu sat down, her ice-blue eyes and Chu Liuyue looked at each other, as if saying that I won't leave if you don't go in!

Chu Liuyue: "..."

She laughed and thought the white lion was very cute, so she touched its head, and the white lion closed her eyes satisfied.

She then took off her bloodstained clothes and entered the lake, allowing her to be surrounded by the warm water.

The abundant and warm force rushed towards her in an instant!

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and began to carefully examine the condition of this body.

On the Xuanwu Continent, the strong is respected.

There are two types of cultivators.

One is the warrior, who absorbs the force of heaven and earth and integrates the power into his flesh and blood.

The other is the Xuanshi, who can spy the rules of the force of heaven and earth and gather the force with the help of runes.

Although both of them are considered as cultivators, the conditions for becoming a profound master are extremely demanding, so compared with martial artists, there are very few in number and they are highly regarded.

To become a cultivator, you must have the original vein.

The original vein is the only bridge for cultivators to feel and absorb the force of heaven and earth, so it is extremely important.

The original meridian is divided into four levels: Tianjing, Dijing, Xuanjing, and Huangjing.

The Book of Heaven is the highest, and even in the Tianling Dynasty, there are only two people in the past thousand years.

One is the ancestor of Tianling Dynasty, the other is her.

This is why, she is the most noble Emperor of Heaven!

For her, cultivation is a simple matter.

However, the original vein of this body is indeed inherently incomplete. Although the force of heaven and earth can be introduced, it cannot be left behind, let alone transformed into Chu Liuyue's own power.

Therefore, Chu Liuyue was born a waste!

"It seems that the original vein must be repaired first..."

Chu Liuyue murmured.

If this word is heard by other people, it will definitely drop his jaw.

The original vein is born, how can it be repaired! ?

Looking at the entire Yaochen Country, I am afraid that no one can do it!

But-for the Destiny Emperor Ji Shangguanyue who used to be the Destiny Dynasty, it was nothing at all!

The so-called celestial doctor is the most mysterious and noble existence on the mainland!

The living dead, flesh and bones, nothing to say!

However, it is more difficult to become a heavenly doctor than to become a profound master! And their cultivation is very different from the martial artist Xuanshi.

Even if this body was originally a piece of dead wood, Chu Liuyue could turn it into a magical!

I don’t know what level the original vein will be after the restoration...

Just thinking about it, a red light flashed before Chu Liuyue's eyes!

She twisted her eyebrows and looked at her hands, but saw a strange blood rune slowly appearing in her palm!

"this is…"

She had never seen this rune before, and she didn't know where it came from!

Is it the original Chu Liuyue?

This thought just flashed past, but she suddenly felt an inexplicable familiarity.

It seems that this rune belongs to her!

The scarlet rune flickered, then, it turned into a stream of light and quickly disappeared!

Before Chu Liuyue had time to think about it, she suddenly felt that there was something more in her dantian!

The originally dull and exhausted dantian was flooded with red light at this time!

In the middle, the rune that Chu Liuyue saw just now was floating quietly!

She looked carefully, and suddenly held her breath--

That **** rune did not exist alone, but was actually engraved on a transparent book page!

The pages of the book were extremely thin, as if they were torn off roughly from some book, with ragged edges, floating quietly there, gently surging.

If it were not for the reflection of the Scarlet Rune, it would be really difficult to see clearly.

Chu Liuyue was wondering what it was, and when she was about to take a closer look, the transparent page suddenly turned into water, and in her dantian, it condensed into a small lake.

And that **** rune disappeared completely, as if it had never appeared before.

Chu Liuyue looked at the palm of her hand, there were no traces on it.

Her body was calm again.

After thinking about it, she didn't understand what was going on, and finally gave up altogether.

That thing does not seem to hurt her.

Right now, we still have to solve the trouble of the original body first!

She turned around and was about to go ashore, but suddenly her eyes became cold, and she quickly hid her body in the water and looked forward:


At the same time, she has taken off the hairpin and shook hands tightly, ready to make a move at any time!

In the dense misty white fog, a tall figure is looming.

Then, a low and gentle man's voice came, with a faint smile:

"Little girl, it's not nice to break into someone else's place like this."

Probably because of the clouds and mist on the lake, his end sound was slightly prolonged, and it became a bit lazy.

Like a breeze fiddled with silk strings, wandering and irritating, disturbing people's minds.

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