The Boss Behind The Game

Chapter 840-END

Chapter 840: Mo Xiaoxin’s escape from the realm (2)

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Within a few minutes of mo Lanlan’s exposé Post’s appearance, the post was viewed at a rate of a trillion times per second and received tens of billions of replies. It quickly became the most popular post on the forum.

When they first saw the title of the topic, most of the forum players thought that it was just a title to gain popularity and not that they had really found ‘Crayon Shinchan’s real body’.

The reason was simple. In order to gain popularity, there were many eye-catching headlines.

Posts about Crayon Shinchan’s real body often appeared, but without exception, the content was mainly based on speculation. There was no actual evidence or meaning to it.

However, after clicking on mo Lanlan’s post, the players quickly realized that it was very realistic.

The screenshots included screenshots of her forum account’s personal information, screenshots of her chat with mo Xiaoxin’s friends, screenshots of mo Xiaoxin’s account’s hidden information, and so on …

This evidence proved that mo Lanlan’s son, mo Xiaoxin, was a forum player named Crayon Shin-chan.

At this moment, the first unsolved case in the history of the battle Forum was solved.

The true identity of the legendary forum troll God, Crayon Shinchan, had been revealed.

In an instant, all the forces and lives in the entire firmament world were in an uproar.

Due to the existence of the war Forum, all the news spread to the entire firmament world in seconds. The netizens on the forum got the news at the first moment.

Countless figures began to head toward the firmament sacred land in the Three Realms.

Although this place had the most powerful fighting force in the entire firmament world, such an invasion was an extremely suicidal act.

However, none of the forces were worried or afraid.

This was because they knew that no one would stop them. Even mo Xiaoxin’s faction would support them.

To be more precise, even the strongest faction in the sky, the player clan, would help them kill Crayon Shinchan and not stop them.

All the major camps in the firmament world were united at this moment, ready to kill this malignant tumor of the forum.

At the same time, within the Three Realms.

Countless powerful beings rose into the air and made their way to the city’s central plaza.

In a short period of time, hundreds of millions of experts gathered in the sky above underworld city.

This also included many players.

As soon as they arrived, they immediately set up a sealing spell formation in an attempt to seal off the entire underworld city and prevent mo Xiaoxin from escaping.

Normally, if anyone dared to set up such a seal in the sky above underworld city, they would definitely be killed by the players. They might even be killed without a reason.

This was because underworld city was the Holy Land of the Three Realms. It was a home that all players acknowledged. How could they allow others to profane it?

But this time, the players didn’t stop them. Instead, they joined in.

In terms of resentment towards Crayon Shinchan, the player families definitely didn’t have any less than any other alien race.

From the moment they started the war, they had been suppressed by Crayon Shin-chan on the forums, including when they went to the outer realms.

After waiting for so long, they finally found the culprit. How could the players not be excited? how could they let this bastard go?

The most important thing right now was to capture mo Xiaoxin. He could not be allowed to escape the Three Realms. As such, he had to temporarily set aside underworld city’s prestige …


Looking at the sealing formations covering the sky, mo Xiaoxin’s jaw dropped as he cursed inwardly.

After hiding for so long, he had thought that his mother had given up on the idea of selling him for money.

However, he didn’t expect that he couldn’t Dodge the knife in the end. When the knife came, he was caught off guard.

I f * cking …

Mo Xiaoxin knew that he couldn’t think about it any longer. He had to get out of here as soon as possible, or else he would end up in a miserable state.

Even though his strength had already reached the peak of the realm of destruction, he was still in the same realm.

However, there were quite a few apocalypse realm experts in the sky. There were also a large number of players present. It could be said that the top experts of the firmament world had gathered here. No matter how strong he was, he would not be able to stop them if they joined forces.

At the thought of this, mo Xiaoxin quickly transformed his body into elements and looked up into the sky. Gray mist swirled in his eyes as he activated his ’emotional eye’ and began to scan for the weak points of the barrier.

After activating his ’emotional eye’, mo Xiaoxin was shocked to find out that …

The sky was filled with red clouds, and every figure in the sky was emitting a thick red mist. The scene was spectacular.

Mo Xiaoxin, who was already very familiar with emotions, felt his scalp go numb.

He knew that red represented “anger.” The more red it was, the more angry it was.

In other words, the people floating in the air were a bunch of “flustered and exasperated” lunatics. At least, that was what mo Xiaoxin thought.

Looking at the increasing number of figures in the sky, the red color gradually became like a red tide, and began to roll down.

Mo Xiaoxin was trembling in fear.

What kind of enmity do we have? is there a need to be so fierce …

He did not dare to waste any time and immediately looked at the corner of the sky. Then, his body rose into the air, turned into an emotion elemental body, and rushed into the sky.

At this moment, many players were using their “analysis” ability to scan the area below. Some of the players immediately discovered the shadow and shouted loudly when they saw the information of “mo Xiaoxin” that came from the analysis.

At this moment, countless eyes were focused on mo Xiaoxin as countless experts made their moves.

Even the Three Realms, a super spirit realm that had been modified countless times, was unable to resist the combined power of all the experts. Space was immediately distorted and torn apart.

This force was so powerful that even mo Xiaoxin could feel the pressure. He immediately turned into an elemental and began to pass through the gaps between the forces.

As he advanced, the edges of his body would be crushed by the energy from time to time. Mo Xiaoxin fearfully dodged this round of attacks.

However, before mo Xiaoxin could recover from his shock, a series of huge sealing formations came crashing down on him.

“Bastard, don’t run! If it weren’t for you, we would’ve made that deal with the spiritual crystals!”

“Crayon Shinchan, stop right there. Today, only one of us can live. If it weren’t for your vicious words back then, this old man would have broken through to the late-stage destruction realm long ago. I wouldn’t have lost control of my cultivation and become stuck in the late-stage destruction realm!”

“Don’t leave, you thief! I’m going to tear you into pieces!”

“Little Xin, you used to chase me on the forums like a Mad Dog. To think that you would have such a day. Go to hell (dog).”


The situation was completely out of control.

Mo Xiaoxin’s destructive power on the forum was far beyond most people’s understanding.

How many pretentious people were instantly slapped in the face? how many deceitful and deceptive schemes were instantly exposed? how many truths that they had painstakingly cultivated were mercilessly ridiculed, causing their mental state to collapse and their cultivation to go berserk …

Now that the firmament world had been unified, mo Xiaoxin’s destructive power far exceeded the spiritking ‘s.

In fact, mo Xiaoxin also had a group of admirers back then.

Just like the evil god society, even if the evil god was extremely vicious, he still had his own worshippers.

Mo Xiaoxin was the same.

100,000 years had passed, and there were a few years when the number of followers of the “small new stream” had reached a terrifying 10 billion.

These members were scattered all over the firmament world, and they took Crayon Shinchan as their role model on the forum. They even regarded him as the only true God in their hearts.

While they worshipped Crayon Shinchan, they also began to copy Crayon Shinchan and cause destruction on the forum. They used all kinds of ways to provoke and criticize people.

However, this malignant tumor of the forum was quickly destroyed.

The one who had killed them was none other than Crayon Shinchan himself.

Even though he knew that these people admired him, he felt that they were just a bunch of ‘mobs’. They were simply destroying the order of the forum and insulting people. He could not take it anymore.

After that, mo Xiaoxin, who was in a state of Fury, started flaming 99.9 billion times in a second, completely flaming the new stream that was still developing rapidly.

Even a large number of believers of the new stream had gone from worshiping Crayon Shinchan to standing against him.

A bar spirit didn’t need friends-this was mo Xiaoxin’s position.

From then on, he really had no friends on the forum … Looking around, they were all from the opposing camp …

However, the feeling of being able to attack people without restraint really made mo Xiaoxin feel extremely high!

He was high at that time, but at this moment, mo Xiaoxin felt his liver, stomach, heart … His entire body was in pain.

A large amount of energy was pouring into his body, making him feel very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, even if a part of his body was damaged, it would not harm his emotional origin.

Under the violent energy, he made use of every opportunity to move upward.

At this moment, the sealing formations in the sky arrived and pressed down on them.

At this moment, mo Xiaoxin no longer concealed his strength. He activated all his emotional power and began to advance.

As he endured the pressure, mo Xiaoxin began to absorb the anger around him to repair his emotional-type body.

However, it was still extremely difficult to advance. It would take some time to break through a seal formation, and there were hundreds of thousands of seal formations above his head. It was extremely difficult to break through.

More importantly, the number of experts coming from above was still increasing rapidly. The number of new formations was increasing continuously, more than ten times faster than the speed of his breakthrough.

Under such circumstances, mo Xiaoxin groaned inwardly. He knew that if he didn’t leave quickly, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

At this thought, mo Xiaoxin took a deep breath, retrieved a white mask from his personal storage, and put it on.

Suddenly, a ‘funny’ expression appeared on the mask.

Seeing this expression, the anger of the powerhouses in the sky surged again.

This was because this emoji was Crayon Shinchan’s favorite emoji on the forum. At this moment, it seemed to be full of mockery.

At the same time, mo Xiaoxin’s combat strength was increased by almost ten times after he put on the smiling mask.

The positive and negative emotions converged, and the increase in his combat strength was not as simple as 1+1=2. Instead, he had completed a breakthrough in his realm.

In an instant, the two types of emotions, positive and negative, exploded.

Mo Xiaoxin seemed to have touched the threshold of a new realm. With his full strength, he was able to break through the Grand sealing formation above him as easily as paper.

However, as he broke through, mo Xiaoxin’s emotional power was also being consumed rapidly.

Even though mo Xiaoxin was very strong right now, he was still a coward.

He muttered,”

“I’m going to die, I’m going to die!”