Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3444 - 3444 Affected Tang Yixue

3444 Affected Tang Yixue

She was born in the Tang family. A meal that cost thousands of yuan was nothing to her.

“Today is my treat. You don’t need to treat me! Let’s go together then!” Ning Muqing didn’t want to embarrass Tang Yixue, so she wouldn’t refuse again now that it had come to this.

Tang Yixue felt a little better, then she walked over to Wu Wensi pretending to be casual. She smiled sweetly at him. “Mr. Wu, long time no see. Xiaoyu told me that you haven’t been home in a long time! Have you been busy recently?”

Wu Xiaoyu was Wu Wensi’s cousin, who had a good relationship with Tang Yixue and had even been trying to set her up with Wu Wensi. However, Wu Wensi didn’t like Tang Yixue and even hated her.

However, his upbringing prevented him from doing anything rude, so he just replied politely but distantly to Tang Yixue. “Yeah, I’ve been busy lately.”

Actually, he wasn’t that busy. He just didn’t want to go home. His family was either urging him to find a partner or introducing him to potential partners, which annoyed him very much.

He believed that one should find their own partner and only then could it be long-lasting.

“Muqing, what business are you discussing with Mr. Wu? Is it your family’s business?” Tang Yixue asked Ning Muqing.

“Yeah.” Ning Muqing didn’t want to say much to Tang Yixue, so she just gave a perfunctory answer.

“By the way, I heard that you and Wang Pengyu broke up. What happened? Weren’t you two getting along well? You were even planning to get married,” Tang Yixue asked with a concerned tone. She knew the answer, but she still asked to let Wu Wensi know.

Although she didn’t think that Wu Wensi would be interested in Ning Muqing, she wanted to completely stop it from happening.

When Ning Muqing heard Wang Pengyu’s name, she was immediately displeased, but she didn’t avoid the question. “We never planned to get married, but we did break up. He betrayed me with my good friend. Why would I want him around? Men like him should die and stay as far away from me as possible.”

They had just broken up, so Ning Muqing hadn’t completely gotten over it yet. Because it was due to betrayal, her anger and disgust towards Wang Pengyu were greater than her sadness. Therefore, she wasn’t that sad about it.

Tang Yixue didn’t expect Ning Muqing to be so straightforward and thought that she would try to hide it!

When he heard that Ning Muqing became single, Wu Wensi felt a little happy and echoed Ning Muqing’s words. “Yeah! What’s the point of having such a terrible man around? Miss Ning will find someone better.”

“Of course.” Ning Muqing half-seriously and half-jokingly replied. She had been blind once before, so she would be more careful when looking for a boyfriend in the future.

It was also fortunate that she hadn’t had sex with Wang Pengyu. Otherwise, she would have been really disgusted.

In that regard, she was still quite traditional. She wouldn’t easily sleep with a man until the engagement stage.

Although she knew that if a man and a woman were in a romantic relationship for too long without having sex, most men would start to have thoughts of cheating and look for other women outside.

However, if a man couldn’t even resist this temptation, what would happen when she got pregnant?

She couldn’t bear for her man to cheat on her both physically and emotionally.

It was fine if she didn’t find out, but once she found out, even if she was pregnant, she wouldn’t endure it for the sake of the child.

Her family could afford to support her and her child, and she wasn’t the kind of person who relied on others for support.

When Wu Wensi spoke up for Ning Muqing, Tang Yixue didn’t know what to say anymore and could only agree with them. “Yeah! I didn’t expect Wang Pengyu to be such a terrible person. Don’t worry, there are plenty of men pursuing you. You can definitely choose a better man than Wang Pengyu!”

There were plenty of men pursuing her?

She could choose among them?

It seemed correct, but it made Wu Wensi feel uncomfortable.

“Muqing is beautiful and naturally attracts the attention of many men, but Muqing is a person who values affection. She doesn’t choose a boyfriend from among her admirers but she wants real love and mutual understanding. So those who she doesn’t like won’t be her choice. It’s impossible for her to choose from among them just because she broke up. Isn’t that treating them as back-ups? Muqing isn’t that kind of person. So in the future, Muqing will meet the right person.” Leng Xiaoyao denied Tang Yixue’s words.

Tang Yixue secretly resented Leng Xiaoyao because she talked too much.

However, due to Wu Wensi’s presence, she certainly wouldn’t argue with Leng Xiaoyao. Instead, she agreed. “That’s right! By the way, may I know your name, miss?”

“Leng Xiaoyao.” Leng Xiaoyao replied.


There was no big family named Leng in the capital city. Suddenly, she looked down on Leng Xiaoyao.

However, she was jealous of Leng Xiaoyao’s face.

“Oh!” Tang Yixue responded and ignored her. Leng Xiaoyao didn’t care.

However, Ning Muqing was displeased and deliberately snubbed Tang Yixue and talked to Leng Xiaoyao more often. Even Wu Wensi talked to Leng Xiaoyao. Mu Beihan and the others ignored Tang Yixue as well, which made her very angry.

Anyway, she couldn’t vent her anger and could only interrupt their conversation. Unfortunately, the responses she received were all indifferent.

“Oh, Mr. Wu, I heard that you and Tongyue have been getting close lately. Is there going to be good news?” Tang Yixue joked.

Pan Tongyue was also one of Tang Yixue’s friends, but they weren’t really good friends. In private, they were all competing and jealous of each other.

Pan Tongyue liked Wu Wensi, so Tang Yixue was deeply jealous and hostile to her. Tang Yixue had tried to damage Pan Tongyue’s reputation many times.

What she just said wasn’t what Pan Tongyue told her, but what she deliberately made up to make Wu Wenshi dislike Pan Tongyue and make Pan Tongyue lose the opportunity to catch Wu Wensi’s eye.

Wu Wensi frowned slightly, obviously displeased. “I didn’t get close to Miss Pan at all. Please don’t spread rumors, Miss Tang.”

“Ah!” Tang Yixue pretended to look surprised, then acted regretful. “That isn’t what I said. It was said by Tongyue. I didn’t know she was lying. I thought…”

Wu Wensi didn’t see Tang Yixue’s intentions, but the others did and disliked her even more.

However, they didn’t point it out because it was unnecessary.

“Mr. Wu, is there any woman you’re interested in right now? Xiaoyu has many friends around her. All of them are from noble or wealthy families, and have good looks and an education. Haven’t any of them caught your eye?” Tang Yixue still joked.