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Chapter 3065 - 3065 Will You Join This Game?

3065 Will You Join This Game?

Mu Yiyang wasn’t willing to make friends with many people, and he wasn’t warm-hearted either.

He treated Leng Xiaoyao differently simply because she had rescued Lu Changwei. In addition, he was amazed by her skills at car racing and fighting.

He was attracted to outstanding girls like her. It had nothing to do with one’s appearance.

Therefore, Mu Yiyang didn’t ignore Leng Xiaoyao just because she had a plain face.

Given his status, he only made friends with skilled and upright people, instead of those who were just beautiful.

“Thanks.” Leng Xiaoyao took his name card. She could see that Mu Yiyang was very sincere. “I’ll send you a message later. I don’t have a name card.”

“Sure,” Mu Yiyang said.

For the race, they would be competing at the second track. Although the second track was less dangerous than the third track, Qin Wentao wasn’t extremely skilled, so he didn’t dare to race on the third track.

Besides, the second track was also very dangerous. In case any accidents happened, he could be seriously injured.

When they reached the second track, it was only ten minutes away from 10 am. Qin Wentao and his friends were already there and they were slowly picking a car.

Once Ling Tianqi came, Qin Wentao stopped and looked at him provocatively.

Facing Qin Wentao, Ling Tianqi didn’t show any weakness. He also looked down his nose at Qin Wentao.

No matter who would win, they both refused to be the coward at this moment.

When Ling Tianqi was near, Qin Wentao said arrogantly in a lazy tone, “Mr. Ling, been a while! I missed you.”

“Sorry, I only like women. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed,” Ling Tianqi retorted. He understood Qin Wentao’s real meaning, but he deliberately embarrassed him.


Pei Heran and the others snorted with laughter, while Qin Wentao and his friends were humiliated, especially Qin Wentao.

During this year, Qin Wentao had changed a lot, so he curbed his anger.

He sneered and said, “Mr. Ling, don’t get me wrong. I only like women too. I simply want to compete with you.”

“Oh, right! Please be clear next time. Otherwise you’ll be embarrassed,” Ling Tianqi said, not feeling embarrassed at all.

“Oh, I haven’t told you the rules yet. We each must send out three people and start together from the starting line. The result is up to the total time used by the three people,” Qin Wentao said. He wasn’t discussing with Ling Tianqi, he was simply informing him.

He didn’t tell Ling Tianqi until this moment in order to defeat Ling Tianqi when Ling Tianqi was ill-prepared.

Upon hearing that, Ling Tianqi and the others were mad. Obviously, Qin Wentao trapped them.

However, Pei Heran and Feng Rui weren’t good at car racing, while Qin Wentao’s friends were much better.

Although they weren’t familiar, they knew each other, so they were aware of their skills.

“Qin Wentao, did you do that on purpose?” Pei Heran questioned him angrily. It couldn’t be more obvious.

“Mr. Pei, how could you say that? I didn’t do it on purpose. I simply want to increase the difficulty of our game. Are you afraid, Mr. Ling?” Qin Wentao said disdainfully.

“Afraid? You lost to me. I’ll never be afraid of you. What a joke!” Ling Tianqi mocked, but he was actually worried.

“You…” Qin Wentao was embarrassed once more and got furious.

“Excuse me, can we decide who to take part in the game?” asked Leng Xiaoyao.

Qin Wentao didn’t bother to talk to a young girl, but he still answered. “Of course, but Ling Tianqi must join it.”

His target was Ling Tianqi, so Ling Tianqi must be in the game.

He didn’t think Ling Tianqi could win no matter who he chose. Qin Wentao believed that he would be the winner this time.

“Great, I’ll do it,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Wonderful!” Ling Tianqi exclaimed excitedly. He was clearly aware of Leng Xiaoyao’s skills. If she joined them, he would be very relieved.

However, Qin Wentao and his friends were surprised. Why did Leng Xiaoyao want to join in the game? What surprised them more was that a young girl could drive a racing car and even dared to take part in the race.

Although they paid little attention to Leng Xiaoyao because of her age and gender, they felt she couldn’t be worse than Pei Heran and Feng Rui since Ling Tianqi allowed it.

Anyway, they refused to believe that a girl could be better than them, so they weren’t worried about it at all.

After that, Leng Xiaoyao turned to ask Mu Yiyang, “Mr. Mu, how are your skills at car racing?”

“I’m barely comparable to Mochen, but I’m only ten seconds slower than Yiqi when we compete with each other. I think I’m not bad. Anyway, Mochen and you are too rare,” Mu Yiyang said. He understood Leng Xiaoyao’s intention, and was excited to join them.

If he was only ten seconds slower than Si Yiqi, he was professional too and was much better than Ling Tianqi.

“Didn’t you want to compete with me? Why don’t you join us this time?” Leng Xiaoyao asked.

“Why not!” Mu Yiyang agreed with alacrity. In fact, as soon as he realized what Leng Xiaoyao wanted to do, he was more than willing to be a part of it, but he needed to wait till Leng Xiaoyao invited him to join them.

“Great, then we have three people now,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

After Leng Xiaoyao and Mu Yiyang joined in the race, Ling Tianqi was sure that they would win.

No matter how much progress Qin Wentao had made, he couldn’t be better than Leng Xiaoyao and Mu Yiyang. After all, he was aware of Si Yiqi’s abilities and he was barely comparable to Si Yiqi. Mu Yiyang was slightly worse than Si Yiqi, but was still much better than him.