Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around!

Chapter 2725 - 2725 Trembling From Tiredness

2725 Trembling From Tiredness

The black bear was huge. Although the smell on its body was strong, its abdomen was soft and warm. Ye Jian closed her eyes and immediately opened them again, she raised her hand and looked at her watch. The blue but bright light shone on the time. It was already past 3 am!

No wonder her legs were shaking from exhaustion. She had been dealing with the black bear for almost three hours!

In the first two hours, she had the chance to take care of the black bear. She even loaded her blank cartridge. However, through her night-vision goggles, she saw a tree suddenly tilting down. She saw it and her body reacted. She grabbed her rifle and ran.

The distance between her and the black bear was only four meters. When she ran, the black bear roared and chased after her. She could smell the bad smell of the black bear in the damp air.

Worried about the landslide, she didn’t ambush it again. When she reached this mountainous area where they had trained before, she prepared a second ambush.

Three hours. The black bear chased her for three hours, and she ran for three hours…

Ye Jian took off her helmet and kissed the headband on it. She smiled and said softly, “Captain Xia, you should be able to find me, right?”

After speaking softly, Ye Jian hugged her helmet and fell into a deep sleep in less than three minutes.

She needed to replenish her energy and adjust her condition to complete the next week of training.

Ye Jian was able to sleep well in the mountains. She was not afraid of any poisonous snakes, insects, or rats.

It didn’t matter if the rain was heavy. When people were tired, they would relax. No matter how bad the environment was, Ye Jian was able to fall asleep. Also, Ye Jian had tried sleeping alone in the deep mountains and forests before. She even spent the spring festival alone in the deep mountains and forests.

Ye Jian needed to get used to being able to withstand trials and loneliness. She needed to accept it and treat it as an indispensable part of her military career.

In the middle of the night, the rain started to turn into a drizzle. The sound of the rain hitting the leaves became softer. Han Zheng, who was hiding in the shelter, suddenly shouted when his comrades were half-asleep, “It’s done! Communication is restored!”

Xia Jinyuan was the closest to him. His legs were curled up as he slept. He forgot that he was in a simple shelter that they had built with their camouflage uniform. When he heard Han Zheng’s happy shout, he jumped up abruptly and knocked his handsome forehead against the tree stick that was supporting the shelter. Crash! The tree stick that was supporting the camouflage uniform was overturned by him. The shelter that was still able to shelter him from the rain fell crookedly. It had lost its effect.

Xia Jinyuan grabbed the camouflage uniform that was blocking his way and pulled it forcefully. The camouflage uniform was pulled away by him and hung loosely on the leaves. He strode over and walked to Han Zheng’s side.

He turned on the lights. He lowered his head and squatted down. He used the lights to shine on Han Zheng’s face. He then glanced at his military notebook. When he saw the codes on it, he said in a low voice, “How long will it take to completely restore all communication?”

“Give me five minutes. I just realized that we’ve disconnected from the satellite. If the military knows about our situation, they’re probably waiting for our response.”

Han Zheng’s slender fingers tapped on the keyboard. His speed was so fast that no one could see how he typed the codes.