Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 47 - Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 19)

Chapter 47: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 19)

For the next week, Luo Qing Chen worked hard to study.  She was a bit careful, not telling anyone at all!

Oh, of course, that doesn’t include her system!

System, I’ve found that I can still work hard in math, but my english won’t do!  Do you have some kind of memory cube that can let me quickly memorize english words!

[Yes, Memory Bread.  It requires two hundred points.]  The system’s cold, mechanical voice rang out.

God, system, you’re raising the price!  Why is the piano skills only one hundred and this Memory Bread two hundred?

[Rareness.  This Memory Bread is a second grade item.  Host, do you want to exchange for it: Yes/No.]

Good people will be bullied!  Fine, fine, fine! Can I amaze everyone without exchanging for it?

[Ding, two hundred exchange points have been deducted.  The host has successfully exchanged for one hundred pieces of Memory Bread (Can only be used in this world).]

How is this Memory Bread used?

Seeing the pile of bread that suddenly appeared in front of her, Luo Qing Chen was a bit stunned.

[Put it on a list of words from the english textbook and then eat it.]

Eat……Eat……Eat?  WTF? How many do I have to eat!

[However many words you want to remember, is how many you need to eat!]  The system completely ignored her collapsing emotions!

She let out a long breath and fell back down.  Looking at the bread in front of her, she forced out a faint smile.  To get closer to Su Liang Chen, in order not to break up at their high school graduation, she needed to work hard!

After a night of ‘working hard at eating’ Luo Qing Chen never wanted to think about eating bread for the rest of her life!

Giving a yawn, she put on her beg and prepared to leave.

She went to the kitchen and she suddenly trembled.  The breakfast on the table was actually milk and…..bread!

“Baby, go to school after you finish eating!”  Mrs. Xu saw that she was in a rush to leave and brought the milk and bread to the door, preparing to place them in her bag.

“Ou——”  Her stomach churned and she waved her hand as she said, “Mom, I’m very full.”

After saying this, she charged out the door, getting as far away as possible from the bread!

There was a new round of tests this morning.  Luo Qing Chen came to the school early and knocked on the door to the teacher’s office.

She handed in a copy of the «transfer application»!

That’s right, she wanted to transfer from the liberal arts class to the science class!

Teacher Duan pushed up their glasses and honestly looked over Luo Qing Chen’s application request.  Finally their eyes fell onto the final sentence.

“I promise that if I am given the chance to participate in the science test, I will go from the bottom fifty of the year to the top fifty of the year!  I will make the school approve my request and transfer to the science class!”

“Student Luo Qing Chen, this is a large matter, you can’t make it as easy as choosing carrots or cucumbers!  You have to clearly think this through!” Teacher Duan took at look at Luo Qing Chen’s past grades. Perhaps she was right, she wasn’t suited for liberal arts.

“Yes, I have clearly thought it through.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a nod, “I hope teacher Duan can let me give it a try!  I hope that my grades can increase, for my own future and for the honour of the school!”

[The host is truly unscrupulous when it comes to achieving your goal.]  The system’s cold voice cut in, scaring her half to death.

Damn, I was being all righteous and you suddenly cut in!  You scared this treasure to death!

“Alright.”  Teacher Duan heard her blood boiling words and couldn’t help excitedly say, “But today is the day of the test.  Your places have already been set according to the liberal arts class, but I will speak to the teacher in charge!  Student Luo Qing Chen, you have to work hard!”

“Thank you, teacher Duan.”  She gave a ninety degree bow as a deep smile appeared on her face.

Su Liang Chen, I have been working hard in your direction.  Do you see it?

If there are a thousand steps between us, since you’re willing to take the first step towards me, I’ll take the remaining nine hundred and ninety nine steps towards you!