Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 17 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 16)

Chapter 17: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 16)

“Xiao Qiu, let’s go back and watch the fun!”  After heading halfway, Luo Qing Chen suddenly spoke out to Xiao Qiu behind her.

Since ancient times, it was always the female lead oppressing the supporting female lead!  She suddenly wanted to know what it was like for the male lead to suppress the supporting female lead!

“Alright!  But…..” The emperor had just ordered her to take care of the madame, but now she was taking the madame back to eavesdrop.  Would she be beaten if she was caught!

“There’s no but!  Relax, with me here, I’ll beat whoever wants to beat you with my mace!”

There’s no problem!  It would be a waste if it wasn’t use!

They passed through a small corridor in the royal gardens and headed to the site of the incident.

“Emperor…..”  Yan Wu Se kneeled on the ground holding Zhao An Yang’s dragon robe as she sobbed, “Emperor, you can’t do this to this concubine.”

“Haven’t I been tolerant enough with you?  What kind of person you are, this one isn’t clear on?”  Zhao An Yang gave a cold snort. With a flick of his dragon robe, Yan Wu Se was thrown back and fell onto the ground.

“Emperor, this concubine truly loves the emperor!”  Yan Wu Se bit her lips and her face was completely pale.

During the past few years, on the surface she dominated the royal harem, but Zhao An Yang had never touched her before.  She hadn’t even gone to his Purple Imperial Palace many times before.

The few times she went, she only saw him staring at a portrait on the wall in a daze.

The person inside the portrait was the old Luo Qing Chen.

She was becoming beautiful!  Just a little makeup was enough to make her that beautiful……

“You saved this one in the past, so when this one conquered all the cities on the eastern continent, this one still remembered your favour.”  Zhao An Yang’s eyes were completely ice cold as he said through gritted teeth ,”But you personally killed this one’s child…..”

Luo Qing Chen not far away was stunned.  She thought that this man didn’t care about the child.

At least that’s what she and the original host thought……

But seeing his bloodshot eyes, she could feel his tolerance from the bottom of her heart.

“Emperor…..When you looked at this concubine back then……”

“In the past, this one felt that this one was not worthy of her.”  Zhao An Yang narrowed his eyes as he began to think of the past.

Back then he was someone with nothing and she had the absolute power of the Luo Family behind her.

The people in the academy all said she was a nation collapsing beauty, but he was blind……

“This one has never felt anything other than gratitude towards you.”  Zhao An Yang said with ice cold eyes.

He had gained everything in life, other than…..love.

It was ridiculous.  An emperor emptied his royal harem after gaining the throne, all for waiting for her to come back.

He had hurt her too deeply.  He watched as she turned from an overbearing person to a silent person.

She didn’t hesitate to ruin her face and locked herself up.

Yan Wu Se was instantly stunned.  Seeing the person she deeply loved acting this heartless, her heart was instantly shattered.

She wildly shook her head and said, “No, no…..Emperor, you love me.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I even told that slut. I told her that if she was like me, the emperor would spare her another glance…..Ha, ha, ha, do you know the result?  She really put on makeup each day, making her that ugly……She completely became old…..Ha, ha, ha, ha.”

[Ding, Yan Wu Se’s affection has decreased by twenty.  There is 0% remaining.]

He, he, he, reduce it, reduce it!  That person look like she’s lost her mind!

Zhao An Yang was stunned.  The reason why she put on that strange makeup each day was not to ruin herself, but rather it was to make him like her……

That silly girl, such unrealistic words and she actually believed it.

Her in the past must have had no path to go at all…..

[Ding, affection has increased by five.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

“Yan Wu Se, this one will give you three days to leave the province, otherwise don’t blame this one for being merciless.”  Zhao An Yang’s was incredible cold, it was like the surrounding air was being frozen by each word he spoke.

Luo Qing Chen: Take, take, take, quickly take everything away.  She looks so rough, she has no right to have any affection! Ha, ha, ha~