Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

Chapter 543

Chapter 543

Knowing that it was Han Shanyue’s merit, she smiled sweetly: “Thank you mister . ”

he slightly nodded his head: “Continue?”

“It should be able to...” Yun Xi released the bird, which dazzled a moment before finally flying forward . Since it was a specie which would search till the end, it would’t stop until it traced all through where nxm passed .

Suddenly, the bird stopped and chirped before a building . When it was clear that it wouldn’t proceed, Yun Xi looked dumbfounded while gazing at the numerous fluttering gauzes and red lanterns hung outside . Forcing a smile, she translated: “The Soul Searching Bird said that she has gone inside here...”

Han Shanyue lifted his head and took a look at the small building with a slight smile . In the brothel the prostitutes usually did the business during the night . But early in the morning, it looked very desolate . The gorgeously dressed women couldn’t been seen upstairs, while the slave downstairs standing at the entrance was dozing off .

Yun Xi frowned: “What a dense smell of mortal powder... Mister, the Soul Searching Bird won’t get in . You...”

Before she could finish, he had already disappeared from her view and was entering in the brothel, wanting to search for the person...

When hearing that its master was inside here, how could Little Qilin stay calm? It would rush inside a mansion even if it were burning, not to say a brothel . And thus, it also jumped inside...

While Yun Xi stood there with a pale face . The mysophic Venerable Ancestor would step inside such a filthy place just for that girl? What was her position in his heart? Concubine? In this world concubines were disposable and any woman could be gifted if those men were happy... How could they get worried about them? And, they would change their habits even less... Which kind of girl was she to make him treat her in this way?, she questioned as she clenched her fists tightly . Making a difficult decision, she also headed inside the building . Who knew how it looked inside early in the morning .

Han Shanyue was scouting around very quickly . Who knew how many sleeping mandarin ducks has he disturbed, making the brothel chaotic .

When she finally reached him, he was just about to enter in a room . The two lovers were doing it right now . When they saw a stranger, the man was so frightened that his dick almost softened . After that, he would jump oìup on the bed, roaring: “BASTARD!!”

Before he could continue, his vision darkened as he was thrown on the bed, pressing the still muddled woman, who would shriek . And before they could protest, he covered their genital parts... When Yun Xi entered and before she could observe the two shining white figures, a cloth wrapped around her sight area .

“Yun Xi, wait outside . ” he said as she felt being brought outside by a powerful force .

Before she could react, she was already outside . She untied the handkerchief to take look . And then, she sniffed it . Sinced it belonged to the Venerable Ancestor, it was filled with his cool smell .

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