My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 690

Chapter 690: Chapter 681 To Be Continued

The Central Government Building of Huaxia City had been destroyed in the battle between Jiang Liushi and that top leader. During the past ten hours, many residents of Huaxia City gathered in a large square and looked up at that spaceship. In the terrible doomsday, all the people worship the stronger ones. Moreover, Jiang Liushi was regarded as the God in their minds. Jiang Liushi’s one shot could let them see stars in the daytime. How powerful his energies were!

At this moment, finally, one door of that spaceship was opened. Jiang Liushi walked out from it, followed by Jiang Zhuying, Ran Xiyu and others. Although Jiang Liushi dressed quite casually, he was still looked quite excellent with a unique temperament. As soon as he appeared, all the people began to worship from their hearts. Jiang Liushi’s heroic conducts had been deeply engraved in the hearts of everyone. This was the figure of the God of War! The strongest force of the earth! Moreover, those women behind him were not only beautiful but also powerful. All of them were worshiped by other people in Huaxia City. Later, Jiang Liushi, together with all the excellent girls, and other members of Shi Ying Squad, stood on the high platform in the middle of that square. His eyesight swept from all the guys. There were ordinary people, paranormals and even soldiers.

Someone took the initiative to shout and then one united sound was heard, “Master Jiang! Master Jiang!” This voice gradually became uniform and resounded throughout the whole of Huaxia City.

For those who could not enter the square, their voices rang in the surrounding streets. Throughout the Huaxia City, at this time, all the people of the city had turned out to gather in the surrounding of the square. They looked at that row of people, who were standing on the high platform. Of course, Jiang Liushi also looked at all of them silently.

Later, Jiang Liushi waved his hands. The square soon quieted down and the sound on the street quickly disappeared. At this time, Steven and the other five G-Soldiers walked forward, and they stood up straight and salute Jiang Liushi.

Although their strength had fallen greatly after this battle, they were all commanders of the army, so their powers were still kept.

“Master Jiang! The battle between you and that top leader had been transmitted to the whole world by radio. All the teams of the Genesis in each place had surrendered. The original members of the Genesis were all willing to be loyal to you. In fact, they were only blinded by that terrible top leader. After witnessing your fighting, they finally realize the truth.” Steven signed and explained.

The ambitions of that top leader, as well as that scared God Dragon, had shocked all of them. As a result, after all the things were ended up by Jiang Liushi, they naturally took Jiang Liushi as a Redeemer. If not Jiang Liushi, all of them would be the bait of that God Dragon. All the paranormals, who used to be supporters of the Genesis, were all willing to follow Jiang Liushi.

“Master Jiang! We sincerely hope that you can lead us and create a new order. This is not only our wish, but also the entire Huaxia City, and the whole world! All the people once cheated by the Genesis all hoped.” Another G-Soldier said respectfully.

All the people were just looking at Jiang Liushi hopefully. They were looking forward to his answer.

However, Jiang Liushi just kept silent. For a while, he answered, “Thanks for your beliefs. However, you’d better rely on yourselves. I don’t intend to interfere too much. You should decide and work hard on your own in the future.”

Hearing Jiang Liushi’s words, Steven and other G-Soldiers became confused. But for many others, they were shocked by Jiang Liushi’s decision. After all, Jiang Liushi had been the top number one person in the world. Facing such a desired temptation, Jiang Liushi actually refused!

Of course, they all knew clearly that no matter where Jiang Liushi decided to go, he would be the top number one all the time.

“Would you mind to tell us why you made such a decision?” Steven asked confusedly.

Jiang Liushi shook his head and explained: “In China, an old saying said that break and then set! Before the doomsday, the life of us was too easeful. In other words, the disaster of the doomsday wasn’t a bad thing for us. Maybe it would be quite good for our evolution. Then I will set up a new parliament, Zhang Hai, Sun Kun!” Jiang Liushi looked at Zhang Hai and others. “Both of you should be served as presidents.”

“Wei Feifei, you are the general staff. As for other positions, it would all be decided by you.”

“Oh, Brother Jiang, we didn’t have enough abilities to be the presidents. You should be the only suitable one for the position…” Zhang Hai said in nervous after hearing Jiang Liushi’s words.

“If Brother Jiang, you didn’t want to do those things, you could let Sister Feifei deal with. Brother Jiang, we promised don’t bother you only for some important things.” Zhang Hai added with his secret smile. Actually, Zhang Hai knew Jiang Liushi’s thoughts. Since all the enemies had been killed, Jiang Liushi should have a rest to give birth to his children. However, for them, they could just fight, but they didn’t know how to manage.

“I’m not interested in this at all.” Jiang Liushi stressed and waved his hands again.

“Brother Jiang, you had to be the president. Otherwise, no one would persuade all guys.” Just at this time, Wei Feifei interrupted and said. In fact, what she said was indeed reasonable. Only Jiang Liushi had the right to order the whole world. Except for Jiang Liushi, Jiang Zhuying, Ran Xiyu, and others were all better than Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, and Wei Feifei.

“Brother Jiang, you should be the president. And Sister Xiyu, etc, should be the vice-president. As for me, I could be your secretary or assistant. In this way, my words or orders could be convinced by others.” Wei Feifei advised.

Hearing Wei Feifei’s words, even Jiang Liushi was shocked. Of course, Wei Feifei’s advice was quite reasonable. In fact, Wei Feifei was quite good at managing.

“Okay, I agree with your advice. But I just hang my name.” Jiang Liushi answered in his low voice. Then he returned to his spaceship together with all his members. Since he had arranged the most important parts, the other things should be ordered by Wei Feifei directly.

“Master Jiang! Master…Jiang, I’d like to report many things to you. Moreover, we’d like to invite you to give a speech…” G-Soldiers shouted nervously.

“Master Jiang…” All guys began to shout with excited feelings.

Jiang Liushi turned back from the sky with his smile and answered, “Thank you all. However, I don’t like to give a speech. Moreover, after fighting, I’m quite exhausted and hungry. Please go back! Don’t forget the doomsday was still going on. The evolution of human beings still continued. In order to have a bright future, you should work hard…” Jiang Liushi said and then his figure entered in his spaceship. Then, that giant spaceship, suspended in the low air, started in a thunderous bang, and then flew high into the sky among the sights of everyone.