Martial God Asura

Chapter 5480: The Prowess of God Taboo Martial Skills

Chapter 5480: The Prowess of God Taboo Martial Skills

Long Chengyu filled Chu Feng in on the details concerning the God Taboo Battlefield.

Even though the God Taboo Battlefield was located inside the Totem Dragon Clan’s Martial Skill Hall, there was no relation between the two. The Martial Skill Hall, as the name suggested, was a place where the Totem Dragon Clan stored its martial skills, whereas the God Taboo Battlefield was an Ancient Era’s treasure the Totem Dragon Clan obtained by coincidence.

While there were God Taboo Martial Skills inside the God Taboo Battlefield, they had to be captured, and it was no easy feat to do so. For instance, one had to first overcome the formation army conjured by the God Taboo Battlefield’s formation to reach the area where the God Taboo Martial Skills appeared.

So far, Long Chengyu and Long Muxi had entered the God Taboo Battlefield thrice.

All three times they overcame the formation army and clinched the chance to obtain a God Taboo Martial Skill. However, the God Taboo Battlefield they entered was not opened with the clan chief’s authority but its regular decennial opening. The chances of a God Taboo Martial Skill appearing was up to chance, and they were unlucky.

A God Taboo Martial Skill was guaranteed to be inside the God Taboo Battlefield this time, but the difficulty would be much higher as well. In view of that, the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief was personally picking those who were qualified to enter its premises.

Long Suqing brought Chu Feng, Long Chengyu, and Long Muxi to the Martial Skill Hall’s inner hall to rest and wait for the arrival of the other juniors. She took her leave after escorting them over, leaving the three of them in there.

“Brother Chengyu, Miss Muxi, have you cultivated God Taboo Martial Skills before?” Chu Feng asked out of curiosity.

He knew next to nothing about God Taboo Martial Skills as there was no such thing in the Eastern Region.

“Chu Feng, you don’t know much about God Taboo Martial Skills?” Long Muxi asked.

“Indeed, I don’t know much about them,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Only cultivators who have reached at least rank five Half-God level can cultivate God Taboo Martial Skills. I am still too weak for it,” Long Muxi said.

“There’s such a restriction to it? Are there nine ranks to God Taboo Martial Skills as well?” Chu Feng asked.

He was not too far away from reaching rank five Half-God level now, so he thought that it was time for him to learn more about God Taboo Martial Skills.

“There are nine ranks to God Taboo Martial Skills, but the strongest God Taboo Martial Skill we have is at rank four. I haven’t heard of any other powers having rank five God Taboo either,” Long Cehngyu said. “I have been cultivating a rank one God Taboo for some time now, but it is more difficult than I have imagined. I haven’t fully grasped it yet.”

“You have reached rank five Half-God level?” Long Muxi asked.

“That’s right. I reached it right before the invitation from the Nine Heavens’ Zenith. I thought that it was finally my chance to shine, but the tournament was canceled before I could fight anyone,” Long Chengyu lamented.

“How strong is that God Taboo Martial Skill you’re cultivating?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s extremely strong. Let me put it this way. Suppose that you are fighting an opponent of the same rank and are able to utterly crush him under normal circumstances, if that person has learned a God Taboo Martial Skill whereas you haven’t, you won’t stand a chance against him at all,” Long Chengyu explains.

“Does that make such a huge difference?” Chu Feng was shocked.

“It is that formidable. You can even say that God Taboo Martial Skills are more potent than God Armaments. Of course, cultivating a God Taboo isn’t easy, and executing them takes a toll on the body. Cultivators who have cultivated a God Taboo won’t use them lightly unless pushed into a corner. God Taboos are a symbol of talent. Not everyone will be able to grasp it. Brother Chu Feng, you must learn a God Taboo once you reach rank five Half-God level!” Long Chengyu urged.

“I’d learn it if I could, but I don’t have such resources on hand,” Chu Feng replied.

“Worry not. I’ll convince my father to impart our God Taboo to you,” Long Chengyu said.

“Is that… appropriate?”

“No harm trying. He might just relent,” Long Chengyu replied with hearty laughter, but his answer showed that the chances were slim.

It didn’t take long for the juniors qualified to enter the God Taboo Battlefield to arrive at the Martial Skill Hall’s main hall. Chu Feng, Long Chengyu, and Long Muxi also walked out from the inner hall too.

Chu Feng saw many familiar faces—most of the juniors who had entered the Armory Hall were here too—but there were many new faces too. There were two foreign faces standing at the forefront of the juniors with Long Yuhong and Long Zhizhi, signaling their high standing.

One was a man whereas the other was a woman. Their facial features looked strikingly similar to Grand Elder Long Shengjun and his son. Clearly, they were Long Shengjun’s grandchildren.

Chu Feng’s appearance shocked the crowd, as they couldn’t understand why he was here too. A huge buzz broke out in the room.

Long Chengyu ignored the crowd and pulled Chu Feng to the forefront of the room, in front of Long Yuhong, Long Zhizhi, and Long Shengjun’s grandchildren. Yet, not a single person dared to say a word about it.

“Lord Clan Chief is here!” an elder announced.

The crowd immediately quietened down.

The Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief walked to the forefront of the room and said, “All of you should have heard about the opening of the God Taboo Battlefield by now. There were three chances for our clan to open the God Taboo Battlefield, and this is the final chance we have. However, I didn’t make this decision arbitrarily. Rather, I believe that you have the strength to accomplish something in the God Tabo Battlefield and add another God Taboo Martial Skill to our library. For that, I have invited young hero Chu Feng to aid us.”

The Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief gestured to Chu Feng.

“Is Chu Feng going to enter the God Taboo Battlefield with us?”

The juniors looked conflicted about that.

As there was only an age restriction on the God Taboo Battlefield, so all juniors, including outsiders, were able to enter the God Taboo Battlefield. However, the Totem Dragon Clan had never allowed any outsiders to enter the God Taboo Battlefield. The crowd couldn’t understand why Chu Feng was an exception to the rule.

It was already great magnanimity on their part that they didn’t punish him for damaging their clan protection formation, but they were allowing him to enter the God Taboo Battlefield on top of that?

Before the juniors could think too much about it, the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief continued, “The God Taboo Battlefield you will be entering is different from the one you know. Based on our clan’s records, there are five battlefields inside. The rewards from clearing the five battlefields are vital keys to obtaining the God Taboo Martial Skill. Thus, you will be split into five teams.”

The Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief proceeded to split the ten thousand juniors present into five different teams before announcing their respective leaders.

Team 1: Long Chengyu.Team 2: Long Muxi.Team 3: Long Yuhong.Team 4: Long Fengfeng.Team 5: Chu Feng.

A huge commotion broke out upon the announcement of the five leaders. Even those from the older generation couldn't understand what their clan chief was thinking about. It was true that Team 5 was weaker than the other four teams, but there were still plenty of prodigies amongst them, such as Long Zhizhi.

Why would the clan chief allow an outsider like Chu Feng to lead the team instead?

“Do you have any qualms regarding my arrangements?” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief suddenly asked.

Those words, despite being spoken with a calm tone, silenced the room. It was not that they didn’t have any objections but that they didn’t dare to raise them.