Long Live Summons

Chapter 955

Chapter 955: Don’t Play Too Long, What If He Makes You Cry?

“Wanjiao has been with us the entire time and we three haven’t done anything at all. Zhi Feng, you have to provide evidence for your words,” Country Lord Qinglang thought that the two assassination attempts were definitely odd, but he couldn’t say for sure that this was the act of the Country Lord Wanjiao.

“Calm down, maybe this is the enemy’s counter-plan to spread the suspicion around,” Country Lord Louluo was also standing up for Country Lord Wanjiao.

“Show the evidence, otherwise, I will never be convinced,” The facial expression of Country Lord Wanjiao twisted slightly, forcibly suppressing his anger and defending himself.

“If it weren’t for Sky Execution and the Dragon Emperor who reminded me to pay attention to a certain anomaly, I wouldn’t have noticed it either. Let’s not talk about the attack this time. Remember at the very beginning, when we were still in the Country Lord Zhi Feng’s Palace, everyone was rendered immobile due to the Star Galaxy necklace. In that attack, the original target was already Young Master Titan, but it wasn’t until Hui Tai Lang appeared and brought the Young Master to safety that they started to change their target to obtain the Divine Blood… If the initial objective was already the Divine Blood, then there was absolutely no need to pretend to be the Vengeance Domain Emperor. Stealing the Divine Blood and taking away Zhu Guang was meant to affect my jurisdiction and suspicions away and plant the implication that the Vengeance Domain Emperor was behind all this all along. At that time, the first person who claimed that this was the act of the Vengeance Domain Emperor was none other than you, Wanjiao!” Country Lord Zhi Feng coldly glared at Country Lord Wanjiao.

“No, I was the first to claim that it was the act of the Vengeance Domain Emperor!” Country Lord Qinglang recalled and corrected immediately.

“It wasn’t you; before you did, Wanjiao did call out his claims very softly. Influenced by his thoughts, you accepted it as well. The only difference was that you yelled it out quite loudly. So, the person who truly directed the suspect as the Vengeance Domain Emperor was Wanjiao because you were merely influenced by it!” The moment Country Lord Zhi Feng explained his reasoning, the Heaven Rankers and the others all around could remember that it might have indeed played out this way. Country Lord Wanjiao truly did exclaim the name before Country Lord Qinglang.

With that claim in such a scenario of panic and confusion, indeed, many were ought to believe so.

The people only started to doubt things when Country Lord Zhi Feng rejected that thought.

Everyone looked over at the Country Lord Wanjiao for an explanation. If he had a reasonable one, then the Country Lord Zhi Feng was the one being unreasonable.

When Country Lord Wanjiao heard this, his face became gloomy, “Just with an unconscious exclamation, you insist that I was a traitor? Are you not crazy?”

Country Lord Zhi Feng was fuming as he sneered coldly, “I’m not crazy, but I sure bet that you wish I was crazy. However, no matter what, I, Zhi Feng, went through my fair share of trials and tribulations that attested to my survival. Although you all did give me the shock of my life by taking away my beloved Zhu Guang, influencing my trusted aid, Yu Chao, to go against me, decide that my fate ends today, your plan was too empty!”

Country Lord Louluo and Wanjiao have always been the best of friends so at this moment, he stood up for the unfair judgement that was placed onto his friend’s namesake, “Zhi Feng, all these that you are saying does not mean that Wanjiao is the traitor. Unless you have substantial evidence, I am not going to acknowledge your reasoning at all.”

Sky Execution waved his hand, “Of course, there is the evidence. And the proof comes from the Space-Imprisonment treasure used by the fake Vengeance Domain Emperor back then!”

The Dragon Emperor then laughed and said, “If it was the power of the treasure, Sky Execution would not have been imprisoned the entire time because he has a special ability that could instantly get rid of the restriction of the treasure. Of course, I have it as well, but the speed of my power is slower than his. But at that time, none of us could move and we could do nothing but watch the fake Vengeance Domain Emperor take the Divine Blood and leave. Of course, there are such powerful treasures in the world, but I am absolutely sure that the Star Galaxy Necklace was not a part of it. That was merely a treasure with auxiliary characteristics and not a treasure that was designed to specialise in offensive attacks.”

The Underworld Emperor rarely made a sound this entire time, keeping a low profile to himself.

Nevertheless, this time he stood up and let out a cough or two, “Since everyone is speaking up, let me put a few words in as well! According to my abilities’ traits and control, I have long suspected that that temporary immobility was done by Country Lord Wanjiao’s Domain Power and it was released long before the assassination attempt. Besides, I am also 80% sure that the power that caused the source of the curse to self-destruct that time was also the Country Lord Wanjiao’s doing. And that is because at the moment, besides Hui Tai Lang who escorted the Young Master Titan away from danger, there was only one person who wasn’t cursed. And that person is you, Country Lord Wanjiao.”

“What?” All of the Heaven Rankers were shocked.

Wanjiao wasn’t cursed?

Even Qinglang and Louluo looked at Wanjiao with surprise and disbelief on their faces.

The two of them were most familiar with Wanjiao and they both knew that he had a Domain Power known as ‘Restriction’. Under the influence and aid of dark elements and other treasures, he would have had an opportunity to restrict the curse of the enemy against himself. This would also explain the reason the assassin had a faint silver of black aura around him and even the special curse that would self-destruct on its own.

The Underworld Emperor also pointed to the ground, “The second thing is the second attack. Similarly, a silver assassin appeared and this time, it used the advantage of its speed to attack the Country Lord Zhi Feng before killing the Liberty Queen’s replacement. On the surface, the opponent’s power was indeed impressive, but I would like to point out that if that assassin was that strong and already possessed that speed, there was absolutely no need to bother about the fact that we were together. He could have faced us head-on and there was no need for an ambush. His power too, was strong, but the real reason as to why he had such a speed was because someone was helping him obtain that sort of velocity… And among us, there are only two people capable of doing such a thing— one of them is Country Lord Wanjiao and the other is me.”

The Dragon Emperor then nodded at Yue Yang, as if he was a real guard asking for permission to do a demonstration.

After receiving permission from Yue Yang’s wave of approval, he told them another secret, “In the second attack, the Country Lord Wanjiao was dead set on believing that the culprit was once again none other than the Vengeance Domain Emperor… At that time, we had confirmed that the Domain Emperor in question was a suspect, but we had no evidence to prove it. Hence, we couldn’t say anything about it and silently observed instead. In the second attack, the victim was not the Liberty Queen, but was actually our Young Master Titan.”

“Why is that?” Country Lord Qinglang asked.

“Because there is no point in attacking the Liberty Queen. She has Divine Power stored in her body, so she is not an easy target to kill. Even if she is severely injured, her Divine Power will quickly recover her injuries; even our guests know this. For the assassin who attacked, there is no reason for them to not know,” The Dragon Emperor explained.

“Well, then that doesn’t mean that the attacks were against Young Master Titan!” Lord Louluo was still puzzled.

“Young Master Titan only went back to the Grimoire World to rest on a whim,” The Dragon Emperor laughed erratically. “Country Lord Wanjiao had always been secretly signalling the assassin all along and was also trying too hard to persuade Young Master Titan to stay outside. Too bad for him, our Young Master got impatient because of that and even headed back to his Grimoire World earlier to rest, making his well thought-of plan crumble. And the annoyed Country Lord Wanjiao could only try to fix the plan and secretly let out a beast with dark abilities, hoping that he could let the assassin know in time to not carry out the plan… Unfortunately, Country Lord Wanjiao, you didn’t have a clue how strong Hui Tai Lang’s sense of smell was. He found out instantly, to be honest. That’s right, it was him who obstructed your beast and because of that, Sky Execution and I know that he will show up soon.”

“The notified war beast was detained and the attack came as scheduled. In order to make sure that we don’t see through the ploy, Country Lord Wanjiao, who pretended to be dissatisfied with the execution of the plan, had to use his ability again secretly to increase the speed of the assassin. Then, he also had to inform the assassin that the other party’s plan had changed. Due to that, the first hit onto Country Lord Zhi Feng’s face had its power altered and greatly reduced…” The more the Underworld Emperor spoke, the grimmer the expression of Country Lord Wanjiao.

“Then why was there another wave of attacks in the end?” Country Lord Qinglang was starting to understand a little, but he still had a final question.

“Because the first two attacks failed, the enemy finally sent one of the most powerful assassins to do the job. After this assassin came secretly, he lurked in the Grimoire World of the Country Lord Wanjiao in wait for the Young Master Titan to release the Liberty Queen from the storage ring. After confirming their identity, he came out and launched a fatal blow. Unfortunately, Hui Tai Lang and Tao Tie’s eyes were not easy to deceive. At noon, when the ability of the Country Lord Wanjiao was the most difficult to conceal, Young Master Titan deliberately came out to greet us and cooperated with the enemy’s assassination. Country Lord Wanjiao, if you were not so anxious and were more careful, you will definitely find that Hui Tai Lang,Tao Tie’s and my position were a shadow rune pattern, which provided for the transformation of the phantom when Young Master Titan was attacked,” The Underworld Emperor finally chuckled, “Your dark ability is playing well, but please don’t think that everyone is a fool, alright?”

“…” Country Lord Wanjiao was speechless now.

At this point, Country Lord Qinglang and Louluo were also sweating profusely.

The observation and strategic abilities of Sky Execution and Long Xuan were really terrifying. If these powerful characters were only a few guards, then the powerhouses living in the Upper Heaven Realm were indeed insanely strong! Even the seemingly harmless, money-spending scoundrel, Young Master Titan, was not easy to fool.

If Wanjiao had to go solo against one of them, it would have been sufficient. But unluckily for him, he just had to go up against a group of people whose calibres outranked his. It would be surprising if he was never found out.

Not to mention the people, even the good-for-nothing lazy dog, Hui Tai Lang, was already a handful to deal with.

What a cunning dog— it caught Wanjiao’s war beast and saw through the other party’s strategy. Then, it even returned to the Grimoire World to report the situation back to the owner as if nothing was wrong.

What kind of wisdom was this?

What kind of emotional intelligence was this?

How could there be such a smart dog in the world?

Country Lord Zhi Feng didn’t need to speak any more. The two other Country Lords, Qinglang and Louluo, sighed and left from Wanjiao’s side.

At this moment, they no longer regarded Wanjiao as their friend…because Wanjiao not only plotted against Zhi Feng and the Young Master Titan, but he had also plotted against them. Everyone in the audience was cursed, including Qinglang and Louluo. They have always regarded Wanjiao as a friend and a brother, but this brother’s return to them was nothing but a merciless curse!

“I have to say, you have a very smart dog. It is truly deserving of its name as a dog from the Upper Heaven Realm, no wonder it was hard to best,” Country Lord Wanjiao sighed in a low voice, “If you guys weren’t here and there were only Zhi Feng, Qinglang, Louluo and these others, no one should even dream of seeing through my trick. How unfortunate, here I thought I was able to reveal the show when we got to Central Island.”

“Don’t worry, we will help you complete your reveal; we are very happy to do that,” Yue Yang, who had not spoken, gave a promise with a smile. The more he behaved as such, the more pain Wanjiao felt. All in all, the one who truly foiled his plans was this Young Master Titan.

But how could he ever do anything to him?

This Young Master Titan had a world of treasures and even possessed the ability to change shapes and morph shadows.

With a Divine Beast and an Earth Divine Soldier on the left, the three major guards on the right, and a group of Heaven Rankers behind him, it was more difficult to kill him than ascending to the sky!

Country Lord Wanjiao looked at Qinglang and Louluo and said apologetically, “Qinglang, Louluo, in fact, the curse is not my intention, but there is no way to avoid it. Friends of hundreds of years, Wanjiao is a bit guilty of trying to bury you this quickly. After I blow myself up, you should kill yourself quickly, because the further the curse progresses, the more painful of a situation you will find yourself in. Moreover, the power behind me is not a scale or something that you can provoke. Compared to them, you don’t even possess the power of a shrimp. If you still think of me as a friend, then it’s best for you to die once I kill myself…”

Qinglang was as angry as he felt like he was slapped hard on the face, “Thank you, I will decide my fate, so I won’t need you to bother about my life or death as a friend!”

Louluo’s relationship with Wanjiao was slightly better than Qinglang’s. He sighed lightly and said, “Wanjiao, do you really want to die in a place like this? Undo the curse as me and Zhi Feng would plead to the Young Master for mercy. Let’s bear the sin together and go back to being brothers!”

Wanjiao shook his head, “Actually, I never thought of making friends when I came to the Heavenly Splendour Territory. You are all my pawns and my heart has always been loyal to that place…”

When Country Lord Zhi Feng, Sky Execution and the others took an attacking stance, Country Lord Wanjiao suddenly burst out laughing.

He looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, “You can see through my plans, plot against me and attack me, but you can never capture me. I have the Dark Restriction Domain and the dark curse ability. Even on this sunny day, it is also an unstoppable existence. After I die, all your curses will intensify tenfold and every day will be a painful experience. Goodbye, my opponents and friends— no matter how smart and wise you are, you are only just some ants trying to struggle!”

Wanjiao’s body quickly swelled up as it increased dozens of times in a few seconds.

The dark energy in his body had reached a terrifying state of madness. A slight touch was believed to trigger an earth-shattering explosion.

Just when the Country Lord Wanjiao looked around with mocking eyes, intending to explode himself and die with everyone, Ming Ri Hao, a guy watching the show, finally couldn’t help but take action. His movewas not to stop the Country Lord Wanjiao, but to push out Yue Yang, who was watching the show with his arms folded.

What the heck? It’s okay for you not to take action, but you’re pushing this Young Master to do it? Unbelievable.

Yue Yang was furious in his heart.

However, in the public eye, it wouldn’t be good for him to turn against the bitter force of Ming Ri Hao.

“Cough cough,” Yue Yang was put on the spot and under everyone’s attention, he had to say, “I’ll say, child Wanjiao, you can’t blow yourself up the moment you fail an exam, you can always take the make-up examination!”

“…” Everyone fell to the ground.

Just when Wanjiao was grinning and ready to explode, a small shadow flew out from Yue Yang’s body.

It was a cute little snake demon loli. As soon as she came out, she opened her eyes and stared at the Country Lord Wanjiao. He, who was about to self-detonate, found that everything became stagnant, including the crazy dark energy in his body. This snake demon little loli not only glared at the suicidal Country Lord Wanjiao with her eyes, but she also tapped her tender hand on him lightly and the round body of the Country Lord Wanjiao bounced like a ball.

With her little hand in the void, she patted the ball wordlessly, causing the huge spherical body of the Country Lord Wanjiao to bounce like a plastic ball.

Yue Yang found that the little baby was playing too much and quickly persuaded her, “Good girl, you played for a while now, but you shouldn’t play for too long, alright? What if that guy makes you cry?”

Xiao Wen Li was very obedient, so she stopped quickly. However, Hui Tai Lang and Tao Tie were only starting to have fun.

The two rushed up to hit the ball as well.

Everyone watched before they fell to the ground and fainted.

Jesus, why were they still worried about this Young Master Titan?He was superfluous and even owned a more powerful beast who could easily play with the Country Lord Wanjiao in the palms of her hand. Country Lord Wanjiao truly thought that he could commit mass murder like that, but this became the most ironic joke of all. Did he think that it was that easy to kill a Ranker from the Upper Realm?

Country Lord Wanjiao wanted to cry but he had no tears now. Well, now there was nothing to do with him anymore, he had no choice but to be a prisoner!