I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime

CH 82

Chapter 82: War God

Fighting against the Valis from four sides, Yuuma swung his Pickel to the side, spinning around  like a tornado by using the centrifugal force of the pickel with him as the center.

When he reached the maximum turning speed, he released his hands from the pickel.

The giant hammer flew at terrifying speed, striking the vali right on their face. The poor vali raised a death throes before turning into black sand.

There was a string formed from 『Liquid Metal』  clung on the handle of the pickel. When Yuuma pulled that string, the pickel returned to his hand.

He then turned around and brandished the pickel to the side, toward the vali that came from behind.

The sharp pick pierced Vali’s metal abdomen as if it were made from tofu, the monster turned into black sand as it raised a death throes.

When he was about to unleash another deathly blow, one of the valis grabbed the handle of his pikel.


The pickel refused to move since its handle was grabbed by a strong arm. The other valis rushed at once when he was still trying to release his pickel from the hand of the vali that grabbed its’ handle.


Yuuma unleashed the maximum power of bloody ore, making the skin of his body covered by numerous brilliant, red lines.

He unleashed a left hook on that vali’s face. The monster was blown backward as it vomited blood, yet the hand wouldn’t let go of his pickel.

Yuuma then released his hands from the pickel, and then unleashed his transformed sword-hand. He didn’t waste any second and pierced that vali’s chest with his sword.

Though that vali had already been vomitting blood like crazy, stabbing a sword into their chest alone was far from enough to kill them.

Another vali was about to grab him from behind. Yuuma pulled his sword out and shook the vali’s hand with a backhand chop.

He raised his right-hand sword overhead, and swung it down toward the vali.

The vali raised their arm, trying to block his sword, alas Yuuma’s sword was thruss into their arms with ease. But then, it resulted in his sword locked into the vali’s arms.

While Yuuma was trying to pull his sword in hurry, the other valis around him was rushing one after another.


Yuuma went all out and pushed his sword. The moment he managed to slice off the vali’s arms, he nailed a powerful kick on the abdomen of the monster that was wailing in pain.

The vali fell to the ground as it turned into black sand.

When he turned around, his “Pickel” had already dropped beneath the feet of the incoming valis. Yuuma stretched his three fingers like a thorn, and intertwined it around the pickel.

Thus the pickel returned with a snap of his wrist. He grabbed the handle of his pickel, and swung its hammerhead toward the incoming valis.

The feeling of crushing Vali’s steel-like body, bones, and internal organs were transmitted to his hands.

The monster fell to the ground in prostated position, and turned into black sand. The moment he thought “I did it!”, the bright red glow on his skin vanished.


It was a time out. He had used up the entire three minutes of bloody ore’s ability.

Yuuma’s face frowned seeing that there was a lot of valis left but――


The president whose job was to retrieve the fallen “Magic Ore” from the place where the vali died then called out to Yuuma.

Yuuma ran toward the president while trying to hinder the incoming valis.

「I’ll try to buy sometime, use those moment to digest these magic ore!」

After Yuuma received seven bloody ores from the president, the latter then ran toward the valis who came after Yuuma while raising his hexagonal staff.


Four valis stretched their hand toward the president. The president parried their incoming hands, and then poured his Water element magical power  into his hexagonal staff.


He wields his glowing blue coloured staff to land swift strikes on Vali’s hand and abdomen.

His strikes send a spray of water. Thanks to the president’s showy display of skill, the valis finally moved their attention from Yuuma.


Yuuma opened his mouth, which had already transformed into an alien-like creature due to metallization, and swallowed the seven bloody ores in one go. It was something that he realized a while ago, the fact that he could even transform his original body during metallization thanks to 『Liquid Metal Transformation』.

They had already done the experiment before to see if he could digest magic ore in his metallization state, and the result was positive.

After he swallowed the ores, he felt his abdomen become increasingly hot.

Meaning that his body could take in the additional bloody ores. He snapped out immediately and when he looked around, he saw the president had already been surrounded by valis.

Yuuma clenched his fist, red lines started to appear on his skin again. Then he ran off with his all to save the president.



President Kanzaki swung his hexagonal staff to keep the valis at bay. Even though his weapon was an enchanted weapon which allowed him to use water magic, it couldn’t even leave a scratch on valis’ skin.

Kanzaki was sweating profusely from his face and forehead since his foes were simply too tough.

――Yuuma had actually fought against this kind of monster in close combat, eh… These guys are definitely not the type that should be fought in close combat.

As the president was getting more and more cornered, something suddenly approached from behind the valis at breakneck speed.

In the dim cave, it looks like a flash of red lightning.



Yuuma didn’t waste his time and brought down his hammer of judgment to strike the back of the vali. It is then followed by a deafening sound.

The vali crushed under the hammer and turned into black sand. Yuuma twisted his body immediately and swung his hammer toward another vali.

The monster blasted into the rock wall, and turned into black sand.

When another vali rushed in, he swung up his pickel from below.

The sharp edge of the pickel pierced right into the vali’s jaw. Sent their body flying in mid-air before it crash landed again due to gravity.

This strike was another instant kill.

Everything happens in the span of five seconds. When Kanzaki was looking at those spectacles dumbfoundedly――



Kanzaki passed by Yuuma’s side, and returned to where Aisha was hiding.

The Yuuma that he saw in the following battle was the very definition of a War God. He knew that Yuuma didn’t need his assistance anymore.

Reason being the current Yuuma was too overpowered.