I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens

Chapter 660 - Life Goes On

Chapter 660: Life Goes On

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Suddenly, Postline’s expression changed. A very terrifying thing occurred.

The deep abyss behind him was shaking.

He didn’t control the deep abyss but it was shaking.


Postline tried to calm down the abyss but what he didn’t expect was that he was unable to control it. His connection with the abyss was totally cut off at that moment.

“What is going on?”

He then looked towards Lin Fan, was this person true?

With a xiu, the deep abyss condensed together, turning into a ball which swept out. Postline wanted to grab it but he didn’t dare to. That was the deep abyss.

To evil gods, to be able to control the deep abyss meant that they could control their life and death.

Lin Fan raised his hand.

The ball formed from the abyss floated in his palm. He felt a weird feeling. Numerous threads flew out from his palm and wrapped the ball.

It absorbed it at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Postline saw the deep abyss disappear and then shouted, “Stop, that is mine…”

The moment he said this, the abyss ball was absorbed.


Instantly, the air behind Lin Fan shook and a body appeared.

It was the statue within Lin Fan’s body, its face was that of Lin Fan. An aura that had never appeared before exploded and swept the land.

“All of you are born from the abyss but the abyss is mine. So, who are all of you?” Lin Fan said slowly.

What a pitiful fellow.

He didn’t know what to say.

Darkness Chief God fell a long time ago when the world was initially formed. The chaotic energy fell the abyss and the darkness chief god was formed from some parts of it, turning into a crystal which disappeared in the world.

Lin Fan then got it, absorbing evil gods and then letting it recover.

The process was slow and long.

Evil God Postline looked at Lin Fan and the body that appeared behind him. He couldn’t help but shiver. He fell to the ground and buried his head.

To Postline, it was as if he had met the Master that could control his life.

He had no way to fight back at all.

“Keke.” Lin Fan smiled. There would often be unexpected moments during the final battle. Then, he turned towards the distance.

Monster Emperor roared crazily. He had absorbed too many evil gods. The aura of the deep abyss resulted in him being a little mad.

Lin Fan raised his hand. The deep abyss and evil god energy in Monster Emperor’s body was gathered.

The flesh and blood that Monster Emperor absorbed was also disappearing.

Monster Emperor’s mutated body was recovering towards his original state.

Very quickly, Monster Emperor’s turned clear and he didn’t look mad anymore. But to Monster Emperor, he was stunned by all of this.

What was going on?

What happened?

But when Monster Emperor saw Lin Fan, his expression changed. It had been a long time since he saw Lin Fan. At the same time, his words was what made him feel a sense of self love.

“Monster Emperor, long time no see. Logically speaking, I should kill you but you saved my life. I know about all of this now.”

Lin Fan found out from the Alliance.

Yan Kun told him.

“Go, I will let you live. But if you continue to kill the innocent, then I won’t let you off.” Lin Fan said.

Monster Emperor looked at Lin Fan and then at his own body.

His perfect body was gone and that made him a little reluctant.

But he had no choice.

What else could he do?

Monster Emperor left but very quickly, Lin Fan’s voice spread into his ear, “Your size looks good now. There is no need to make things so complicated.”

Monster Emperor shook. He didn’t say anything and didn’t stay. In just the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

Lin Fan looked to the side, “Masaki, when are you trying to hide until?”

Masaki, who was hiding in the dimension, was astonished. He then walked out from it. He was really weak now and couldn’t do anything at all.

Masaki was filled with terror and didn’t dare to look at Lin Fan. In his eyes, Lin Fan was like the blazing sun, burning so bright that it made his eyes hurt.

“Evil Gods shouldn’t exist. It would be better for all of you to disappear.” Lin Fan said.

The moment he said this, Masaki and Postline raised their heads in panic.

“Let me off…”

But their bodies turned into a mist which merged into Lin Fan’s body.

Naturally, Lin Fan wouldn’t let evil gods continue.

Those fellows were so annoying and he couldn’t stand them anymore.

As for Ji, he couldn’t be left alive either.

He raised his hand to suppressed him.

“Old Ancestor Xiao it is over.” Lin Fan said and then he waved, “Cousin, Gou’zi, let’s go home.”

He didn’t care about much and left right away.

“Ah?” Old Ancestor Xiao opened his mouth. He felt like something wasn’t right. Things ended just too casually.

Evil God, those were evil gods.

They were things that all the Dao Realm Stage Nine experts in the world felt a headache about. Why did they become so simple to deal with now?

The sect leaders in the distance looked at one another and discussed softly.

“We are finished. I feel like that fellow’s strength has reached an unbelievable level. Even if me reach stage nine it would still be useless.”

“That seems like it.”


To these Sect leaders, they were filled with despair and didn’t even know what to say.

“Forget it, let’s move out. Sect Leader Lin didn’t care about us which means that he won’t kill us. Let’s not ask for trouble.”


Insect Valley Valley Head was present, but he was further away. He didn’t come for the evil gods or for Old Ancestor Xiao.

he came from Monster Emperor.

He thought that he could control Monster Emperor at the crucial moment.

But who knew that such a thing would happen?

To him, everything was really random.

A thought even appeared in his mind.

So what if he got Monster Emperor?

Could he be Lin Fan’s match? Maybe he would just add a little joy in his life.

In the end, Insect Valley Valley Head just cursed and left.

He left very casually without even turning his head.

Things he thought about for so long was messed up just like that. He felt really pained in his heart.

You City.

Lin Wanyi waited anxiously. Even if he was in You City, he could sense that the evil gods had appeared. He sensed that shockingly terrifying aura.

Just at that moment, he sensed Fan’er’s aura from afar and heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t receive him and instead just strolled in the city.

Thank god everything was fine.

Seven years later.

Lin Manor, courtyard.

A small body that look dignified and strong ran into the courtyard. From afar one could see the guy leisurely resting.

“Mu Gang, your skills are getting better.” Lin Fan closed his eyes and enjoyed Mu Gang’s massage. Mu Gang was already a grandmaster at massaging. Her skills were exquisite.

Gou’zi stood at a side and slowly fanned. He served him very loyally.

“Father…” The kid ran and shouted and very quickly arrived in front of Lin Fan. He gave out an innocent smile, “Father, can you fly with me?”

“Eh?” Lin Fan didn’t open his eyes like he was scolding him.

The kid reacted and retracted his head. He shouted, “Uncle Zhao, Auntie Mu hello.”

Gou’zi smiled and touched the kid’s head.

This was the young master’s first kid. Not long after the evil god battle, she got pregnant. That made everyone in Lin Manor happy. After all, that meant that Lin Fan had left a legacy.

At the same time, the divinator was scolded badly. What did you say about three years?

To Gou’zi, when little young master was born, young master couldn’t think of a name, so he told old master to give him the name.

As Old Master was too emotional, his mind went blank and he too couldn’t think of a name.

In the end, young master said, “Father, you thought for half a day, I thought for half a day, that is a day in total. Let’s call him Lin Yitian (Lin one day).

What a casual naming method.

“Father, can you bring me out to play? I want to fly in the sky?” Lin Yitian pulled Lin Fan’s sleeves and begged. He really wanted to fly.

Lin Fan opened his eyes and glanced, “Kid, didn’t you see that I am busy? Also, who told you that I know how to fly. go and play.”

“Father, they all say that you are strong, you are the top expert in the world, so how do you not know how to fly?” Lin Yitian said.

Lin Fan said, “You just believe what others say. Why don’t you have your own views? Have you ever seen me fly?”

Lin Yitian scratched his head. How would he know whether or not father was telling the truth or not.

Just at that moment, another gentle and crisp voice spread out, “Father…”

A girl held a short sword and ran over. This girl was really cute. When one looked at her, one would naturally like her.

This was Lin Fan’s daughter.

When Lin Fan heard that, he got up and hugged her, dotingly saying, “Baby, what happened?”

“Father, I was training in the sword but there is one part that I keep making mistakes at. I wanted Father to teach me.” Lin Baobao said.

“Haiz, Baobao, listen to me. Girls shouldn’t play with swords. It is so tiring and you might get injured. Why don’t I bring you and fly into the sky?” Lin Fan loved her a lot, totally ignoring Lin Yitian’s sad expression.

“No father, I want to train hard.” Lin Baobao said. Although she was small but she was really interested in martial arts.

Lin Fan said, “Baobao, listen to me. There is no point in rushing for cultivation. Let me bring you to catch birds.”

“Father, I want to go too.” Lin Yitian raised his hand.

“Yitian, you are so old, so why do you still want to play so much? Go study.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Yitian was about to cry. Why were things like that? He was treated so badly that he wanted to cry.

“Yitian, where did you go? Why aren’t you studying?” Lin Wanyi’s voice spread from the distance. For Lin Wanyi, he placed all his effort on his grandson.

He couldn’t let his grandson end up like his father. In the past he had no experience which resulted in Fan’er having 20 years of uselessness. So he learned his lesson and definitely had to nurture his grandson.

“Father, you grandson is here. Drag him away.” Lin Fan shouted.

Lin Yitian looked at his father and also the grandfather that was about to arrive, he cried and ran, “I am going to find mother, I want to complain. Father doesn’t want to bring me into the sky.”

Over the years, Yongle’s looks didn’t change. She was still the same. But since she had kids, she was in a different mental state.

At this point, she was watering flowers when she heard a voice, “Mother…”

She turned around and smiled, “Yitian, what happened?”

Yitian felt wronged, “Mother, I don’t want to cultivate or study. I just want to live leisurely like father. I told him to bring me to fly but he said that he didn’t know how to. But when sister came, father automatically wanted to bring her to fly.”

Yongle touched his head, “Yitian, you need to work hard. Your uncle sent a letter to say that the emperor position will be passed to you, so you need to cultivate and study to become a good emperor.”

“Mother, you didn’t say that in the past. You said that you wanted me to be safe and a normal person.” Lin Yitian said.

Yongle said solemnly, “That was in the past, but you are a guy. How can you be useless? Your father has given up on himself and wants to be useless. Are you willing to be trash?”

“Mother, I want to be like father, it is enough being a piece of trash.” Lin Yitian said softly.

Just at that moment, Lin Wanyi walked over, “Good grandson, so you ran here. Follow me, you still haven’t finished your homework today so how can you play?”

“Father, you have to teach Yitian well. It is tough on you.” Yongle said.

“Haiz, what are you saying, how can teaching my grandson be tough. I am enjoying it.” Lin Wanyi grabbed Yitian’s collar and looked at the sky, “We can’t waste time, every second is important.”

The moment he said this, Lin Wanyi carried Yitian away.

Yongle looked at the sobbing boy and shook her head. She laughed and continued to water the flowers.

The next day.

“Sect Leader Lin, I want to set up a sect. Is that possible?” Old Demon Wuwei stood in front of Lin Fan respectfully. He passed a piece of paper and awaited the outcome.

After the evil god battle seven years ago, the sect leaders panicked for some time, afraid that Sect Leader Lin would take revenge. But after a year, they realized that nothing happened.

Then, some sects wanted to open up again but were afraid that they would be wiped out. Thus, some sect leaders came in fear to find Lin Fan. Who knew that he would actually agree?

More and more sect leaders came. Some he agreed to and some he didn’t.

“Old Demon Wuwei, you came every month for these six years and till now I haven’t passed you. Do you know your problem?” Lin Fan looked at the sect rules that he wrote.

1. No bullying civilians.

2. No harming the environment.


There were a total of 100 rules.

“Sect Leader Lin, please tell me.” Old Demon Wuwei was nearly going to kneel down. He didn’t expect things to be so tough, but for his legacy, he was working his hardest.

He looked at other people open their sects, he was really envious.

“Eh, Xiedao Sect, don’t you think that the name has a bad influence? Who dares to call themselves that in this world? Even Su Ye changed his sect name to Taiji Sect. Don’t you think you should change it?” Lin Fan said.

Su Ye changed the Yin Yang Sect to Taiji Sect and he was impressed with that. Su Ye was also really decisive, slicing off one whole faction before being able to pass his evaluation.

Old Demon Wuwei blinked, “Sect Leader Lin, what about this? I shall change Xie to the Xie in crab?”

“Xie in crab?” Lin Fan asked.

“Right, right.” Old Demon Wuwei nodded.

Lin Fan thought about it, “Okay, I shall let you pass, go and open your sect. But remember, you must keep to your rules, don’t blame me if you don’t.”

“I will do it.” Old Demon Wuwei said right away.

At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief. He finally passed it, it was too tough, too tough.

Old Demon Wuwei left gratefully.

Lin Fan felt bored and went to find his daughter.

Martial Arena.

Lin Baobao was cultivating. Although she was young, her cultivation was decent.

“Baobao stop, let me bring you to Monster God Mountain to look at animals.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Baobao stopped, she was really serious but she looked blur at the same time, “Father, can you stop interrupting me. I need to work hard. If you do that, you will turn me into trash.”

Lin Fan walked up and carried her. He touched her nose, “Little brat, why are you working so hard for. If you are trash, then so be it. I will take care of you for your entire life. Let’s go look at animals. That Old Monster Heaven Slaying knows how to form many more animals. Baobao definitely hasn’t seen them before. Do you want to see them?”

Baobao was a little curious, “Yes.”

Lin Fan smiled, “Then, let’s go.”

Lin Fan brought his daughter, flying into the sky and leaving You City.

Lin Yitian raised his head and looked at the slowly disappearing people. He sniffed, overwhelmed with sadness. He then looked at grandfather and was terrified. He continued to cultivate.


Within a random city, after Zhen Ming took revenge, he didn’t appear in the Alliance. He came to Rich Land to walk around and take a look.

He strolled several times the path that his lover and him took.

Within the city, a seller was selling his items.

On the streets, many people walked by.

Suddenly, a girl walked over from in front of him, she didn’t see him but he saw her.

“Is it you?” Zhen Ming’s throat felt like it was choked. Although it was hard for him to speak, he still spoke.

She was holding a little kid like she was telling him something.

When she heard that voice, her body shook. She looked at Zhen Ming and her pupils constricted. She suppressed her fear and then asked, “Who are you? What is the matter?”

Zhen Ming didn’t say anything. He just looked at her and the kid that was similar to her. He was silent for a long while.

Although he didn’t say anything, his body shook intensely and he clenched his fingers.

The girl pulled the kid behind her.

Zhen Ming saw what she did and relaxed, “Nothing, I just found you familiar. I recognized the wrong person.”

She pulled the kid and ran around Zhen Ming, leaving swiftly.

Zhen Ming slowly raised his head. He couldn’t help but cry and laugh at the same time.

“Not worth it, really not worth it.”

“Sect Leader Lin, you were really right.”

The civilians saw how Zhen Ming looked and were terrified. They all ran away as they thought that he was a lunatic.

Yu Yunmeng heard that voice and lowered her head, picking up her footsteps.

“Mother, who is that uncle?” The kid asked.

Yu Yunmeng touched his head, “A passerby in life. I wasn’t a good person before and did many wrong things.”

“No, in my heart, mother is the best.” The kid said.

At that moment, Zhen Ming really saw through everything.

During these years, he didn’t know what he was doing. He lived in memories. Now that those memories were destroyed, he was able to be free.

“It is time to go back. My life has just started.” Zhen Ming muttered to himself.

From then on, Zhen Ming didn’t come to Rich Land and spent his life in the Alliance.