Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 1028 - Marry a Pig as a Wife

Chapter 1028 Marry a Pig as a Wife

“En.” Chen Ning nodded hard. In fact, if he was reluctant to part with her, how could she be willing to part from him?

But she thought of Chu Shaobai hovering between life and death. She lifted her chin and pulled her hand back from Mochuan before smiling at him.

At this time, the sky was turning bright. The city gate had not opened yet. But Zhuifeng took Mochuan’s imperial token and they easily left the capital. They rode a horse carriage southwards.

This was a very comfortable horse carriage. It appeared plain on the outside and looked no different from an ordinary horse carriage, but the inside was different.

There was a soft couch inside, along with a small table and two embroidered pillows. It was like a small, but fully furnished little room.

There was a shelf above the table. A teapot was on the shelf. It could prevent tea from being poured out during the journey. One had to praise the designer’s ingenuity.

The three people on the horse carriage had changed their clothing to avoid attracting attention.

The identities of the three people were a Xiaojie, a maidservant, and a manservant.

Zhuifeng sat in the front of the horse carriage and drove it. Excited chattering sounded behind him from time to time, but he rarely heard Chen Ning’s voice.

The nerves of his entire body were stretched tight. Although he was driving the horse carriage, his ears were perked up. His eyes also looked around vigilantly.

Xiao Ru was very excited inside the horse carriage. This was the first time that she left the capital since she was born. For a period of time, she felt that one pair of eyes wasn’t enough.

She lifted the curtain on the horse carriage and looked outside. She pulled on Chen Ning’s sleeve and asked questions.

When she saw a farmer plowing farmland, she exclaimed and asked why that man was as black as charcoal.

When she saw a scarecrow, she suddenly realized that he stood under the sun all day long. No wonder he turned into a charcoal.

Chen Ning leaned against the window and looked quietly outside. She occasionally answered, “En.”

She finally realized why Mochuan made her take Xiao Ru along.

The journey wouldn’t be boring with Xiao Ru, who didn’t know about the sorrows of the world, talking and chattering around her. She also wouldn’t have the time to be sad about Chu Shaobai.

Zhuifeng’s thoughts were completely different from hers.

He drove the horse carriage and his cheek twitched. He listened to Xiao Ru’s silly and foolish words. He hated that he couldn’t take his socks off to stuff her twittering mouth.

He really didn’t understand. The Empress was such a smart person. How could there be a stupid maidservant around her?!

Such a stupid girl would never get married!

Who would want to marry a stupid pig as a wife?!

The three people travelled through the nights for a few days. Everything was peaceful.

For safety reasons, Zhuifeng chose densely populated official roads. In addition, they were dressed very simply and weren’t the slightest bit eye-catching.

Chen Ning knew that Chu Shaobai’s situation wasn’t optimistic. Whether he could last until she invited the godly doctor was still difficult to say. She naturally hoped that she would arrive at the godly doctor’s residence as soon as possible.

Thus, Zhuifeng didn’t dare to delay the slightest along the way. Even at noon, he randomly bought a few steamed buns to eat.

Xiao Ru thought that it was novel and interesting for the first few days. But after sitting in the horse carriage for two days, she began to feel pain all over her body, especially her buttocks. It felt as if she had been beaten. When she slept in an inn at night, she could only sleep on her front side.