Dual Cultivator with a cultivation system

Chapter 132 Ch-132: Service(1)

Chapter 132 Ch-132: Service(1)

Wang Ming stood before a group of beautiful onlookers, their gazes fixed on him.

"Hey, Wang Ming, I\'ve brought some disciples as promised," Shang Rui said, smiling.

"I can see," Wang Ming replied calmly, as he was using his \' soul eyes\' to observe them

[ Name: Yu Yan ]

[ Age: 24 ]

[ Cultivation: 4th order of the Qi-Gathering Realm]

[ Occupation: Outer Court Disciple of the Yang-Ying Sect ]

[ Emotion: Curious, Doubtful ]

[Reason: She\'d heard about your incredible massage skills from Senior Sister Shang Rui, but she still had her doubts about your abilities. The scars accumulated from years of battles had left her feeling self-conscious. She came to you, holding onto a glimmer of hope that you could heal those scars.]

[ Physiques: None]

[ Bloodline: None]

[ Name: Tian Ying ]

[ Age: 37 ]

[ Cultivation: 2nd order of the Qi-Gathering Realm]

[ Occupation: Outer Court Disciple of the Yang-Ying Sect ]

[ Emotion: Confused, Curious ]

[Reason: She\'s heard about the amazing results of your massages from Senior Sister Shang Rui, but she still has doubts about your skills. Unbeknownst to her, she\'s facing meridian blockages that hinder her normal cultivation. She\'s curious if you can help solve whatever issue she\'s dealing with. ]

[ Physiques: None]

[ Bloodline: None]

[ Name: Deng Yan ]

[ Age: 24 ]

[ Cultivation: 5th order of the Qi-Gathering Realm]

[ Occupation: Outer Court Disciple of the Yang-Ying Sect ]

[ Emotion: Curious, Hopeful, Suspicious ]

[Reason: She has heard about the miraculous effects of your massage from her Senior Sister Shang Rui but is still doubtful about your ability. She always had an inkling that her current Cultivation level should be greater than what it should be and feels some kind of dormant power within her which is an unawakened physique, she wonders whether you can help her awaken this mysterious power within her]

[ Physiques: ????]

[ Bloodline: None]

\' Huh, a special unawakened physique\' Wang Ming thought in his mind as he saw the description

"So, you\'re Wang Ming, huh?" remarked Deng Yan, one of the disciples.

"It\'s a pleasure to meet you. I\'m Wang Ming, the owner of Celestial Massage Parlor," Wang Ming introduced himself.

"Hmm, he\'s really handsome. He could easily win any woman he wants. Doesn\'t seem like a scammer, and he even has two beauties with him. Maybe he\'s genuine and can heal my wounds," Yu Yan pondered.

" I can already tell what kind of problem you guys are facing, who is going first ?" asked Wang Ming which caused the girls to raise an eyebrow while Shang Rui just giggled mischievously

" Oh, so you claim to know what kind of problems we have without even checking us huh, please do enlighten us," Tian Ying said with a voice filled with sarcasm

"Of course, let\'s begin with you, as it\'s quite evident that you have some wounds on your body that you\'d like to heal," Wang Ming said, indicating Yu Yan. Her face showed surprise. Then, he turned his gaze to the older woman in the group, Tian Ying, who had a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"As for you, there seems to be a blockage in your meridians, hindering your normal cultivation. This is likely why your cultivation level is lower than it should be," Wang Ming explained while pointing at Tian Ying, who furrowed her brow.

"Hmm, I do have some issues, but do I really have problems with my meridians?" Tian Ying pondered to herself.

"Next, you," Wang Ming pointed towards Deng Yang and continued, "You sense some kind of dormant power within you but can\'t quite figure it out. Let me tell you, you have an unwanted physique within you." Deng Yang\'s eyes widened in surprise.

"Do I really have an unawakened physique?" Deng Yang wondered and glanced at Wang Ming. She decided to try out his services as it proved effective for her senior which she claimed, as he seemed to have uncovered something she had felt since childhood but could never quite understand. Not even the sect elders could discern what Wang Ming had just revealed.

"So, if you all are convinced, we can proceed. Who would like to go first?" Wang Ming inquired again, and the girls appeared to be somewhat convinced.

"I\'ll go first," said Yu Yan as she stepped forward from the group.

"Well, follow me," Wang Ming said, and Yu Yan followed him into the establishment.

Once inside, Yu Yan looked around curiously and noticed only a bed in the middle, devoid of any decorations or additional furniture.

"It looks quite plain. You should consider adding some decorations," Yu Yan suggested to Wang Ming.

"Hmm, I\'ll think about it. This is not a permanent setup; it\'s just temporary, so I didn\'t add any decorations," Wang Ming replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Please, go and lie down on the bed," Wang Ming instructed, and Yu Yan looked at him.

"Do I need to remove my robes?" Yu Yan asked with a frown.

"No, there\'s no need for that," Wang Ming reassured her, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Yu Yna went towards the bed and lay down with her back facing the ceiling, Wang Ming approached her slowly and activated his \' Yang Hands of healing\' and could see some bright spots on her back which indicated the areas which needs to be massaged to cure her

" All right, let\'s begin," Wang Ming said as he moved his hands forward and made contact with her body, her body twitched all of a sudden when she felt him touching her back

\' Huh, what was that\' she thought in her head but before she could comprehend it, she felt a jolt of pleasure assaulting her body causing her to moan in surprise



" So, looking at your expression what he said seems to be correct, right?" Tian Ying asked to which they nodded their head in confirmation

" Maybe he can really help us," Deng Yang said with excitement as she was the most eager to waken her dormant power which she felt, and if what Wang Ming said was true it will aid in her Cultivation in the future

" ~AHHHH~" they suddenly stopped their chat, and looked at the door of the establishment in surprise