Divine Brilliance

Chapter 1228 - Book Of Eon And Book Of The Universe

Chapter 1228 - Book Of Eon And Book Of The Universe

Numerous black dots scattered along the endless and wide world river. They were all things that the world wasn't willing to accept but were really stubborn. Unlimited Tribulation Power wrapped around it and went against it.

This was the 10th day after the battle and the void storm which was caused by the dozens of End Realm Saint Venerables ravaged the area.

That battle destroyed 13 small worlds but most of them didn't have any life and were lacking resources. Even Tianfang Guild in the past didn't bother about it thus the amount of living beings that were killed weren't many.

The only thing one worried about was the corpse of that person that scattered all around which was really dangerous. The ability of a True Realm, even after his body was being scattered, he couldn't just die like that. Even a part of his body could corrupt the core of a world and take the soul of a Saint Realm.

This was why even 10 days after, Xiuguan and the others didn't leave and they continued to suppress the area and seal the space around. They waited for the black particles to naturally disappear and not give that person a chance at all.

At this moment, Zong Shou accompanied beside Xiuguan and Cibei, he sighed and his eyes were filled with melancholy.

"This person is called Yuanchu and is one of the True Realm End Venerables of the last world. Unfortunately, he formed his Dao using outer items, and in this world, he suffered a lot of tortureā€¦"

Before this half a step True Realm expert died, he had the chance to view a portion of his memories.

He was a person who was respected and worshipped in the last world. However, due to mistakes made in his cultivation, it caused many kinds of sad endings.

"He chose the wrong path and he can't blame others!"

Xiuguan shook his head, his eyes were filled with emotions. In this life, he had seen many people who fell behind due to not being able to keep up. Many of his friends had died due to age and some were like Yuanchu who took the evil path and arrived in a tragic situation.

"Senior Brother's 10,000-year-old wish has been reached. The Cloud World God Treasure battle has been solved. In the next several thousand years, there will be no wars. Your Great Gan would be really stable."

When Xiuguan said this, he looked towards Zong Shou and smiled, "Zong Shou, where are you prepared to go?"

Zong Shou wanted to say Lu Family instinctively, however, he stopped. At this moment, the Cloud World and the Buddhist Faction's strength was being combined. With Great Gan as a pillar, merging with the strength of dozens of End Realm. The people on the side of the Lu Family would be slightly smart and stop all disputes.

If his grandfather and mother took control of the Sky Burning Saint Dynasty, those few Country Rulers would still have a chance to live. However, if they gave him a reason to return and take over, then be it Xuanhua Country Ruler or Xuanye Country Ruler, they would end up badly.

Lu Family wasn't a problem, so where should Zong Shou go?

All of a sudden, Zong Shou lost all interest. He had no pressure and he didn't feel forced anymore, instead he felt totally lost.

All of a sudden, his mind firmed up.

...Chase the extreme of the Sword Path! This was the only goal he had never given up. There was also his wife and kid that needed him to spend time with. He had went all around these four years and owed them so much.

He smiled and didn't reply, "Then where will Senior Master go to?"

"The Cloud World matter has ended, so naturally, I will tour the world to search for a chance to fulfil my young wishes."

Xiuguan smiled, "If I have a chance to enter True Realm, then I will head to other world regions."

Zong Shou found it weird, "Then, what about Master Xi Zi? We won't revive him?"

"Xi Zi didn't really die and fall into a deep sleep!"

The person who spoke was Cibei. Zong Shou exclaimed and his eyes opened wide. He found it unbelievable and he was really shocked.

Cibei's tone was really calm, "That year Xi Zi had a bit of his soul which escaped. He was the person Yuanchu was most afraid of. As for where it is, no one knows. Maybe he gave up everything and reincarnated and perfected the Dao Foundations. Maybe he revived somewhere. Who knows, maybe you are the reincarnation of his soul."

Zong Shou was shocked. Xi Zi's soul reincarnation? Impossible!

He denied that without hesitation. Should he have felt honored? He wasn't willing to be a part of another person's soul. His future achievements would be far better than his!

However, he probably reincarnated and was improving his Dao Foundations. If not, he should have done something when Lin Xuanshuang was trapped for thousands of years.

"As expected, you are as prideful as Senior Brother!"

Xiuguan laughed, "You cultivated for only 20 years but your Dao Foundations can't compare to normal people. If you are willing to calm down and use 100 years to solidify it, you might reach True Realm faster than Cibei and I. Exceeding Xi Zi might not be a dream."

Zong Shou burst out laughing and felt ashamed. He asked curiously, "Taoist Lord has the Book of Universe. Are you prepared to form a new world?"

"How do you know?"

Cibei's rose his brow in shock and then was deep in thought, "So that is the case. The Book of Eon was in hiding for 200,000 years and collected huge amounts of energy. I think it could help someone directly enter Saint Realm. Who knew that there was such a situation."

He flipped the Book of Universe in his hands and smiled, "I have been hiding in the Cloud World and using shadow viewing techniques to record everything. I was prepared to use the book to create an Illusion Realm World. Today, all cultivators could cultivate within. It can strengthen all our Cloud World Cultivators and cause the world to have fewer killings."