Debut or Die Magazine

CH 134

First of all, as soon as the concert on the first day ended, a pop-up that I had never seen before appeared.

[A successful performance!]

Impressed the overwhelming majority!

– Number of audiences: 13,120 (NEW!)

– Impressed rate: 96% (NEW!)

: Draw heroic characteristics ☜ Click!

And I had attained one achievement.

It was the ‘first performance’ achievement. Thanks to that, I leveled up for the first time in a while.

‘Is it about the performance, not the stage?’

It seemed one-time stages and solo concerts were counted as different fields.

‘It’s a profit.’

The status window was stagnant, but its operation was good because I could get more corners available like this.

In many ways, since I leveled up for the first time in a while and even got a characteristic draw, the concert was a good harvest.

‘…It was fun, too.’

Well… It didn’t seem to be the kind of fun that modern people usually experience, but that overwhelming sense was… certain.

It was a dizzying moment when I thought back on it now.

All those lights, voices, heat, and emotions…


I almost felt emotional for a moment, but then I also remembered what I had done.

‘…I cried.’

… And I even remembered the phrase on the cone hat I had worn earlier.

‘Damn it.’

Because the cone hat was self-made, there were no extras, and since I couldn’t show a non-cooperative appearance on W live, I had no choice but to use it.

‘I won’t cry again.’

That f*cking crybaby king phrase would become the title of the bastard who wrote it next time.

“Moondae, do you want a beer?”


Just in time, I took a can of beer from Ryu Chungwoo and drank it. I drank it well.

“You all worked so hard!”

“Phew, it’s just the beginning of our activity, but it feels like it’s already over~”

“Strictly speaking, we haven’t started yet. Because our album release date is tomorrow.”

“…The music video hasn’t been released yet. It will come out in half an hour.”

“Hey, why don’t we watch it later before going to bed?”

“Great idea!”

Everyone was really excited.

I might have to record a video one more time later.

‘It’s our first reaction to the music video, so there’s no harm in filming it.’

Instead of an old low-end phone, I fiddled with a new, up-to-date smartphone covered in a yellow puppy case.

It was one of the gifts I received on my birthday.

It took some time to get used to because the operating system was different from the phones I used to have, but it was fun because it had various functions…I was grateful.

However, after receiving the latest smartphone gift about seven times, I started to break out in a cold sweat.

‘There were three of the same model.’

I purposefully made sure it got caught on camera and even made confirmation of it a few times, but the smartphone was not the end.

It seemed I had received almost all kinds of electronics and luxury goods as gifts so far.

‘…It’s too expensive.’

Calculating the amount to be paid back was almost disorienting.

I couldn’t go on like this. I was busy anyway, so I didn’t have time to use those stuff properly.

I couldn’t even show the gifts I used, but continuing to receive them was only self-satisfaction.

‘I am not even going to sell them.’

If I got caught selling them, a burning ceremony would be held on the Internet that day.

And even if it wouldn’t happen… Those were gifts given to me to use, so I couldn’t sell them.

‘I should make an announcement telling them to stop.’

Even if I said I didn’t want to take gifts, saying it alone would be like unnecessarily throwing prey to the aggro, so I would have to bring it up to these guys as soon as I got the settlement.

But I couldn’t do it now.

Even if I brought it up, with the atmosphere of the drinking party, they would just shout ‘Okay’ in a fit of anger and regret it the next day.

“What do you think, you two 20-year-olds? Do you like beer?”

“It’s bitter.”

“It doesn’t have any sugar at all…”

“T-Then… How about this?”

Taste reviews run rampant with people recommending drinks to the kids who drank legally for the first time.

“I like this!”

“I-I am glad…! B-But, don’t drink too much… Uh.”

‘What a mess.’

I gave up on the idea of a reaction video. I would have to accumulate another three years of annual leave to make this public.

“Moondae, do you have any recommendations~?”

“Tell them to drink soda.”

“I don’t want to!”

Yeah well, then keep drinking and get wasted.

I opened a new can of beer and angrily brought up the characteristics draw.

‘If I pick a heroic characteristic, is it at least grade B?’

I hope something useful comes out. I thought it would be best if Bacchus came out again and got upgraded.

Now, the familiar slot machine popped up, and the slot with the golden slot intermittently mixed with the platinum slot began to spin.

[Mental Strength]


[Fluffy Cutie]

[For further details (omitted)]

[I need to sympathize]



Characteristics that I felt like I had seen somewhere and phrases that I hoped wouldn’t get caught flashed by, and then stopped.

It was a platinum-colored slot, which was rare.



Along with confetti, an A-class characteristic appeared.

[Characteristic: International student (A)]

– I understand what you said.

: Foreign language proficiency +200%

What is this?

Where did this random characteristic of job seekers come from?

‘Increased foreign language proficiency?’

Why? Just let me speak one language. Creating something out of nothing seemed impossible even with the status window

‘…I blew off an A-class.’

With a bitter smile, I tried to abandon my newly selected characteristic, but suddenly I came to my senses.

‘Wait a minute.’

…Let’s consider the cases so far.

Strong heart. As soon as it came out, I threw it away and controversy over the past broke out.

The faucet. As soon as it came out, I threw it away and ended up crying my heart out at the concert… F*ck.

No way, did it give the characteristic that I needed the most at that time?

The ominous premonition that I recalled last time was starting to look very convincing.


Calm down. First, let’s guess.

Situations where foreign language proficiency was required.

‘It’s only for overseas trips.’

Unless we were kidnapped and sold to overseas’ fishing boats, that was our most likely future as an idol.

‘It’s almost time to start a tour.’

Because we came from a Korean audition program, Testar’s overseas fandom was weak compared to the one in Korea, but it wasn’t nonexistent.

Once you become popular in Korea, interest from abroad tends to naturally follow.

In addition, our cover of Onyx’s stage last time seemed to have become a hot topic among overseas K-pop fans.

‘I guess that’s what they like.’

I’d sold data to foreigners who used translators before, and groups with higher transaction rates than domestic ones had that concept.

Hip-hop base dance songs with strong beats and intense performance.

‘Testar is not a group that focuses on that.’

Not everything went according to the trend, but if I had to go abroad someday, I thought it would be okay to try a single title like that once or twice.

Anyway… Let’s go back to the speculation that this characteristic came out because we were scheduled for overseas tours this year.

‘…Still, I don’t think that kind of ability is needed for the tour.’

I spoke English only at the college graduate level. That meant I could attempt light-level communication.

Besides, our team already had a native speaker. Cha Eugene…

“Drink more!”

“Wait, Eugene, let’s stop~”

“Y-You drank too much…!”


Cha Eugene… was the only native speaker.

And the only other person who studied abroad was Seon Ahyeon.

Needless to say, the communication compatibility between those two was disastrous.

‘This… This won’t do.’

I eventually decided to follow the inductive method.

It was better to study foreign languages until I could get the next characteristic than to experience the same situation as when the strong heart and the faucet were thrown away.

Then I had to delete one of the three characteristics I already had… Well, this was obvious.

[Characteristic: I heard it’s true (C) has been deleted!]

I’d never used this characteristic at all since my debut. It didn’t pop out when I persuaded the former director or when I recommended counseling to Seon Ahyeon.

‘Its grade is the lowest, so it’s right to throw it away.’

Now, we weren’t walking on a tightrope while doing group assignments in a crazy survival solo match as we had done in <Idol Inc.>.

I checked my status window again.

[Name: Park Moondae (Ryu Gunwoo)]

Level: 16

Title: None

Vocal: A+

Dance: B

Visual: A-

Talent: B

Characteristics: Infinite potential, International student (A), Bacchus 500 (B), Snatching ears (A)

!Status abnormality: Win an award or die

Remaining points: 2

First of all, the dance stat that naturally grew from B- to B caught my attention.

‘It’s worth the roll.’

It was a feat achieved while preparing for the year-end stage and the concert. Now, even if I stood next to a guy with passable skills, I would still look good at dancing.

And with the remaining two points that were currently available… Well, I actually had one extra more, so I wanted to put one on the vocal. Because the grade would change.

‘I want to check how much the vocal changes when it enters S class.’

However, it seemed okay to add two points to the talent or the dance so that I could have three A stats.

‘What should I do?’

I thought about it for a while and then I made up my mind after thinking about one of my upcoming schedules.

‘I think this is right.’

And as soon as I finished distributing the points, someone tapped me on the back.

“Park Moondae, have you seen this?”

“What is it?”

When I turned my head, Keun Sejin pointed at his smartphone screen.

It was a new message from the Moon Rabbit group chat, which was from the third match of <Idol Inc.> that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

[Ha Iljoon: I heard the concert went well! Congratulations (tearful emoticon) I’m sorry I couldn’t go even though you invited me!]

[Ha Iljoon: Actually, I’m debuting in April! I couldn’t go because I was preparing for my debutㅠㅠ Please take good care of me in the future, Testar sunbae-nim! (greeting emoticon)]

Oh, Gold 1 was debuting.

But is there anything more to say besides congratulations? There didn’t seem to be anything special about it.

“…Ah, hold on. I will scroll it up.”

After checking my expression, Keun Sejin lowered the smartphone screen with his finger.

Then a new message appeared.

[Ha Iljoon: But Wongil from our team is also debuting. If there is an interview asking about you guys’ relationship with him, is it okay to say that everything is already solved?]

[Ha Iljoon: I am not saying you guys are close or anything, I would just say that much!]

I see.

Choi Wongil also made his debut as a team in the end.

Since most of Testar members had experienced Choi Wongil’s trolls in <Idol Inc> and it was all aired, it definitely sounded like something that would come out bad in an interview.

‘It’s understandable that Gold 1 worries about it.’

Keun Sejin shrugged.

“What do you think?”

What do you mean, I have no idea.

Gold 1 wasn’t a stupid attention seeker so he would really only say that much. It was solved properly.

And considering that Choi Wongil had apologized on the stairs of the broadcasting station, it seemed he had changed his mind enough not to say useless things.

“I don’t care.”

“Really? Actually, me too. Then I’ll post it.”

Keun Sejin smiled and posted a message in the group chat room.

[Me: Gasp, hyung-nim is debuting~ Congratulations! (eyes twinkling emoticon) Of course, saying that much in the interviews is fine~ We didn’t even fight!]

“That’s it? You should post congratulations too~”


“The others, um… They’ll post a congratulatory message when they come to their sense, right?”

“I guess.”

He meant Seon Ahyeon and Kim Raebin. It was obvious.

He seemed distracted from whether he should be drinking now or stopping Cha Eugene, so he would figure it out later when he came to his senses.

“M-Moondae! Would you like a drink too?!”

“…It’s fine.”

When our eyes met, he started talking like some kind of P*kemon play. Let’s avoid him.

In the end, I ended up getting involved in the mess and drinking wine at the last minute, but anyway, I didn’t think that the current situation would cause any particular problems.

Until a few days later, when I found a popular WeTube video posted right before our first comeback on a music show.


[Choi Wongil recording 2]


It wasn’t my business thus far.

But it changed when I pressed play.

It was just a recording with only sound on a black background without a video, but a conversation I had heard somewhere came out.


Hey, no way.

I went down to the comments.

Someone had kindly added interpretive subtitles.

– I wrote down what I heard.

Choi Wongil: How does it feel to live like that? The world revolves around you…

(Assumed to be) Park Moondae: (sigh)…

Why do I show up here…?