Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Strange, three contract beasts

“Regardless of what contract beasts they are, they should only have two contract beasts. Why are there three contract beasts here?”

The crowd was puzzled. Could it be that one of the contract beasts has not been contracted yet?

If there’s no contract, why is that one contract beast so obedient?

It is well known that ordinary demon beasts would attack when they see humans. How could one be so well-behaved, quietly eating here?

This is truly strange!

Many people’s eyes subtly fell on the three demon beasts. They were really curious about what the reason behind this could be.

Baili Hongzhuang and Di Beichen also felt the attention of the crowd, but they had long been accustomed to various gazes from others over the years.

Now, these eyes on them couldn’t affect them in any way. As long as the other party didn’t come looking for trouble, they didn’t care how others saw them.

Baili Hongzhuang also understood that it was indeed strange for three contract beasts to eat here together, but she believed that the people of Yuanwu City must have seen many things related to the Bloodstained Abyss, so such a thing, while strange, shouldn’t be too surprising.

“My lady, would you like to rest in Yuanwu City for a few days?” Di Beichen asked.

Since they left Qingxiao Kingdom, they had been on the road constantly, spending an especially long time on the flying dragon beast. Hongzhuang must be very tired.

Once they entered the Bloodstained Abyss, they would need to be extremely cautious about everything. Only now, in Yuanwu City, could they relax a bit.

Baili Hongzhuang thought for a moment. She also understood why Di Beichen said such words at this time.

Indeed, in such a dangerous place, a slight mistake could cost them their lives. Both of them should be in the best condition possible when they go.

Thinking about it, Baili Hongzhuang said slowly, “How about we stay in Yuanwu City for a few more days and head to the Bloodstained Abyss in a couple of days?”

Di Beichen smiled indulgently, “I’ll follow my lady’s lead.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s smile widened slightly. Although the past few days on the flying dragon beast had been tough, the thought of Di Beichen being with her made her feel fulfilled and content.

Just as Baili Hongzhuang and Di Beichen were happily eating, a group of people descended from the second floor.

Liu Xuerong’s gaze fell on the three furry contract beasts on Baili Hongzhuang’s table, not expecting to see such adorable contract beasts!

Just watching the three little fellows happily eating, Liu Xuerong couldn’t help but feel envious.

Powerful contract beasts were very rare, and she didn’t have high hopes, but she only wished to contract a cute demon beast. With one by her side, she would have a companion.

However, she had never found a suitable demon beast, but here, there were three.

“Big Brother Xie, those demon beasts are so cute.”

Liu Xuerong tugged on the sleeve of the man next to her, her eyes filled with anticipation.

If she could obtain these contract beasts, it would be wonderful!

Hearing Liu Xuerong’s words, Xie Honglang also looked in the direction she indicated.

Sure enough, there was a man and a woman having dinner, and beside them were three demon beasts, one black and two white, eating as well, looking very obedient.

A smile played at the corner of Xie Honglang’s mouth. “Xiao Xue, as long as it’s something you like, I’ll definitely get it for you!”