Abyssal Lord of the Magi World

Chapter 1020 Lethal wound

Chapter 1020 Lethal wound


The sound of metal breaking echoed across the parallel dimension, and it came from not other than the bloody tumor that contained the Harbinger of Desolation.

Immediately, a figure flashed out, appearing between Ezequiel and Tormentras.


An explosion of black-white lightning and dark gravitational waves spread everywhere as Nihilak\'s palm stopped Ezequiel\'s punch, saving Tormentras from a certain death.

The eyes of Emptiness Thearch and Revenge Thearch widened as they saw Nihilak emerge from his reconstruction before Zatiel. That was very bad news for them.

Ezequiel\'s power had risen immensely after the sacrifice of his Lord of Emptiness Bloodline. Still, it seemed that even with the cosmic force in a radius of a billion light years running through his body, he could only match the Harbinger of Desolation!


Nihilak sneered before making the black hole in his palm explode, pushing the Emptiness Thearch away before turning his eyes toward the samsara lotus.

No matter how strong Ezequiel and Venganza grew, the only one who could truly threaten him was the Samsara Thearch.

The Knight did not even bother to glance at Tormentras before flashing toward the samsara lotus, covering his hands in incredibly destructive power while the black hole on his back burst with power.

"You will not reach him!"

Ezequiel shouted with rage as his entire body immolated. He was burning his soul, body, and energy in order to express his strength without limits for a short period of time.

Nihilak\'s eyes narrowed as he saw the black-white lightning dive coming in his direction, and while he did not like it, taking it head-on would not be wise.

"Annoying garbage!"

The Harbinger of Desolation shouted with rage and killing intent as he adopted a battle stance and attacked the Emptiness Thearch with both hands, generating a black gravitational wave that twisted the fabric of reality.

Ezequiel felt he clashed with the hardest and heaviest object in existence as he dived into that black gravitational wave. Still, his eyes burned with killing intent as he pushed forward, ignoring the fact his bones were breaking apart.

Thearch correctly during their first clash, but he failed to take into account the determination of this one.

Centimeter by centimeters, Ezequiel pushed his body forward until he managed to break through the black gravitational force, tackling Nihilak like a divine lightning spear!

Nihilak\'s puked a mouthful of blood as the dive made his inner organs tremble. He had measured the power of the Emptiness Thearch correctly during their first clash, but he failed to take into account the determination of this one.

Ezequiel\'s body nearly broke apart, but none of that mattered as he drove Nihilak farther and farther away from the samsara lotus. The parallel dimension where they fought had no limits, so he could push this one until the end of time if needed.

Nihilak clenched his teeth, and his eyes burned with rage as he saw the samsara lotus growing distant. Black holes covered his hands as he punched Ezequel\'s back, trying to break free.

However, no matter how much damage the Emptiness Thearch took, he did not let go of Nihiliak and kept pushing forward, burning his life in the process.

Tormentras\' body trembled as he finally regained control over his body. The damage he took from the fight with the Emptiness Thearch had nearly killed him, but he still had enough strength to continue fighting.

A mere fraction of his soul remained due to the pressure of his own monstrous body, but that was enough for the Knight\'s eyes to focus on the samsara lotus, and he knew he needed to destroy it.


A howling roar emerged from the Bringer of Extinction as he raised his ax and flashed toward the samsara lotus, ready to split it apart.


Before Tormentras could get near the samsara lotus, a flaming kick landed on his neck, nearly breaking it and pushing his body away.

Venganza\'s eyes were cold as he stared at Tormentras, putting himself in front of the samsara lotus. Then his eyes went to the Echo of Doom.

Luckily for Ravakir, Venganza was not able to finish the fight since he had to defend the samsara lotus, or else his life would have ended in just a few more minutes.

The Echo of Doom felt a sense of utter shame as he saw the state of his body and soul and understood he was not a match for the Revenge Thearch in a direct fight. He focused on his comrade, and his eyes glowed as he took control of Tormentras\' mind.

"It is shameful that a heretic of my race pushed me to this point, but since all of you will die, I can just say it never happened."

Ravakir showed a cold and vicious smile before turning into a shadow specter and fashing toward Venganza. At the same time, he instructed Tormentras to attack head-on, using suicidal attacks.

Venganza\'s face grew solemn as he saw the duo flashing toward him. Tormentras attacked head-on while Ravakir waited for an opening in the darkness.

It was a simple yet highly effective battle formation, but Venganza was ready as he unleashed the full power of his Eternal Flame of Revenge and Annihilation Truth.

A fire domain extended across the parallel dimension, diminishing the maneuverability and power of the duo and covering the samsara lotus in a flame cocoon.

"Sinful Nexus Eternal Combat!"

Venganza pushed the Samsara of Sin and Man to its peak, driving the power of all seven sins into his body and fire before clashing head-on with Tormentras. The Revenge Thearch channeled an immense amount of energy into his hands, allowing them to collide with the ax.

Even after all his wounds, the Knight was capable of tremendous power, but the Revenge Thearch could endure. Waves of sharp kinetic force and fire spread everywhere as the duo clashed.

Venganza\'s eyes narrowed as he dodged Tormentras\' ax before bending his back just as a spectral claw attempted to rip open his neck. Not stopping his body, he twisted it, generating an immense torque and channeling all that power into a kick.

The flaming kick landed on Ravakir\'s face, pushing the Knight flying away.

Although the attack was superb and damaged the Echo of Doom, Venganza did not have the luxury of relaxing since Tormentras\' ax once again flashed toward his body.

Venganza\'s kick on Ravakir left his body in a weak position, so he could not dodge the ax, and a large cut appeared on his shoulder. The wound immediately healed thanks to his Depravita Constitution, but it consumed a good portion of his energy, something he did not have much left of.

Ravakir regained control over his body and flashed back into the fray, ignoring the burning wound on his face as he once again hid in the darkness.

Venganza continued clashing with Tormentras while keeping part of his mind looking for the hidden enemy. The trio continued their fight for nearly two minutes, clashing hundreds of thousands of times as every move they made was at superluminal speed.

Several cuts and claw marks had appeared on the Revenge Thearch\'s body, but his enemies were covered in dark flames that would not turn off until their souls and bodies were consumed.

Venganza showed a fierce smile as he clashed with the duo. Not only did he manage to protect the samsara lotus, but his Eternal Flame and Truth pushed Tormentras and Ravakir closer and closer to their deaths.

Sadly for the Revenge Thearch, before the fight with the Echo of Doom and Bringer of Extinction could reach minute three, he felt a presence advancing toward him at a crazy speed.

Venganza\'s eyes widened as he saw Nihilak returning, and he soon noticed Ezequiel chasing behind the Knight, but this one was too wounded to catch up.


The Eternal Flame of Revenge and Annihilation Truth burst with power as Venganza prepared to face Nihilak. Yet, before he could even adopt a proper battle stance, the Knight appeared before him.

Nihilak ignored the space-time flow before sending a palm strike toward the Revenge Thearch, pushing this one out of his path and finally attacking the samsara lotus.

Ezequiel and Venganza could do nothing as the Harbinger of Desolation\'s hand pierced into the samsara lotus, reaching all the way into Zatiel\'s body!

Zatiel\'s body inside the samsara lotus lacked his wings and third eye as if he had yet to finish his reconstruction when Nihilak\'s hand pierced his chest!

The Samsara Thearch opened his eyes as the black gravitational force ripped his heart to pieces, but instead of pain or agony, what appeared on his face was a cold smile.

Nihiliak\'s instincts began to scream as he saw that smile, but before he could take his hand out, Zatiel grabbed his arm, immobilizing him.


Space behind the Harbinger of Desolation broke to pieces as the Samsara Thearch emerged from it, his sword bursting with dark purple flames and golden fire.

Nihilak could not do anything as the sword pierced into his back, pushing all the way to the other side!