What Do You Mean There Are Other Transmigrators In My Harem Fantasy?

Chapter 36 You Can Crash At My Place (*R)

"I didn\'t notice this just now… But you fought the wyvern wearing heels?" Ardiolyta noted, staring at the heeled boots I was wearing.

We were still about ten minutes away from reaching my home, though the journey was relatively uneventful so far aside from just some small talk between us.

Despite Odeta trying her best to remain awake, the little girl fell asleep halfway through the journey. I have to give it to the little girl though, her injuries must be hurting quite a bit but she still managed to put up a strong front.

I looked down and shrugged, "It doesn\'t hinder me much."

"Does your feet not hurt? I\'ve tried walking around in them before and I already couldn\'t stand it after a while. I cannot imagine fighting while wearing it."

"I got used to it. Plus, don\'t they make my legs look nice?"

She actually took a moment to look at my legs, "They… Do, actually. How old are you?"

"Do you want my physical or mental age?" I asked with slight amusement.

"Is there a difference?"

I nodded, "The amount of time that I have spent outside of the egg I hatched currently sits at ten years."

"T… Ten?"

"Yes. Though I have been told by Mother that I grow quickly even for a Meslatar.

"I… See… Do you need to ask your mother to let us stay there first?"

"Oh, Mother is away for the next few days at least, no idea when she\'ll be back actually. So unless you\'re staying for long, I don\'t think you\'ll see her. I hope you\'re not thinking of taking advantage of me."

She chuckled, "Ha! I am not stupid enough to think I stand a chance against someone who can fight a wyvern by herself! Besides, I am not so ungrateful as to spit on my benefactor."

Seems like she\'s the straightforward kind of person when she\'s not on guard, at least that reduces the possibility that she\'s planning something against me.

Soon enough, home was right in front of us.

"You and your sister can sleep in the living room tonight. I doubt you have the energy to set up camp now anyway."

"Oh? I\'ll have to impose on your generosity in that case!"

Ardiolyta lowered her sister on the living room couch, taking a moment to remove the splint and grimaced at the sight.

"I do not know healing magic…" Ardiolyta stated, leaving the unasked question in the air.

I shook my head, "Unfortunately, I am not versed in the healing arts either."

I made a mental note that I should learn that soon. I did purchase the alchemy skill in the character creation but… I have yet to receive that skill and the reason I bought it was for something else…

She sighed and turned to her axe, "Then I\'m afraid she might lose this leg… It is such a shame…"

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Eh? Is that how things go normally? Just because she broke her leg, you\'re going to cut it off? Wouldn\'t it be fine if you just put it back in a splint and leave her be for a few months or so?

I pointed that fact out and she shook her head, "That would mean she would have to spend a few months being bedridden and unable to fend for herself. No, to remove it and fit it with a prosthetic would be faster. What\'s more, without a healer, it might not set the right way either, further weakening her."

I knew the Amraps have this thing about strength and whatever but I didn\'t think they would be that extreme… Or is it just this group in particular?

I held up my hands quickly, "Hold on then, I have something for that."

Over the years, I have broken my bones on more than one occasion after fighting that dragon the first time. Yet, that healing salve Mother uses whenever that happens was incredibly effective in mending such injuries.

Like seriously, she just puts it on the place where the broken bone is, sets it in a cast and a few days later it was as good as new. Sure, part of the reason is also thanks to my natural higher regeneration speed, but that thing really helps.

I tried asking Mother what it was and she giggled and claimed that it was her saliva, so I stopped asking after that.

I naturally knew where the healing salve was since there were times I had to apply it on myself without Mother\'s help. Thus, I came back with a small container filled with it.

"What is that?"

"I\'m not really sure myself, but my Mother would use this when I break a bone or get hurt, it does help quite a bit so I don\'t think you will need to chop off your sister\'s limb yet."

She hesitated for a moment, her mind trying to decide if she should let the stranger she just met today put some weird liquid on her little sister.

In the end she stepped aside and I poured a generous amount of it over the skin on top of where her bone was broken before putting the splint back in place.

The younger Amrap must have been really exhausted after running all night since she slept through the entire thing.

"I thank you for letting us into your abode once again. If her leg truly does recover in the next few days, I swear I will do anything in my power to repay you for this."

I thought about it for a moment, "Actually, if you don\'t mind. Could you train me for the next few days?"

She raised an eyebrow at me, "Me? Train you? The one who can single handedly kill a wyvern? Are you sure it shouldn\'t be the other way around?"

I grinned, "I saw your skills in wielding the axe and you look like you know how to fight unarmed better than I do, so I would like to learn that from you. I may be strong but I lack technique."

Naturally, I wasn\'t going to let her know that I knew she was better than me in those areas because of my [Screen]. So far, none of them gave me the feeling that they were transmigrators but they just might be hiding it.

Her lips curled upwards, "If that\'s the case, I\'ll be happy to teach you some skills. But I do not think it\'s enough to repay you for what you\'ve done for us."

"I suppose not, but it\'s a start, yes?"

She nodded and I left the blankets for her sister by the edge of the couch. Ardiolyta would be sleeping on the floor with her sleeping bag. Or at least that\'s what I assumed with how she spread out her bed roll on the floor beside Odeta.

Before retreating upstairs, I left a few summons hiding in the darkness of the room, watching them in case they tried to do something weird. If they did, I would be woken up from bed immediately.

I wished her good night and crashed onto the bed after taking my bath.


And thus… It was quite deep into the night before I found myself shaken awake by one of my summons.

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It took me a second to remember what was going on before I sighed and slipped out of bed, pulling out my dagger from under my pillow.

Casting both [Shadow Wall] and [Shadow Glide], I moved silently down the stairs to see just what they were doing.

I was expecting to see them rummaging through the house or even conspiring to try and kill me, but I was most definitely not expecting to see Ardiolyta sitting with her back against the sofa and spreading her legs in an \'M\' shape, her fingers rubbing her clit furiously.

"Ah… Ah… So… Good…" She moaned almost inaudibly, her other hand reaching up to pull up her shirt so that she could start pinching on her perky nipples that stood out on her chocolate skin. My eyes were also drawn to her abs for a second, those look really, really solid on her.

With my enhanced vision, I could see how glistening wet her pussy was even as her fingers sank into its depths.

She moaned and quickly pulled the hem of her shirt towards her mouth to bite on it, muffling the other noises of pleasure she was making.

She then reached into the bag beside her and pulled out a phallic shaped object.

Huh… Seems like dildos were already invented.

Without hesitation, the pulled out her fingers and replaced them with her dildo, pushing the sex toy all the way inside her in a single motion.

Her back arched while her legs lifted her hips slightly into the air, her barely muffled moans escaping past her lips.

"So strong… So… Powerful… Unnnghhh!"

Did she… Get aroused after seeing me defeat the wyvern? I guess she did…

She began shoving the phallic toy in and out of her honeypot, her hips rocking in tune with the motion.

Her hand groped her tits desperately, alternating pinching each nipple even as she continued to ride the dildo.

I felt something shifting under me and I looked down to see my cock pushing against the hem of my dress, slowly reaching full erection at the arousing sight.

I ignored it in favour of looking back at Ardiolyta again, who had stuck the dildo onto the ground and proceeded to bounce herself up and down on the toy.

How convenient that it even came with a suction cup.

Her melon sized tits bounced enticingly as she rode on the toy, her toned ass a tantalising sight as she slammed herself down on the phallic shaped toy.

I could tell she was nearing release with how her movements started to speed up, going for a few more thrusts before she threw her head back and her body shuddered in orgasmic bliss.

She had bit down on her arm to silence her moans, though a small squeak still escaped her lips.

Behind her was her little sister who was still asleep, blissfully unaware that the older Amrap was currently in the throes of orgasming less than a feet away from her.

Eventually, she finally winded down and sat back on her haunches, the dildo plopping free from the confines of her quivering pussy.

Deciding that she was most likely not plotting anything, I slipped back upstairs and into my bed, only to realise how wet my own pussy was and how hard my cock was.

I sighed, perhaps a cold shower would suffice for now.

If not… I still have my hands.