The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1937 - 1937 Hair Tonic (2)

1937 Hair Tonic (2)

Looking at Callas in the advertisement and his short hair, everyone understood that Hongyan Youth’s hair tonic was really useful!

Ever since the previous incident, everyone’s trust in Hongyan Youth increased again.

Who wouldn’t believe in the effects of a product developed by a genius like Qi Xibei?

After she taught those people who slandered the company a lesson, no one could have any other opinions about Hongyan Youth.

Even if there were still some haters who didn’t give up, they wouldn’t be able to cause much of an impact.

And these people who were jumping up and down would not be Hongyan Youth’s customers. Therefore, there was no need to care.

This time, Hongyan Youth’s hair tonic had successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

In today’s society, there was so much pressure and everyone often stayed up late. Hair loss and weight gain were all common changes.

It could be said that being obese and bald were the two things that people in modern society were most worried about.

This time, Hongyan Youth’s hair tonic gave everyone hope.

If Callas’s condition could be cured, then they should be fine too!

Most importantly, the hair tonic this time was not expensive.

A bottle of 50 milliliters of hair tonic cost 100 yuan.

Of course, this price was higher than other products.

However, compared to other products that easily cost tens of thousands, this was really a cheap price.

Even an ordinary person could afford it.

If it was effective, the price would be very high.

Therefore, after Qi Xibei posted the advertisement on Weibo, the sales of the hair tonic immediately increased.

Previously, Qi Xibei had said that she had something to deal with, so she wanted to leave the entertainment industry.

This made the fans feel very disappointed and sad.

If their idol left just like that, they wouldn’t be able to see her beautiful face anymore.

Now, she had news again, even though she was only out to advertise.

However, regardless of whether it was because of Hongyan Youth’s brand and product quality, or because of their trust in Qi Xibei, or because of Callas’s ability to sell products, everyone chose to buy a bottle.

Some of them even bought a few bottles because they felt that their problem was serious.

Although there was quite a lot of hair tonic, no one could guarantee that they would be able to get it in the future.

After the previous incident, the number of Hongyan Youth’s products remained unchanged.

However, while the production volume did not change, the number of customers increased, so there were more times when the products were out of stock.

Everyone called for Hongyan Youth to increase production, but Hongyan Youth told them that there was no other way.

In other words, they could only grit their teeth and wait for the next time the products were available.

Who knew if Hongyan Youth’s hair tonic would also become so short of supply?

To be on the safe side, they had better snatch it first.

Therefore, in just a day, the stock of hair tonic was gone.

Among these clients, there were many fans of Callas from other countries.

These fans asked their friends in Hua to help buy them.

For a time, the hair tonic became famous.

With the help of hair tonic, Hongyan Youth’s fame rose to another level.

However, if Hongyan Youth had profited, the others would not.

The others were, of course, Qi Xin and Gu Guanlin.

Their expressions were extremely ugly.

This time, they had also prepared a hair tonic and were even preparing to launch it on the market.

Based on their market research, this product was very popular.

Therefore, they spent a lot of effort to study it.

Don’t look down on these things. After they were really listed on the market, the benefits they could bring were extraordinary.