The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 87 - Super Promotion

Chapter 87: Super Promotion

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Cheyenne’s face turned sullen, and her aura became austere, instantly reminding Jane of the time when she was just a fresh graduate and was full of awe toward Cheyenne. She had even developed a sense of inferiority then.

However, Jane soon got rid of this feeling. She was now a deputy manager at the Brilliance Corporation, while Cheyenne was just a junior employee subordinate to her. Cheyenne was at her beck and call.

Jane looked at Cheyenne with contempt. “Yes! Do you still think that you’re the lofty chairman you used to be and that I’m still your assistant? Now, I’m your manager, and you have to do whatever I tell you. You have to bear with all the scoldings and beatings that I give!

“I know you still harbor thoughts of going back to the management level and climbing to the top of the Brilliance Corporation, but those are merely your delusions!

“I’m telling you, as long as I’m here, you will never get a chance to be promoted. You will stay at the bottom as an ordinary employee for the rest of your life, and you will never be able to climb up again!”

Jane hollered at Cheyenne with a menacing expression. She was furious and envious of her!

How could Cheyenne Carter be so lucky as to be born into a wealthy family and have such a beautiful face? She even became the chairman of the company at such a young age and possessed everything that everyone is envious of.

Why did I have to be so lowly and inferior in front of her while she did me favors and bestowed kindness?

Now, Cheyenne Carter has finally fallen from her pedestal and become far worse than me. I, Jane Harper, will step all over her and never give her the chance to climb up again!

Cheyenne found it really ironic. Jane was now a deputy manager, but she managed to get to that position because of Cheyenne’s help. Yet Jane was now throwing her weight around and putting on airs in front of her. She even swore to condemn Cheyenne and undermine her!

In that case, all her previous thoughts were just overly naive and righteous.

Thinking of this, Cheyenne took a deep breath and glanced at Jane coldly. “Is that so? Keep your eyes wide open. I hope you will never regret it!”

After saying this, Cheyenne stopped looking at Jane and the others in the office, who had peculiar expressions. She headed straight to the washroom to change out of her wet clothes.

Soon, everything that happened in the business department office was reported in detail.

Flynn Davis didn’t dare to be negligent when it came to Cheyenne’s affairs. He not only sent someone to pay attention to Cheyenne’s actions in the company but also reported these matters to Lucas as soon as possible.

When Lucas heard that Jane had openly humiliated Cheyenne, slapped her, and even splashed hot water on her in front of everyone at the office, an icy-cold gaze appeared in his eyes, and he was on the verge of killing someone. She’s merely a deputy manager of the business department, and yet she has the audacity to insult Cheyenne.

Previously, Jane was the one who forced her to go to Heaven Media to discuss the cooperation with it, but he hadn’t had the time to deal with her yet. Now, she was getting worse!

On the other end of the line, Davis seemed to be able to sense the coldness coming from Lucas. He was so nervous that he didn’t dare to breathe deeply at all.

“Conduct a thorough investigation on Jane Harper. Since she has received bribes openly in the office, she definitely can’t be clean. Find out all the dirty deeds that she has done over the years, sort out the evidence, and report her to the police,” Lucas said coldly.

“Yes, Mr. Gray! I’ll send someone to check it out right away, and I’ll make sure to do a careful job!” Davis hurriedly answered.

At this moment, a text message was sent to Lucas’s phone. It was from Cheyenne.

Lucas hurriedly opened it and smirked after reading the content clearly. This silly girl has finally figured it out.

Before ending the call with Davis, Lucas ordered, “I want to make Cheyenne the general manager of the Brilliance Corporation. Go draft the official documents now and announce it before noon. I want everyone in the Brilliance Corporation to hear it!”

Davis was astonished, but he immediately answered, “Yes, Mr. Gray! I’ll get to it immediately!”

He was shocked naturally because he knew that Cheyenne had previously rejected Lucas’s proposal to directly make her the chairman of the Brilliance Corporation, as she wanted to start from scratch. However, he was also clear about what Jane had just said. Now, Cheyenne’s choice was the most appropriate approach.

“Get someone to spread the word and say that the company is likely to promote Jane Harper to the position of the director of the business department.”

“Um…” Davis was a little confused why Lucas wanted to promote someone like Jane Harper, but he quickly figured it out and wanted to curse himself for being so silly.

Since Jane had the audacity to bully Cheyenne, how could Lucas still promote her? By releasing the news, he just wanted her to become conceited. The higher she stood, the harder she would fall!

“Okay, I understand, Mr. Gray!” Davis acknowledged and proceeded to get to it.

Lucas sat on the couch and looked at the message Cheyenne sent on the screen. “Can I be the general manager?” He felt heartache, but he was heartened too. This silly girl has finally decided to depend on me.

Soon, an assistant of the HR department rushed to the office of the business department and said to Jane smilingly, “I specially came back to congratulate you. Ms. Harper, you’ll be promoted soon!”

Hearing this, Jane was overjoyed, and she frantically asked, “Really? Am I really going to be promoted? I’m going to be appointed manager?”

She had been in the position of deputy manager for some time, and her former boss, a Carter, had already been given the sack some time ago. Jane thought that the position would naturally be given to her. To her surprise, she finally received the news after such a long time!

Jane smiled, and the employees around her were also about to congratulate her on her promotion. But the HR assistant shook her head. “No, you’re not going to be promoted to a manager.”

Jane Harper froze, and everyone around her was at a loss for words. Since it was a promotion, how could it not be to a manager?

“Congratulations, Ms. Harper. You’ll soon become the director of the business department!” the HR assistant exclaimed, panting heavily.

Jane Harper was overwhelmed with joy, as if she had won the lottery!

Being promoted from a deputy manager to a department director was a super promotion!