The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Pink Diamond Pendant

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Karen’s presumptuous behavior made Cheyenne feel very uncomfortable.

“Mother, I’ve already told you several times that I won’t marry Mr. Miller.” She turned to look at Seth. “Mr. Miller, you come from a privileged family, and there are many girls who like you. I’m already married, and I really don’t deserve you, so you shouldn’t waste any more time on me.”

Karen was so infuriated that she pinched Cheyenne several times and barked, “Why are you so muddled?! Seth is such an eligible man. You’re lucky he fancies you!”

Then she turned to apologize to Seth. “Seth, we’ve spoiled Cheyenne rotten. Sometimes, she’s thick in the head, so please don’t mind her! Don’t worry. I have the final say in this household.”

Seth smiled faintly and pretended to be nonchalant. “It’s alright, Karen. I believe that Cheyenne will believe in my sincerity one day.”

However, he was extremely displeased. I, Seth Miller, have never been blatantly rejected by a woman before! She’s just a married woman. Why is she being so pretentious?! She seriously doesn’t know any better. When I win her heart, I’ll certainly make her obey me!

He didn’t bother taking a single glance at Lucas. To him, Lucas was just Cheyenne’s in-name husband and simply an insignificant nobody.

Lucas squinted. How dare he try to court my wife in front of me? Very brazen, eh?

“Mr. Miller is so magnanimous and gentlemanly!”

“Of course, the JW Corporation belonging to the Millers is one of the top few major enterprises of the county, and Mr. Miller graduated from an overseas college. He’s well-educated and has a good upbringing. How can someone here hold a candle to him?”

“Haha, from now on, Mr. Miller will be part of our family. We have to learn from him!”

The Carters’ relatives praised Seth incessantly, as though Cheyenne had already married him.

Cheyenne frowned and felt even more infuriated and disappointed when she saw how indifferent and unaffected Lucas was as he stood by the side.

However, she didn’t know that Lucas just didn’t want to start an argument with her family in front of her because he didn’t want to put her in a difficult spot.

“Okay, okay, get ready for dinner.” Seeing that it was about time, Karen instructed the servants to serve the dishes and arranged for everyone to be seated. But she deliberately alienated Lucas and pretended as though he didn’t exist.

Everyone laughed maliciously, waiting to see this loser Lucas embarrass himself.

“Daddy, come sit here!” Amelia’s puerile voice was heavenly, and her smile was sweet. She occupied a seat beside her stool and called out to Lucas.

Lucas’s heart melted a little, as his daughter’s obedience and reliance on him made his frustration vanish.

“What are you doing? This seat is reserved for your aunt. If you like that piece of trash so much, get down and stand with him!” Karen rebuked as she picked Amelia up from the stool before tossing the stool onto the ground.

Amelia felt aggrieved, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Mother, consider the occasion today!” Cheyenne picked her daughter up and placed her on her lap heartbrokenly before glancing at Lucas. She said sternly, “Sit down.”

Just as everyone sat down at the table, Seth chuckled. “I almost forgot. I haven’t wished our little birthday girl a happy birthday.” He took out a beautiful gift box and handed it over. “I hope the little beauty Amelia will like this.”

Lucas was stunned. So it’s my daughter’s birthday today! I’ve failed as a father.

His heart was full of guilt.

Amelia thanked him politely and opened the gift box under her relatives’ encouragement.

A pinkish-purple gemstone pendant glistened under the light, dazzling dreamily.

“Wow! This is beautiful!”

The women present couldn’t help but gasp in amazement. All women were interested in jewelry, especially such a beautiful and alluring gemstone.

Seth smiled smugly. “This is a gemstone I obtained by chance. The pink natural gemstone in the middle is the rarest. After knowing that Amelia’s birthday was coming, I specially hired the most renowned jewelry designer in Italy to make it.”

“Pink diamond? I’ve never seen one before! It’s so beautiful!”

“Oh my god! It’s such a big natural pink diamond. It must be worth a lot of money!”

“That goes without saying. Mr. Miller’s gift will never be cheap. It should cost at least fifteen thousand dollars.”

Seth enjoyed listening to the compliments of the crowd but still remained reserved on the surface. “Not at all. It only cost about one hundred and fifty thousand.”

“Oh my god! One hundred and fifty thousand dollars!”

Everyone inhaled sharply. They were astonished!

“It’s just a gift for a child, but it costs one hundred and fifty thousand. Mr. Miller is indeed very generous!”

“Amelia is so lucky to have such a good father who will dote on her in the future.”

Cheyenne’s eyes were full of annoyance. Here they go again. These people just love jumping to conclusions on their own. When did I ever say that I was going to marry Seth?

“Mr. Miller has given her such an expensive gift. What about you? Surely you didn’t come empty-handed, did you?” Cheyenne’s younger sister Charlotte suddenly asked with raised brows.

The eyes of the crowd immediately focused on Lucas. They were obviously not expecting anything. Instead, they were excited to see him make a fool out of himself.

What gift can this good-for-nothing give? He will probably never be able to afford a gift as expensive as the pink diamond Seth gave!