The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Chairman’s Arrival

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She’s really using a made-up directive to order people around!

Lucas glanced at Julia coldly, causing her to freeze in fear and then take a few steps back after being frightened by his gaze.

“How dare you scare her?” Seeing Julia being intimidated, Charlotte got angrier. “Julia, get security to drive him away!”

A short distance away, a security officer immediately walked over when he noticed the dispute. “What’s wrong?”

Julia pointed at Lucas. “This man here has committed theft in the past, and he’s now trying to barge into our company. I hope the security department will fulfill its duties. Otherwise, don’t blame me for docking your salary! Also, the newly appointed chairman of the company will be coming to the office today. If you don’t receive him properly, you’ll lose more than just your salary. Do you understand?”

After all, Julia was the head of the HR department of the corporation and had considerable authority.

The security officer knew that this was a serious matter as well. Looking at the burly and tall Lucas, he was worried that he might not be able to stop him alone, so he hurriedly reported the situation over his radio. Soon, Captain Moore of the security team made his way over with more than ten fully-armed security officers.

“Hmph!” Charlotte raised her chin smugly at Lucas as she thought to herself, Serves you right for pestering my sister and me!

With content, she took Julia’s arm and entered the office tower of the Stardust Corporation.

On the other hand, Lucas was surrounded by more than ten security officers.

Captain Moore took a look at Lucas’s cheap clothes, his eyes full of disdain. “Are you going to get lost, or do you want us to help you?”

“Are you not even going to ask me why I’m here?” Lucas asked composedly.

Captain Moore laughed out loud, as if he had heard something extremely ridiculous. “Is it necessary to ask? A pauper like you can’t possibly be here at the Stardust Corporation to sign a contract. Besides, Ms. Bell just said that you’re not allowed to enter the company.”

Lucas snorted coldly. “So you’re not just a mercenary snob but an obedient dog too.”

“What did you say?!” Hearing his words, Captain Moore flew into a rage and waved his hand at the security officers around him. “Damn it! You must be tired of living! Hit him! Hit this bastard!”

The security officers were all ready to attack, while Lucas’s gaze turned colder as he clenched his fists tightly.

If the Stardust Corporation was full of such garbage, he wouldn’t mind getting rid of them.

At this moment, a Lincoln commercial car drove over, and a prestigious man hurriedly got off. When he saw the situation in front of the office, he frowned and said impatiently, “What are you people doing in front of the office?”

As soon as Captain Moore saw the man, he immediately ran forward and bent over to greet him. “Greetings, Mr. Davis! Mr. Davis, this man came to our company to make trouble. We were about to drive him away.”

Mr. Davis waved his hand in annoyance and instructed, “Quickly chase him away then. The chairman will be coming later, and I don’t want him to see this ruckus.”

Taking his secretary along, he entered the building without even taking a glance at Lucas.

“Hah, Mr. Davis is really a busy man,” Lucas said aloud.

Mr. Davis paused in his tracks and looked over in displeasure.

Captain Moore shuddered and hurriedly yelled at Lucas, “Shut up! You’re not worthy of talking to Mr. Davis! What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get rid of him! Chase him away!”

Mr. Davis turned his head and was about to walk away when he suddenly thought of something and abruptly turned around again.

His neck cracked with a popping sound because of the fast and abrupt twisting of his head.

But at this moment, Mr. Davis could no longer worry so much. He scurried toward Lucas and bent over respectfully with some fear. “Chairman, you’re here.”

What? Captain Moore instantly froze while the other security officers, who were surrounding Lucas and about to get physical with him, were dumbfounded too. They almost dared not to believe their ears. T-this person is the n-newly appointed c-chairman?

However, when they saw how respectful the general manager, Mr. Davis, was to him, they had no choice but to believe it.

Oh no! This was what everyone thought in their hearts, especially Captain Moore, who was full of so much regret that he wished he could cut his tongue off!

He had just told the chairman to get lost and even instructed his subordinates to throw him out… Oh dear, would it help if he scrammed now?

With a look of dismay, Captain Moore exclaimed, “Chairman, I’m so sorry. I failed to recognize you. I was being too much of a snob and had my nose in the air. Please don’t hold it against me and forgive me!”

Mr. Davis glowered at him with resentment. If not for the nonsense Captain Moore spouted, he wouldn’t have almost missed Lucas and left a bad first impression on him.

Lucas said coldly, “Mr. Davis, I know you’re very busy every day, but you ought to supervise the matters of the company where necessary.”

Mr. Davis wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. “Yes, I understand. I will fire him right away and educate the other departments.”

Lucas nodded and stopped paying attention to Captain Moore, who was begging for mercy.

It was not that he wanted to be calculative with a security officer. But because the Stardust Corporation was a precious asset left behind by his mother, he did not want it to be tainted by those disdainful things.

The two approached the building one after the other. Mr. Davis was very attentive along the way as he hurriedly pressed the buttons of the elevator while giving Lucas a general overview of the company’s various departments, attracting the attention of countless veteran employees along the way.

Seeing how enthusiastic and kind the general manager, Flynn Davis, was, they reckoned that Lucas must be the newly appointed chairman. Unfortunately, the two of them were walking very quickly, and no one could get a clear glimpse of Lucas’s face.

“Ah, I wonder what that new chairman looks like…” Craning their necks, Charlotte and Julia sighed, finding it a shame that they didn’t manage to see him clearly.