The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Stardust Corporation

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However, Lucas was in a better mood now.

He reckoned that Cheyenne probably didn’t want to divorce him for the sake of their daughter. But no matter what the reason might be, it was fine as long as she still wanted to stay with him.

He had long made up his mind and intended to make it up to them in double in the future, in hopes that he would really win her heart over time.

After Lucas left the Carters’ home, Jordan, who had been waiting outside for a long time, caught up with him.

“Lucas, those items given to the Carters were prepared with the help of Ethan Sawyer, the wealthiest man in Orange County. There’s also a letter for you.”

Lucas grabbed the envelope Jordan handed over, opened it, and read it with a playful smile on his face.

“The helmsman of the Sawyer family is interesting. Although I have a deep feud with the Huttons, we can still try using him. Go tell him that I’ve acknowledged his goodwill.”

“Okay, Lucas.”

After running some more errands, Lucas arrived at the office tower of the Stardust Corporation, which was located in the central business district of Orange County.

When he saw the enormous and striking office tower, as well as the familiar logo, his emotions were extremely complicated.

The company was founded independently by his mother, Emma Gray, who was an outstanding, smart, and beautiful woman.

If not for the fact that she had met his father, she would have probably developed her career and become a legendary career woman.

Unfortunately, she had been mistaken about the Huttons all her life. And the company, which she had put all her efforts into developing, was taken away from her. She was humiliated and driven out of the Huttons’ home. As a result, she had to go through great hardships to raise Lucas, but she passed away from excessive fatigue.

Lucas clenched his fist and swore that one day, he would return to the high-up-in-the-air Huttons to seek justice for his mother and himself!

At this moment, a fancy metallic red Lamborghini sports car pulled over in front of the Stardust Corporation office tower, after which two beautiful girls alighted from the car.

“Charlotte, you’re so lucky! The scion of the Sawyer family, the richest family in Orange County, has taken a liking to you! He’s truly a rich second-generation heir who owns a massive fortune enough to last him several lifetimes. I’m so envious!”

A short-haired woman wearing the uniform of the Stardust Corporation was touching the shiny, streamlined Lamborghini sports car longingly, full of envy.

“After you marry the scion of the Sawyer family and live in the lap of luxury, don’t forget me, your best friend!”

“Don’t worry. How could I forget you?” said another giggling girl with a fashionable permed hairstyle. She was Charlotte, Cheyenne’s younger sister. She put her hand on the shoulder of the short-haired woman. “I still need your help now! Please cut me some slack during the interview later.”

“Rest assured. I, Julia Bell, am the head of the human resources department, and I’m in charge of recruitment. I told you to come for the interview just to go through the motions, lest someone deliberately picks on me.”

“Hehe, that’s good. When you get off work later, I’ll treat you to a feast!”

The two of them were chatting chummily. As soon as they turned their heads, Charlotte saw Lucas, who was standing at the entrance of the building.

“What are you doing here?” Her face immediately turned sullen, and she charged toward Lucas furiously and questioned, “Hey, you good-for-nothing, are you tailing me? Tell me, what are your intentions?”

Lucas was in a foul mood when he saw her getting out of the Lamborghini he had specially given to Cheyenne.

He hadn’t forgotten the dirty looks the detestable people of the Carter family gave him just now. Hah, is she showing off the gift from me to me?

“Is there something wrong with you?” Lucas questioned hostilely.

“You!” As the younger sister of Cheyenne, who was known as the greatest beauty of Orange County, Charlotte was a self-proclaimed beauty as well. She was popular and often flattered by many. She had never been insulted right in her face before, so she turned beet red in anger.

“Charlotte, who is this?” Julia asked while walking over and sizing up Lucas curiously. This man is quite-looking, and he’s about 1.85 meters tall. However, his clothes seem very simple, and his outfit is probably worth less than thirty dollars.

Charlotte glanced disdainfully at Lucas. “He’s the good-for-nothing who married my sister. A few years ago, he stole fifty thousand dollars from my father, yet he still has the cheek to come back. He even made a huge scene at our home just now. He humiliated Seth Miller and made my sister so angry that she cried.”

Julia’s eyes suddenly opened wide in surprise.

Charlotte’s sister, Cheyenne, was involved in a huge scandal back then, and almost everyone knew about it. Although several years had passed, some people would still talk about it. Julia’s parents often said to her, “Why do you girls try to be so capable? Look at Cheyenne. So what if she became a CEO? Her reputation got ruined in the end, and she was even tossed aside and abandoned by her wastrel husband.”

Therefore, Julia had always imagined Cheyenne’s loser husband to be lewd, sleazy, lazy, stupid, and ugly. She didn’t expect him to be so handsome in person.

But so what if he’s good-looking? He’s useless and incompetent, a total scumbag.

Julia tried to bear with the contempt in her heart and forced herself to smile politely. “Excuse me. I’m sorry, but irrelevant personnel are prohibited from loitering at the entrance of the Stardust Corporation’s office. Please leave.”

Lucas glanced at her and simply strode into the lobby. He couldn’t be bothered to say anything to her.

“Hold it!” Julia hurriedly scurried forward to stop him, feeling a little furious. “Don’t you understand what I said? Don’t go farther inside. Our company won’t receive someone like you!”