The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 567 - A Different Rabbit

Chapter 567- A Different Rabbit

However, after searching for half an hour she still couldn’t find a useful manual on spiritual cultivation.

Mu Yan was a little frustrated for a while.

“Tutu!” Looking at the busy Mu Yan, Xioa Bao suddenly said to the rabbit in his arms, “Help Niangqin find the book!”.

The rabbit rolled over lazily and shook his short paws.

Meaning: The little master needs to knead and hold it high before he goes to find a book.

A moment later, Mu Yan saw a snow-white rabbit suddenly jump up into the air.

In the high towers, there were bookshelves with no end in sight.

But the bookshelves are empty. There is not a single book in sight. What did the rabbit fly up to?

While thinking so, Mu Yan saw the small chubby figure of the rabbit suddenly became larger and thinner.

Then a dazzling light was casted somewhere from the top of the tower.

Faintly, she could see a giant beast with its whole body stretched out.

The hair of the giant behemoth was snow-white, but it had a strange totem on his forehead in between his eyes.

It was unspeakably majestic, beautiful and holy.

There was not a half point resemblance with the silly rabbit who only knew how to eat.


After a loud noise, two books fell straight from the sky.

The pages of the book opened naturally because of the fall, and under the floating air flow, there was a whirring sound of page turning.

At almost the same time, the snow-white behemoth suddenly shrank like a punctured airbag.

It followed the book and fell straight down.


Mu Yan caught the book, and Xiao Bao caught the fat rabbit.

The fat rabbit yawned wearily in Xiao Bao’s arms, rubbed his furry round face, and then fell asleep.

Xiao Bao touched the fat rabbit’s fur before looking at Mu Yan with shiny blue eyes, “Niangqin, last time the [Manual of Supreme Draughts] was knocked by Tutu just like this.”

Although Xiao Bao had told this to her earlier, she was still a little shocked witnessing it with her own eyes.

The moment the little rabbit grew larger, she felt a coercion so powerful that it made her shudder.

Moreover, recalling the gorgeous and domineering appearance, she realised that the origin of the fat rabbit is definitely not simple.

Suppressing the astonishment in her heart, Mu Yan looked at the two books in her hand.

Four simple characters were written on the covers of both the books, [Perfect Body Forging Guide] and [Spiritual Cultivation Guide].

Mu Yan’s breathing quickened slightly.

She remembered that in her previous life, Gong Qianxue had told her that the Nine Heavenly Thunder Tribulation was the process of forging the body, nourishing the soul, and shaping the spiritual root.

And Gong Qianxue gave her a poisonous body forging pill at the time to help shape her spiritual roots.

What is spiritual power?

Is it a higher level of cultivation practice?

(T/N – In the raws, the author used the word “Bigu” which google search told was a Taoism practice of fasting to attain spirituality. I assume here Mu Yan is wondering what spiritual power is and how it is different from the inner energy that she uses in the Yunwa continent.)

With some nervousness, Mu Yan slowly opened the first book- [Perfect Body Forging Guide].

As soon as the pages of the book were opened, Mu Yan and Xiao Bao suddenly felt a majestic and mellow energy rushing on their faces.

The book in his hand was suddenly empty, but an aperture about the size of an adult’s head appeared in front of him.

A few lines of words are clearly displayed on it——

“Xiuxian Qualification Lingbo Ball. ”

This… What is this thing?

Mu Yan took Xiao Bao and approached the thing cautiously.

Only to see that below the line of large characters, there is another line of small words – “Those who have poor roots and bones, if forged with this method, they will suffer irreversible damage.” Therefore, only by passing the assessment of the Spirit Wave Ball can you read the “Perfect Forging Body” classic. ”

Still needs to pass an assessment before one can practice?

The corner of Mu Yan’s mouth rose slightly looking at Xiao Bao’s eagerness to try.